compare two lists

  1. J

    Compare Copy Paste

    I am trying create and Excel Formula. To compare columns of names and then copy a number in a column next to the correct name. More info Column A = Actor ID Column B = Actor Column H, K, N, Q, T, W, Z = Actor Column G, J, M, P, S, V, Y = Actor ID (This is the column that I want a copy of the...
  2. mdeshazo

    find MIN and MAX dates based on rate criteria in another cell

    First - I have been using ther board for 6 years. And this online community is SO AWESOME at what ya'll do I have not had to ask a single question of my own - until now. I have a spreadsheet in which I must keep the VBA to a minimum, so most of solutions thus far have been formulas. And while...
  3. V

    comparing two lists

    hello I have a list of names, some of which occur several times, with values attributed to the names in the adjacent column. I want a list in which the names occur once and the all the values belonging to the name appear in the row the name is in. I have code which almost does it, but not...

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