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    Vba To find unmatched Data in two workbooks

    Ok so i have looked and looked and looked but cant come up with anything on the internet. So now I turn to you. What i need to do is compare two different workbooks to find the unmatched info in Workbook A. Example of WorkBook A <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt">...
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    Combining only like data from two seperate files

    I have two excel files. One is with a client information that I am trying to compare against the second file of our overall book of business. Our book of business has 3500 lines the client file has 1500 lines. I only want to combine side by side the lines that are the same from both files...
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    Compare two workbooks and find differences

    We have a need to compare two workbooks, which have identical structures, to determine which names have been added and which have been removed. Each workbook has multiple sheets which would need to be compared. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Need Help with creating a Macro for Comparing Purposes

    Not sure how to start on this so I'm just jumping in... This is a work-related issue that I am trying to find a quicker/automated way to do quality checks on reports we generate that can be utilized by multiple team members. Current Process: A client sends us an Excel Spreadsheet...

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