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    Extract unique values from disjoint columns

    Hi, I am new to VBA in excel and would request your help to solve my problem. I am currently working on a problem which involves extracting unique string values from 14 disjoint columns in excel. Each column in my data has around 500 string values with few blank cells in between. The 14 columns...
  2. D

    Add +1 for last 5 years’ sales #s

    I'm getting all twisted up in my logic for the following situation, or maybe this can't be done with a simple formula.... Thank you! In B3, add +1 for each year up to 5 that company has had sales and they have not declined; also add +1 for each year company’s sales have increased. A...
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    Comparison formula

    Here is my problem: I have a spreadsheet with thousands of row and 20+ columns. One report is from last fiscal quarter and one is from the current quarter. I will combine them on one spreadsheet. So, I'm looking for a formula that can look at one reports data and find that cell A1 matches...
  4. G

    How to search for all matching entries in a column and copy cells to another sheet?

    Hello. I have seen a number of threads on similar topics but i have struggled to adapt the code. any help would be appreciated. Windows XP / Excel 2003 I am using one work book with 2 worksheets 'Interface' and 'Data'. - Data has 20,000 rows and works to column CJ. I want to seach...
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    comparing columns finding unique values and duplicates

    Hi I am trying to compare two columns. One has the only unique numbers, the other has blanks, text and numbers (some of them more than once). What I would like to achieve is an output into column C that finds all the numbers from column B, that are also in Column A and those Numbers that are in...
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    Compare data in multiple cells in one row with those in other

    Guys, I got several columns and rows of data. For a given criteria in column A, I want to compare the data in rest of the column for that row with the rest of the columns in another row. We are comparing same number of columns; however, those data aren't sorted. I just want to know if all the...
  7. J

    Closest Number to Either 30%, 50% or 100%

    Hi! I Am trying to analyze some data. If a certain number is either 30%, 50% or 100% (exact match) then i'd chose it. (I already did this test). If instead is not exact, I would like to compare the numbers and chose the closest to either of those %. I would create several columns with complex...
  8. L

    Compare if identical value in all 7 columns

    I have a spreadsheet of hundreds of MAC addresses in 12 columns. I want to check that every column has the exact same list. As an example, let's say four columns with five values each, like this. Note that one row has XXX. 123 ABC F7F CDC 123 ABC F7F CDC 123 XXX F7F CDC 123 ABC F7F...

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