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    concatenate code I get run time Error

    Hi All Sub concatenate() Dim a As String: a = "L:\OWL\Work" Dim b As String: b = "\jobs" Dim c As String Dim d As String c = Cells(0, 3).Value d = a & c & b Worksheets("sheet 2").Cells(1, 5).Value = d End Sub
  2. Z

    Need Help Converting this Formula to Use CONCATENATE Instead of &

    I am stuck trying to convert this dynamic formula to use the CONCATENATE function instead of the &s. I am using an Excel add-in that does not accept "&" in formulas. I have tried several times to do this myself but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. It doesn't seem to play nicely with the...
  3. J

    concatenating and formatting dynamic number of strings

    So here is what I'm trying to accomplish. There is a number out to three decimals in column A. Date in column B (mm/dd/yyyy). Say I have this data: <tbody> 2.300 8/1/2018 2.400 9/1/2018 2.850 10/1/2018 </tbody> I want to concatenate this strings to where I get a single string of "2.33...
  4. E

    Make min/max formulas read concatenated data?

    Hi everyone, How would I go about using min/max formulas with concatenated data? For example... I have two or more cells that are concatenated and I want to use min/max on formulas on them. There will be text as well as numerical values. "Owners" which would be text and and a "height" which...
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    Dynamic Vlookup referencing file name tied to a dropdown menu

    Hello All, I am trying to use a Vlookup that when I change an option from the dropdown menu the table changes the range ( A1:A15 to A17:A24) in the source file for the tab and base file name are the same but February will change to March, then April. I am trying to use this formula pieced...
  6. T

    Help! Not sure how to add then show % using cells with text and numbers

    I need row 25 of my s/s to show the % complete for the columns B through G, by columns and then overall % in column H. Is there a formula that it updates every time I change an item?
  7. S

    Concatenate every 100 rows into one cell with VBA

    Hi Friends, Trying to concatenate every 100 rows into one cell =Concatenate(C1:C100) =Concatenate(C101:C200) =Concatenate(C201:C300) and so on. I have 50K rows to concatenate/combine cells Above formula is not working. I know that VBA macro can do this task. Every time I have to specific...
  8. K

    Concatenate/Date array/Min Max Issues

    I dump a large amount of data with different service dates in each column. The dates are pasted as text. In the next columns, I convert the text to dates. I then have a column to find the min and another column to find the max. There can be up to six service dates in my data. I'm trying to...
  9. K

    VBA Concatenation help

    Hi. I wish to concatenate a list if it meets a specific requirement. The code that works when entering into excel worksheet looks like this...
  10. D

    Concatenate all cells in a column up to the 1st cell that is empty

    I am trying to concatenate all the cells in a column up to the 1st cell that is empty. So in cell A1 where it says "FORMULA", this is the cell I want to have the results as "Excel is really a lot of fun." or A2+A3+A4+A5+A6+A7+A8. <tbody> A B C 1 FORMULA 2 Excel 3 is...
  11. M

    Concat Sub or Function no defined

    Hi, I am trying to get this if statement with a concat formula to work, but I keep getting the message "Sub or Function not defied." The worksheet where I am trying to get this formula to run on is titled "Report." Thank you in advance for the help. Below is the code If Range("L4") =...
  12. D

    How do I change the color of the number in a concatenated text string to a different color?

    For instance with: =CONCATENATE(COUNTIF($H$17:$I$50, "*SPO*")+COUNTIF($H$17:$I$50, "*Officer *"), " Enforcement Total") How do I make it come out with the count in red but the "Enforcement Total" be in black?
  13. N

    Using ConcatenateIf function trying to remove duplicates

    I have an excel sheet that has page numbers, Categories, and item numbers. I want to make almost an index of the Category then unique page numbers this is the code I am using now I need to find out were to add to remove the Dups. Function ConcatenateIf(CriteriaRange As Range, Condition As...
  14. Y

    Generate CODE using two cells

    I need to generate a CODE with the data from two cells for a project tracker, for instance: A1 = 24-10-2016, B1 = Adam Smith, My code in cell C1 should be "AS-1024", I have created this, But, If there are duplicate values in column C like, Consider Adam Smith and Aaron Swartz both got task on...
  15. D

    Concatenate excel keep number format from a forumula

    Hi Guys In cell C16 £1298 and in Cell B16 i have £1179 In cell B17 i have a simple formula =C16-B16 which obviously provide an answer £119 But i want it to say £119 More Expensive and keep the number formatting It is currently producing 119 More Expensive stripping the number format from...
  16. E

    changing display of a string

    Hi. I have the following in a cell that is a text. (D+0.0625)+(L+.125)+(D+0.625). I am able to substitute D with the the value 1 and L with the value 2 to give me (1+0.0625)+(2+.125)+(1+0.625). I would like to display it as1.0625x2.125x1.0625 the formula must add the values between the...
  17. E

    Concatenating NUMBERS only

    Hi Guys, I am stuck trying to concatenate 2 numbers cells, retaining the number format - is there anyway to do this or does excel always convert the concat to text? Example of what I am trying to do: In one column I have a mixture of 4 digit and 5 digit numbers. All of these need to be 5...
  18. D

    can you connatenate an offset command?

    I have a cell that looks up an account number and returns what row it is in. (B2) but, the data I am looking for is below and a few columns over, so I need to use an offset command to get the data. =OFFSET(data!F22,1,0) this works just fine. the problem is that I need to copy this command...
  19. S

    Concatenate a row or part of

    Hi all, I have been reading quite a few posts on this and haven’t managed to find what will work for me, - Several post talking about using VBA, but unfortunately as I’m sharing the document so this wouldn't be ideal (many won’t accept macros), - Several talking about a...
  20. C

    Vlookup tool with multi Criteria

    Hello All, I am Not a excel genius. I am trying to make a file in which i canauto fill information of employee on one single page. I have one file (Workbook 1)which has 52 tab (Each weekending Sunday). I want to make a formula in which if i put week ending and Employee number it gives me...

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