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    Compare two excel sheets in the same work book and merge data?

    Hi all I've two excel sheets in one work book, Sheet 1 contains A - S No B - Mandal Name C - DISE Code (Numbers are stored in this column) D - Name of the School E - Account No (This column is empty, we need to fill this column by the formula) Sheet 2 contains A - S No B - Mandal Name C -...
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    Combining two spreadsheets into a third

    Okay, I've been pounding my head against this one for eons, so I now come to you, masters of all things Excel, begging for assistance! I have two spreadsheets, one far larger and more complete than the other. There are multiple columns that overlap between the two. What I need to do is...
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    Compare two Workbooks to update a price List

    I have two workbooks, both contain a price list of parts. One is a master list that I will call workbook "A" which contains every single part we sell. The other is a smaller list that I will call workbook "B" which contains frequently bought parts. What I want to do is compare column B in...
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    Trouble Merging seperate Workbooks

    Hello – I’m new here and would consider myself an intermediate-level (barely) Excel user. Currently using Excel 2007 on Windows XP Pro. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> Having trouble merging data from one workbook with three separate...

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