1. A

    VBA - Concatenated data in one cell; delete entire row when 1 piece of info is not present

    I run a report that displays a list of employees with all the information associated with their employment record. One of the things on there is a concatenated list of all their Employee Roles, with a Valid To and From date. For example, if the list of possible Roles is as follows: Role 1 Role...
  2. M

    Concaténer des cellules avec une condition

    Good morning all, I wanted to concatenate colors (in range B) with respect to each value which is in row A. (see image) . The result is in Range C. I used concatenation with condition like this: = IF (A2 <> 0; CONCATENATE (B2; ","; B3; ","; B4; ","; B5; ","; B6); "" ) because sometimes there...
  3. K

    Concatenate with rows and primary key type scenario?

    I have a range of participants who all have unique identification numbers and they have taken multiple speaking series classes. These classes are listed on an excel worksheet with different rows. I want to concatenate them all together using the primary key as the unique identifier so that they...
  4. Y

    Merge data from multiple cell with the conditiion that only if the cell has data in it as well as add HTML list element

    <tbody> </tbody> This is working fine. =CONCATENATE( IF(E5<>"", ""&$E$3&CHAR(160)&$E$4&CHAR(160)&E5&" ",""), IF(F5<>"",""&$F$3&CHAR(160)&$F$4&CHAR(160)&F5&"...
  5. Q

    Formula to Concatenate Unique Values into 1 cell

    Hi there, I have some major limitations of not being able to run macros from Excel and was wondering if it was possible to use a formula for the below instead? From: <code class="vb keyword"...
  6. V

    Multiple condition Situation

    Hi all. This is a rather complex situation hopefully someone will be able to help. I have 3 drop down menus as below. Cell A1 -Cell with numbers in 50cm increments from 100 to 1000 Cell B1 - Cell with drop down menu which includes 3 types of rails. Cell C1 - Cell with drop down menu which...
  7. K

    Force formula built via concatenation to calculate

    Just like the title says. I have a COUNTIFS formula I built in pieces and glued together using cell concatenation. The formula works just fine, but I need to click into each individual cell, and hit enter, for it to calculate. I have 16K cells. How do I force XL to look at it as a formula and...
  8. M

    2 sperate Font sizes in the same cell

    Hi Im using excel 2010 can anyone help me in in creating 2 sepertate size fonts in the same cell the first font is size 128 Arial & the second font size is 20 Arial the formulas are in coulmn "E" & "F" (Vlookups from another sheet), i concatanate them with a space inbetween and word wrap so...
  9. J

    How to ignore cells while concatenating cells in Excel

    Hi. I'm trying to concat Cell A, B, and C. However, I don't want to concat the row if column A has "N". For example, below I would like to skip 4and 5 because column A has "N". ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left...
  10. P

    Modifying UDF for ConcatenateIF to ConcatenateIFS

    Good morning, I found a great UDF that concatenates a range of data based on another range meeting 1 criteria. It works perfect, but I want to add another condition to the criteria but I cant get the wording correct. Here is the UDF for the 1 condition: Function...

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