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  1. Q

    Compile Error for defining a function in VBA

    macroTest1 runs fine when the entire function is commented, but this error comes when I comment the function I am using the following references can someone help me with it?
  2. D

    (Fast read!) Send out email automatically with attachment through command button

    Hello everybody, Goal: I am currently trying to create a command button in Excel that, when one clicks on it, sends out an email to me with an order that one has entered into Excel. The following link here: Using Excel VBA to Send Emails with Attachments - has a nice VBA code that...
  3. H

    Excel VBA Display text box vs. Input text box values fail to transfer with display text box method, Compile error: Method or data member not found

    Hi, I have 2 scenarios where: 1. I have an integrated VBA form where values are input manually in a textbox and I get results outputted successfully. I was able to find an i.e. =embed((m1r1) command in the textbox but can't seem to access it again. The first sheet has code like this...
  4. T

    Run Time Error on Certain Builds Only

    Hello there! I need to disable AutoSave in a certain file when opening. The solution posted here works fine on my machine with Excel 365, however other people have encountered problems. I have Office 365, but others have Office 2016 (both of which are considered Version 16 apparently, albeit...
  5. T

    For without Next

    Hello, I have a custom tab from UI Editor. I keep getting 'For without Next' error and it highlights the End Sub. Have no idea why. Please help! Sub DC_Split(Optional ByVal Control As IRibbonControl) Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.EnableEvents = False...
  6. M

    How to suppress compile errors generated from ActiveX code being present on MAC

    I have a workbook with code referencing activex objects that isn't supposed to be ran on if the user is on Mac, however after the user gets out of the initial read only mode upon receiving the document, ActiveX objects are deleted. Trying to run certain macros will then result in compile errors...
  7. T

    AutoSaveOn issue with Excel 2013 and 2016

    Sorry if this is in the wrong location, this is the first time I am posting on this forum. My issue is a regarding a "Compile Error: Method or data member not found" that happens when an excel file is opened by some users. These users have either excel 2013 or 2016 installed. The compile error...
  8. M

    Compile Error: cant find library or folder (DATE) in VBA

    I am running a macro in excel and i am having trouble with this error popping up and highlighting the Year(DATE) formula in my vba. i have searched and searched and have found things on how to replace the referrences but i dont know what reference to use to solve this issue. my program runs...
  9. R

    VB Invalid use of property

    I don't know why I keep getting this error. I've tried BeforeUpate,AfterUpdate, enter,exit....none of them work. HELP, please Private Sub TextBox2_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) Dim Username As String Username = TextBox2.Value MsgBox "Hello, " + Username + "...
  10. tlc53

    VBA Code Not Working / Error - Hide rows depending on 2x drop down lists

    Hi there, Before I go back to the drawing board, can anyone see whether they can get this VBA code to work? Basically, I have two drop down lists. One is "No. of Investments" and the other is "No. of Partners". I would like certain rows to hide, depending on the result of both drop down lists...
  11. Y

    Debugging errors for macro on for other users

    I have created a Macro as follows to create a web query and loop through the alphabet to append the data of multiple queries into a worksheet. The macro is connected to a button on one of the worksheets in my Workbook. Issue: I can run it on my computer (Trust Center settings set to Macros -...
  12. B

    Create Temp Copy of Workbook to Email (Ron De Bruin Code) - TempFilePath Environ Issue

    Hi Community, Hoping you can help with an error i'm encountering when running a script to create a temporary copy of the workbook > attach it to email and send using outlook. I get an error on: TempFilePath = Environ$("temp") & "" The exact error message is: "Compile Error Can't Find project...
  13. R

    End With without With, BUT WITH EXISTS!

    So the current error I get is an End With without With I've tried to add something that has "with" and then I get the error "For without Next" and if I add a Next, then I get the error "Next without For" What the heck am I doing wrong? I'm trying to do the following tasks: 1. Create a folder...
  14. E

    VBA Will Not allow me to enter this formula as shown below.

    VBA Will Not allow me to enter this formula as shown below............ ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=(GETPIVOTDATA("Total",'TKOFF Summary'!$A$3,"LEVEL 3","D" & Select_Row,"Area",F7,"CSI MF CODE","H" & Select_Row,"ITEM DESCRIPTION","I" & Select_Row,"Unit","K" & Select_Row7" I keep getting the...
  15. E

    Cannot Find Missing Statement Closing

    I have some code that I have written. I had it working then made a small tweak to it. The code publishes a letter of customer specific data from a template held in the workbook. I have been tweaking with the original code to change formatting and the eliminate pre-existing SQL queries that are...
  16. S

    Compile error: Expected: Expression

    Hey everybody. I've tried to make some simple calculations, but you see what happened. What is the reason of the compile error?
  17. T

    VBA save as error & VBA Paste in UPPER CASE

    I have created the following VBA macro in excel. The macro works fine until I get to the save as section at the end. I have used the same code in other excel spreadsheet and its saves perfectly, although I get the following error message when I try to do it within this spreadsheet: "Compile...
  18. M

    Compile error

    I'm been trying to find out what wrong with my code (In sht.Range....) but I don't see it. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much <code class="western"> ‘</code><code class="western">Move the cell contents to the next cell</code><code class="western"> </code> <code class="western">...
  19. G

    Computer Excel 2016 doen't recognize some Functions like Date, Range...

    Hi everyone, I'm running a shared workbook on multiple computers, but it does not run on some Computers. On some computers the message "Compile error in hidden Module: This workbook" appears. And in the worst case, the program stops at simple functions like Today_Date = Date (). The computer...
  20. M

    "Compile error: Expected: expression"

    Hi, This message is coming up and I can't figure out what's wrong, could someone please assist? qurl = "" & Ticker & "&startdate=" & MonthName(Month(sdate), True) & "+" & Day(sdate) & "+" & Year(sdate) & "&enddate=" & Monthname(Month(edate), True)...

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