1. bobsan42

    Compatibility or security issues Excel 2019

    Hello everyone. I stumbled upon an issue which i can't seem to solve immediately. I am currently working on a project - automating excel as a relatively simple database. There is basically a front-end (with the intention to make it an excel add-in) and a simple xlsx as a backend. It has its own...
  2. H

    Compatibility Functions

    I am using the statistics functions on Excel 2016, which have various items listed as 'compatibility functions', for instance, =mode and =stdev. I wanted to know, if I import an old spreadsheet: 1) Is there somewhere I can find out which of the new functions the deprecated ones refer to? For...
  3. J

    Trouble pasteing using IE 11

    Don't seem to be able to copy & paste into a message using Internet Explorer 11.0.95 Have changed compatibility settings but still no joy. Has anyone got suggestions as to why?
  4. C

    Excel 2013 Compatibility Mode

    Morning, Acolleague has sent me an Excel Spreadsheet which was in compatibility mode.This has converted it to Excel 2013. The problem is that 8 rows at the top ofthe spreadsheet which were not previously viewable are now fully on display andwhatever I try to do to hide these rows it doesn’t...
  5. M

    Backwards Compatibility

    Will office 2016 open 2007 office files? And will my macros still work? Thanks
  6. D

    Change VBA code for Mac compatibility

    Hi, I got the following code thanks to MickG here on this forum, which helped me a lot! It worked on Excel on Windows, but on the Mac, where it's gonna be used, it doesn't.. I imported the Dictionary.cls and KeyValuePair.cls from, but I...
  7. S

    Pivot table slicer feature not working in macro enabled file

    I have a pivot table that will not allow me to add a slicer. I originally had it saved as a .xlsx file but have tried saving it as .xlsm as well. It just keeps telling me that one of more of the pivot tables was created in a version of excel prior to 2007. I use excel 2016 and so did the...
  8. James_Latimer

    Compatibility check to run programmatically

    Office 2016 / Win 10 Hi all, I appreciate that this is a stupid question (given how easy it is to run the compatibility check from Excel front end)... I am constantly having to dumb down Excel for staff and was hoping there would be a way that i can run the compatibility checker...
  9. B

    VBA Compatibility Problem 2003 to 2016

    I have a macro that I’ve been using in Excel 2003 for years that works flawlessly. It creates a formula using R1C1 references and copies it then pastes it to other cells, etc. On a new computer with Excel 2016 the formula comes out wrong as it doesn’t seem to interpret the R1C1 the same way...
  10. R

    Questions with PERSONAL.XLSB

    My company want to upgrade CPU, will that affect the macros that stored in PERSONAL.XLSB ? Will I have to re-record the macro again ? If there is upgrade of Excel version, will there be any compatibility issues ? What other things I need to take care for the changes ? Hopefully, the...
  11. J

    Excel 2016 macro works fine, but causes the first sheet to freeze in Excel 2013.

    I have a series of subs that I have done in Excel 2016. The macro works as follows: Open UserForm. Select dates, select users, and another two options. Run a SQL query, place imported data on a worksheet that gets created. Depending on the options chosen, at least one worksheet will be created...
  12. B

    Pivot Slicers Backward Compatibility between Excel 2016 with Excel 2010

    Hi there, I have a set of dynamic dashboards that are running from a set of pivot tables in version 2016. I sent the dashboards to my customer and they said they were not compatible with their Excel 2010. I tried the backward compatibility procedures that forces me to save my worksheet which is...
  13. G

    Format and technical information about CD and DVD or downloadable products.

    @ work our computers are pretty locked down. To install a program never requested is a process of a few months (assuming my single request would be approved). Text and video of most popular formats are not a problem but installing a program would be a different ball game. For the moment I'm...
  14. andrewb90

    Excel File not appearing the same on different computers.

    Hello All, I'm using Excel 2016, on Windows 10, and I will create my sheet and align my columns and change my fonts and everything else to look nice, and then when I email it to another computer and open it, some of the text in certain columns will get cutoff or change to ###. I'm also using...
  15. G

    Excel compatibility issue 2013 vs 2007

    I have a file that has been sent to me by a third party that was created in Excel 2013. I have 2007 as our standard issue at work. The file has been sent to me in both xlsx and xlsm form. In both cases, the file opens fine in 2007 but in the case of 3 tabs only, just the act of selecting any...
  16. M

    Compatibility checker - modify default selection?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to change the default for the Compatibility Checker "Select versions to show" drop-down list (i.e. 97-2003, 2007, 2010). When running a compatibility check in a large workbook with lots of pivot tables, the compatibility checker can take quite a long...
  17. A

    compatibility error message

    i have a sheet which is saved in excel 2003 and gives following error Compatibility Report for Stock Register Store.xls Run on 02-03-2015 22:54 The following features in this workbook are not supported by earlier versions of Excel. These features may be lost or degraded when you save this...
  18. J

    VBA code refuses to open a file after it has been converted to .xlsb

    Hi, I am having issues moving a set of workbooks from .xls format to .xlsb in Excel 2010 (v. 14.0.7128.5000, 32-bit, SP 1 and 2 installed). basically I have a file which has a button that runs a macro. The macro opens 5 other files and everything works nice and beatifully until my collegues try...
  19. A

    From Apple MS 2008 to Windows 2010 - Are there any Excel compatibility issues?

    Excel Friends, Any of you have experience with this issue or can point out a good link to read about it: FROM Apple MS 2008 TO Windows 2010 - Are there any Excel/Office compatibility issues? Thanks!
  20. J

    Change Title Bar text

    I use the following script to remove the workbook caption. Application.Caption = "" However it still leaves the following text in the title bar Workbook1 [compatibility]. Is there a way to remove the workbook name and compatibility text. I need this workbook to be compatible as it is used in...

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