1. V

    VBA - sheets comparison

    Hello everyone. I need a VBA to compare two sheets and highlights the unique values. I have this VBA, but it also highlights if a cell changed it´s position, which I don’t need. I only need the VBA to highlight which cells have different values and the unique cells in each sheets. Sub...
  2. K

    Compare 2 table with varying data to show differences

    Hi, I pull a report weekly for my role which contains multiple columns of data, each row has its own unique ID. Each week when i pull the report, currently i am manually comparing the 2 tables to see if there are any differences and copying any changes from the new report into the old table...
  3. M

    Updating values and highlight them based on external excel file

    Hey guys I have two versions of the same files. One of them is the updated one with the new data. Now I have troubles writing a macro which does the following: Ask which file I want to compare it to. Comparing two identification numbers in those two different files. If they match, it shall...
  4. K

    Comparing two arrays and go to if-condition if match was found

    Hello, I have two arrays Arr1 and Arr2 that both include a list of words. I need a code that compares every element of Arr1 with every element of Arr2. If at least one match was found I wan't to add more code. So it would look like this: If Arr1=Arr2 Then ... The comparing part is not working...
  5. T

    Double Negative and If statements

    I have the following formula in cell A13 IF(AND(H6>0,J8<-0.02,L6>-0.02),"MANAGEMENT SIGN-OFF IS NEEDED",""). If the value of J8 is -.01 the true statement appears but -.01 is not less than -.02. I know it has to do with comparing double negatives. The problem is sometime the result in J8...
  6. S

    Comparing two date cells

    Hi I have a date in K (11/11/2019 17:20:35) and a date in D (11/11/2019) I want to calculate if D was after or not on K. My formula is =IF(K1<=D1,"yes","no") This seems to work, expect in this example, where the dates are the same. Because the time is also in K, is doesn't see it as a...
  7. H

    Comparing Arrays

    Hi, I have two arrays that contain a date, amount and description. I need to compare the two arrays and then process the differences. Possibly place the contents in another array so they can be processed or output them into a sheet. Thanks
  8. D

    Complex Distance Formula

    Hi, I am trying to find the nearest distance between many points. I have a set of about 300 coordinates that I am comparing to a list of about 4k coordinates. I am using the formula...
  9. M

    Formula to search for most previous match?

    I'm setting up a spreadsheet to display monitoring data in the form of X, Y and Z coordinates. I want to be able to show the relative and cumulative differences between measurements. The formula for the relative difference is just comparing it to the cell above, whilst the cumulative is...
  10. Rijnsent

    Comparing columns -> Grouping

    Hi there, I've built a Chi square test and a column proportion test in Excel and am now trying to build a grouping of the results. I've started off with this example: The...
  11. S

    Comparing 2 Lists and using Vlookups with multiple rows. I'm trying to write a VBA sub to look up the value of two references on different sheets. The problem I've got is the value being looked up has entries in more than one row which I believe is difficult for this command. I was...
  12. U

    Excel - Comparing Cells and Identifying Differences in Pivot Table

    Hi All, have been trying this for hours with no luck. Can you someone provide me a VBA code that will help with my issue? To set the background: I have a set of data, firstly I need the macro to insert a Row between the 3rd/4th row and then every 2 lines after. So in my data create a row...
  13. C

    Comparing Two Lists of Data

    So I have two lists of data that I need to compare. How would I go about comparing these two lists for matches and unique values? Should I use a Vlookup or Index match match? or is conditional formatting the best way to accomplish this task? Thanks!
  14. MPW

    VBA OFFICE 365 verses other versions

    I am running office 365. I recorded a macro with a simple sort command. It ran fine on my machine. Crashed on machines using Office 10 Comparing the code I found only one difference. Add2 vs Add Have they changed VBA in the new version?
  15. P

    Type Mismatch Error When Comparing Ranges

    I have the following code and get a type mismatch error when comparing two ranges through a loop. When comparing the rows, the first column has a number and the other three contain strings. The idea is to find any differences between the two sheets and put them into another sheet. I changed...
  16. A

    Two Sheets Two Column Comparing

    Hi All After searching a lot , I did not find any solution here and on web, Actual I would like to compare sheet1 a col with sheet2 a col and copy result on sheet "Comparing Result" both comparing sheets several duplicate values, I don't want to remove duplicates values when copying result ...
  17. U

    CountIfs to see how many Dated in Column N are greater than Column M

    I have multiple criteria and the last one is comparing two columns with dates. Here is what I have so far: =COUNTIFS('eMail Tracker'!A:A,"<>",'eMail Tracker'!K:K,"",'eMail Tracker'!O:O,">" & NOW()-1,'eMail Tracker'!M:M,"<" & 'eMail Tracker'!N:N) This checks for: Column A is not blank Column K...
  18. J

    Excel IF Then across a row instead of a column

    I need to compare select items in a column per row. For now,I need to compare each row one at a time because of how the spreadsheets are set up. for instance, in cell C808, compare value I C 2 against C3, if same ^, "error, for cell E808, same logic. as I change the row number (C808 to...
  19. MartinS

    Comparing Pivot Tables

    OK, so my task is to write a 'tool' that the user can specify the location of two workbooks in a specific format. The first was the 'original' run (1), the second the same but at an 'updated position' (2), so improvements due to data cleansing etc. Each workbook with have the same tabs, and on...
  20. R

    Comparison of two sheets.

    Hello All, I am comparing two sheets. Changes should be saved in the new sheets. If there are any new lines, add, removed, changes I got one information from you tube, however when I try it real time scenario it not working. Please advise if anyone from the forum would be able to help me...

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