1. M

    More complicated than a simple, if greater than/but less than, formula

    I am setting up a market timing study in excel and I'm having difficulty with the following: In column c I have many rows of numbers ranging from 0 to 5. These determine if I'm long (invested) in the security or neutral (cash). For example I start long and stay long many days until a cell in...
  2. R

    Sum Numbers up to Number in Top Column

    Complicated but... here's the final product I need: Bold = data I have non-bold = data how I need it to show <tbody> Customer A Customer B 20 120 Product 1 10 10 Product 2 10 10 Product 3 80 80 Product 4 10 10 Product 5 10 10 Product 6 10 10 Product 7 10 10...
  3. N

    how to add a partial text search to complicated index and match formula

    Hi I have a complicated index and match formula but I cannot figure out how to add a partial text search to it. Eg how do I add search for "apple*" without an array. thank is the current formula. alex...
  4. S

    Trouble Changing date Formats

    Good Morning All I have a datasheet that looks at health interventions in an organisation. A data feed I receive populates the datasheet with the dates on which these interventions happen and I calculate the next due date of the intervention for an individual - nothing complicated, quite...
  5. N

    A less complicated Multiple IF Statement

    Hi, I'm wondering if we can make this Multiple IF Statement a less complicated one. =if(J2="Free Minutes - New Client/Welcome Email",0, if(J2="Free Minutes - Payoff/Bonus", 0, if(J2="Internal - Not Billed",0, if(J2="Billed Minutes - Peak", H2*0.25, if(J2="Billed Minutes -...
  6. A

    Reference to cell containing "HYPERLINK" function only returns friendly name text

    I have a spreadsheet with a column of formulae, like this example: =HYPERLINK("http...." & C2, left(B2,8)) Now let's say that formula is in cell D2. If I then go elsewhere on my spreadsheet and enter the formula =D2, all I get is plain text of the friendly name (argument 2 of the HYPERLINK...
  7. H

    Conditional Formatting using VBA?

    I have a large spreadsheet with 14 different conditional formatting rules. I'm tired of having to weed them out everytime I blink. If I did it with VBA would it eliminate that problem? If so I would like to do that. I can likely figure out how to set up most if not all of them once I have...
  8. H

    Struggling on Criteria to INDEX Match correct Authorization number for tracking and billing

    <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>Hello I would love any assistance on this, I've spent hours trying to solve this. Thank you in advance for taking any time to help. The result I would like I type in a name and date of...
  9. F

    countif/countifs ignoring blanks

    I need the percentages of values where it is greater than or equal to 0, however, for each column the value is different and to get the values I have used an index match formula so all cells have a formula which is causing the issues. So far I have tried...
  10. L

    nested if replacement

    Hi I want do check student marks and based on the value I will make excel to type a,b,c,d,f. If >80 then A, if >70 then B etc. I can do that using nested if. But lets say I have 10 conditions, is there better way to do that? if function will be complicated. I wonder if there is something easier...
  11. R

    Commission Formula?

    Hi... I'm new here and I do Graphic Design. Does anyone know of a formula I can use for a commission structure? Whatever the cost to print is, I need a formula that looks at the value in that cell and calculates the correct commission flat rate or percentage in the commission cell. Printing...
  12. K

    Anybody good with VBA?

    I went through some Index and Sumproduct solutions with AhoyNC in this thread: But ultimately my data table is too big (last post in thread has a URL) and...
  13. E

    Complicated Formulas across 3 Sheets

    Looking for some help with a complicated formula to corrilate with 3 sheets. I would have to email someone the file to see what I am needing. I've been trying to figure this out for some time. Anyone can help please send me your email address or a way I can send you the Excel file. Thanks!
  14. Z

    office16 installation

    Respected, was showing Error code 0-1012 (0) So as per microsoft recommendations disable 1)Antivirus 2)firewall 3)empty temporary files 4)Make mare diskspace(previously was 148 GB , now is 162 GB) Now only one issue is left , repair registry(and that needs reinstalling which is a very...
  15. M

    Simple or Complicated Sequencing Formula?

    Hi all, I need to know if theres a way you can make a formula for the parameters below- Plus 9 except when reaching a multiple of 10, then plus 10 then plus 19 then carry on with plus 9. For example- 12512, 12521, 12530, 12540, 12559, 12568, 12577. Many thanks if this can be done! Don't...
  16. S

    Creation a red to green selection box

    Hey, Quick question, how do I create a selection box (small size) that will go from red to green when its checked off. if this is going to be too complicated then i will let it be. Thanks for the help, Sam
  17. S

    Simplifying equation - ????

    Just out of curiosity, is there an easier way to do this equation? Meaning, can I simplify this equation to any degree? The order of the columns must stay the same, sorry...
  18. E

    Conditional Formatting from current date

    Hi, I am looking for a way to notify me of any date that exceeds todays date by 2 days If at all possible I would like week days only, but not sure if this is too complicated Many thanks
  19. D

    Nested formula!

    Hello. Below is a not too terribly complicated nested if statement: =IF(AND(D2>=55000,D2<=66000),IF(AND(C2="A"),K148,IF(AND(C2="B"),K149,IF(AND(C2="C"),K150,IF(AND(C2="D"),K151,IF(AND(C2="E"),K152,IF(AND(C2="F"),K153,0))))))) What I need to do now is to nest two other nearly identical formulas...
  20. 1

    Code Needed for Project

    Hello everyone, I have decided to take my confusion to the forums, though I've never done this before, so I will do all that I can to make this as least painful as possible, and if I don't follow protocol exactly, I am deeply sorry- I am doing my best. I am documenting sales velocity of...
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