comparing data

  1. B

    Comparing words in a cell to a fixed list of words

    Greetings, I have a spreadsheet with names and addresses. In the name column, I need to compare all the words to a fixed list of terms, such as "borrower", "homeowner", "LLC", etc. I will be highlighting the row to look at individually. So far, I can get the code to work, but with only one...
  2. R

    Comparing data in 2 text files

    I have written a piece of code that asks the user to open one text file and it loads it into an Excel sheet. Then asks for a second text file which it loads into another sheet. Then runs through the second sheet to find corresponding records and when it does it compares a column of data. This...
  3. K

    Possible If/Then formula? Calculate between 2 numbers

    Does anyone know how to calculate between 2 numbers. Example - one report has to pay accurately which is between 95%-102% (we count these as accurate). another report has to pay the same way (these 2 never match since they pull from different sources). I need a formula to show if these 2...
  4. P

    Compare Two Tables and then Match Other Data

    I have a 'master' sheet that contains a big Table with several columns (A:G) and 283 rows (with header). The other Sheets contain sections of this 'master' table based on unique values in Column B (i.e. Column B is filled with names like 'dog' 'cat' 'pig' 'horse' etc. and these could appear...
  5. S

    Pull ranking & associated data - NON VBA - Possible?????

    Morning y'all! I am trying to figure out how I can pull some data over in a specific way to ensure that it matches my criteria. I have my source workbook which contains all data for Item, Location, Ranking (based upon location), & Data Points 1-10 (1 through 10). I also have my template sheet...
  6. M

    Excel Comparisons (formula or other)

    I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to help me with an excel formula that i'm struggling to get my head around. I have a spreadsheet of products e.g. column A = product name, B = Price, C = description, D = key features and so on. Row 1 would be product 1, row 2 product 2 and so on. I...
  7. D

    Comparing two work books & Highlighting / Removing differences.

    I have two rather large lists that need to be compared. List #1 is a previous version of list #2 List number #1 may contain names that are no longer on list #2. I need some help creating a formula that detects the differences of list #2 from list #1 and either highlights the none matching...
  8. K

    Fox and Hound game

    I need help I need to know how to store this set of numbers in an array and to compare them to another variable. I am getting a subscript out of range error, and I just do not understand why at all. The trouble I am having is getting the values to store in the array and compare. Maybe it's my...
  9. S

    Troubleshooting Complex Nested If and If Functions

    I'm having an issue with my nested if function. What I would ideally like to do is to compare 2 cells against a confidence interval percentage. So, if cell A is 5% higher than cell B I want my function to create a label the next cell as "Higher" and if its 10% higher than to be labeled as "Much...
  10. S

    Excel VBA Error 'Excel Ran out resources' - Reg

    Hi, I am having 2 excels each with 50000 records. I am comparing both the excels by updating formula (Sheet1 data - Sheet2 data) in the first cell & then 'Autofill' the same formula to other cells using VBA code. Sample Code: ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(3).Cells(1, 1).Value =...
  11. N

    Comparing Data and Alerting On Differences

    Hello I am hopeful that someone can help me on this website. I have had great help in the past with other issues I have come across. What I have now is beyond me as I am a beginner level VBA. Currently I have to web based data sources that I need to access. Once accessed (this part I have...
  12. A

    Comparing Data in Columns A & B, using a Macro

    Hi and thank you so much for reading. So here's my situation: I have two columns of data, call them column A and column B - both of variable length. I want to compare each value from column A to column B, and every value in column B to column A. For those entries which do not have corresponding...
  13. G

    Dynamic Cell Values Comparison Offset

    :) Good afternoon, What i'm trying to do is to have a dynamic comparison between cell values. Here is the case: In Column A you can see the serial, Column C states the ammount of times that serial is in the column and only displays this number the first time it appears in the column...
  14. M

    Comparing 2 sets of data

    Hi I was hoping someone could help me compare 4 columns of data. For my data I am just comparing the outputs of two programs (for example the x-y coordinates of a map). So in columns A & B I have the x-y coordinates from 1 program and columns C & D I have the x-y coordinates from another program...
  15. R

    Comparing Textual Data producing numerical information

    Hi all OK I am tracking Students BTEC grades (a UK course) and am going round and round in circles The Data Range is the same in both columns A&B. This is arrayed order below Dist* Dist Merit Pass Fail Column A is students Targeted Grade and column B is Students current Progress I want to...

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