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    Comparing Ranges in VBA

    Hi Firstly, I have to say that I am very new to VBA and have hardly used it before. So I have 3 ranges on a worksheet, with the zeros lining up with each number above: Range 1: 25 50 85 180 350 500 650 850 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Range 2: 25 50 85 180 350 500 650 850 0 0 0...
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    Compare range values

    Sorry, not sure how to title this problem. I want to test range values. For example, in cell A1, I have a value: 100-500; A2, 501-1000; A3, 1001-1500, and so forth. I want to test each cell (A1 thru Ax...), whether my input value (for example) is within the range. For example, if my input...
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    Compare rows in VBA

    How do I compare entire rows with each other? I'm trying to write a macro that finds duplicate rows in CurrentRegion and deletes the duplicates but I'm lost with the code: The CurrentRegion has headers and is sorted so the duplicates (if any) should be right ontop of eachother. The problem...
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    Compare range values in VBA

    How do I compare range values with VBA? I have a customer price table in C3:AQ60 and I'm trying to write a macro to compare if the Cell values in Columns are the same on each Column. There can be up to 20 different values in each column (=up to 20 different ranges within a single column that...

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