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    Compile one pricelist out of 20 Workbooks

    Here is my challenge. I receive about 20 pricelists from various computer suppliers with component pricing. I would like to compile one pricelist out of all of them. The challenge is however that that the sheets are not formated the same. Some suppliers go: ItemCode| Price | Description...
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    Compare Worksheets and Delete

    Hello Everyone, I have two worksheets from two different sources that contain mailing addresses. I need to compare the two worksheets and separate the addresses that have no match. I have looked at a macro that gave me a quarter of what should be there. Please help! Thanks Abby
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    Need help with =IF([WB1.xls]Sheet1!A1<>[WB2.xls]Sheet1!A1,"Different",""), can I highlight the different cell with cells values in it as result of for

    I am going to create a workbook to do a comparison between two different workbooks so I do not have to open the other workbooks, and I was wondering, can I make it change the coloring of the cell and show the contents of the cell? WB1 will always be the newer workbook, so changing the formula...
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    Compare and Delete

    Dataset 1 Workbook 1 (name varies)--> Worksheet 1 --> Column A --> Cell 2 thru (varies - can be hundreds or thousands) Dataset 2 Workbook 2 (Rlistsort) --> Worksheet 1 --> Column A --> Cell 2 thru (currently 250 but will continue to increase) Need to compare Column data in Workbook 1 to Data...

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