1. J

    Issues with Compatibility Mode

    Hi, I have a fairly large sheet with 350k+ rows and it failed to respond. I closed the program and before it closed asked me if I wanted to save I chose to save. Upon re-opening the sheet it opened in a "Compatibility Mode" and with just the top row with my column headings minus my filters. I...
  2. P

    Macro written on Excel 2010, breaking in 2007; researching the issue but would appreciate a quick response

    Hello Excel and VBAers, I wrote a macro that works great in 2010. A colleague needs to use it and it breaks on his 2007 workbook. I call a file that's 97-2003 format or ".xls", this works great in 2010, but when I try running the exact same macro on his 2007 excel, it breaks. It seems like it...
  3. C

    Version Compatibility 2007 <-> 2010 - REALLY?!?!?!

    Ok, so I have an access 2010 database (accdb) I'm using as a front end to pull data from a mysql server and an oracle server (linked tables). I build queries and reports for a user who will run reports from this database who has access 2007. I have 2010. I have a reasonably straightforward...
  4. mghoran

    open .xlsx in 2003

    Some users still have 2003 loaded and don't want to upgrade. I tried having them open the .xlsx file, it converts fine, but opens as read only to "protect the original document". They can't save anything. Is there any fix short of giving them only .xls files ? Mike
  5. M

    Compatibility Issue of a Function. Help Needed.

    Hi All, I have been using the below function for concatenating the column values for about 2 years now and recently i upgraded to Office 2007, where it has stopped working. Earlier i was using Office 2003. I got this function from an aquantance of mine back then and i'm not sure why it is not...
  6. P

    blackberry Tablet Compatibility issue

    I am trying to run a spreadsheet on bb tablet, but I can't edit cells. It uses sheet-to-go for spreadsheet program. I can run it fine on my bb phone.. Are there different versions of docs-to-go? What gives? Thanks in advance.
  7. E

    Subscript out of range after switching to Excel 2011

    Hello all, I'm trying to run macros in Excel 2011 (Mac) that worked fine in Excel 2004 (Mac). I have OS 10.6 on a Macbook Pro. The line of code causing the error is: Trial = Worksheets(Subject).Cells(I, 1).Value Where subject is string containing numbers (e.g. 801); I is an integer and a...
  8. G

    VBA code to draw chart doesn't work in Excel 2003 (created in 2007)

    I have a VBA macro in excel created in Excel 2007 that works fine in Excel 2007. However, when running in Excel 2003 it refuses to draw the chart and returns an error on the first line of the code below. The macro runs fine up to this part about the graph...
  9. J

    Excel - Compatibility Checker -When saving file

    When I save my file (Excel 2007) the compatibility checker window comes on and it says: 'The following features in this workbook are not supported by earlier versions of Excel...' Below that in theres a summary box and it says: 'Minor Loss of Fidelity' - Some formulas in this workbook are...
  10. S

    VBA error: 'Compile Error. Cannot find Project or library' in 2003

    Hi All, I'm very new to writing code and do a lot of copy/paste from the recorder. With that out of the way, I've written what seems like a fairly simple routine for creating a word doc out of content in an excel file. Both versions 2007. When my boss runs this in Excel/Word 2003 he gets the...
  11. D

    2007 file not saving correctly for 2003

    I have a large file I completed using excel 2007 but saved as 2003 file so another coworker can open. When she is opening the 2003 none of the new format changes are coming over or she is getting a too many cell format error. What can I do to fix this? I saw a couple of posts with this same...
  12. A

    Excel 2007 Conversion Problem

    Hello, I have had a massive excel spreadsheet (22.6 MB) with lots of macros, etc for a couple years now. Although I have Microsoft Excel 2007, I have been saving the file in Excel 97-2003 so people in my office that havent upgraded can access the file. Everyone in my office converted to the...
  13. O

    Excel 2007 vs Excel 2003

    I have a basic question. (Running Microsoft Excel 2007 on an XP SP3 machine) I am using an Excel file with macros. The file is 'macro enabled', but when I click on a specific button (non-Microsoft) within the spreadsheet, I get a Microsoft Visual Basic Error : " run-time error '1004' Select...
  14. 9tanstaafl9

    Sort and Protection written in 98 won't run in 2000 - fix how?

    Hi all. I wrote a macro in Excel 98 that is being used in Excel 2000. I don't have a copy of that version to test/figure things out with. The offending code that seems to be breaking everything is : Selection.Sort Key1:=Range("C14"), Order1:=xlAscending, Key2:=Range("B14" _ )...
  15. J

    Excel applications that run in both XP/2003 and Vista

    I have several Excel applications that run fine in XP/2003. I know at some point I will need to re-write them to run in Excel Vista. Have others had success re-writing applications for Vista, yet maintaining compatibility in XP/2003? Thanks. Jeff

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