1. D

    Sum up concatenation values

    Hello, Is there any way to sum up the numeric values of concatenations? Example below. The data displayed in cells A2:D2 are a result of some concatenations. In cell E2 I would like to be able to sum up those concatenated values. In this case, E2 should come up as 137 days. Stipulations: I...
  2. R

    Apply formula to conctenated cell

    I combined values in two colums (A and B) with Concatenate (Column C). Now I want to apply a formula to the combined (Column C). I attached a screenshot of the values. I am not sure how to apply = so that Column C will peform the mathematical operation, as displayed in Column D as an example...
  3. D


    I’m new to Power Pivot and am trying to create a simple concatenate but get an error. I have a table which will be refreshed from time to time loaded into PP data model. I need to create a unique key using two text columns that I’d like to concatenate. The first column in “Period” which is...
  4. T

    Using VBA to combine headers (based on name) and concatenate columns based on conditions

    In ponctualy receive a file that I would like to reorganize. I am thus looking for specific headers names and either renaming them and copying data or doing more complex operations. In the simplest case, I am only renaming columns and pasting the new columns headers and content in a second...
  5. B

    Concatenate for VBA

    Hi Everyone, I'm creating a concatenate for an unlimited range (1048558 rows) and thought I had this correct, but turns out it's not working for me. Sub ConcatenateArticleAssortment() Dim AssortmentRows As Long Dim ArticleRows As Long AssortmentRows = Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row...
  6. J

    Concatenate Visible

    Hi, I am looking to write a formula that will include into one cell all the values that are visible in column A after filtering. Looking online I have only been able to find the below; Public Function ConcatenateVisible(rng As Variant, seperator As String, Optional IGNORE_EMPTY As Boolean =...
  7. J

    Index/Match and Concatenate

    Hello: I have a list of first and last names and amounts in a range. I want to find the amount that corresponds to both the first and last names and return that value. I've used Index/match in the past when there was only the last name and it worked fine. Now, when I added the first name, I...
  8. N

    Concatenate multicoulmns but not display blank coulmns in the total formula

    <tbody> B C D E F 1 SURNAME FIRSTNAME MI GENQUAL CONCAT'D 2 DOE JOHN T JR DOE.JOHN.T.JR 3 DOE JANE DOE.JANE </tbody> I cant figure out how to write a formula to concatenate column B thru Column E, add a period after each column, but not display a period if the field is blank. In the...
  9. J

    Grouping based on a condition

    So, I have a list of Yes/No questions and what I am trying to do is create a string of the terms that have a Y beside them. For example in the data below, I would like the cell to return Agitated, Angry, Depressed and I will reference that in a different part of a sheet. I would like for this...
  10. U

    Concatenate: Italicize (or bold) part of output

    I have a concatenate formula to output into a cell something like "100% / 75% / (25%)" (code is below). I'd like to either bold or italicize that 25%...something to show that the (25%) is a variance and not a raw value. It needs to be something other that "red" font since sometimes the...
  11. D

    Concatenate with Offset

    Hello all, I am trying to use concatenation formula with VBA and need to use offset in order to complete it, but doesn't seem to work. The point is:I have 2 lists of names in 2 columns, which i need to add some stuff. What i need to do is select a column A item, and macro will insert 29...
  12. S

    2 sheets, Connect 2 formulas, Vlookup and Concatenate

    Hi Great minds. Greetings. I have a file with 2 sheets Values for example: <tbody> Sheet 1 Code Product Type Colour sd123 Necklace Oxidized Black hf32 Bangles Gold Rose Gold </tbody> If we input a code from sheet 1 to sheet 2 manually, we would like to get the following result...
  13. M

    Reference an outside workbook and cell location

    Hello, I saw similar functions with INDIRECT but could not get any to fit my needs (even combining with concatenate) In A1 through A20 I have file names. In A35 I have the file location. So I use concatenate(A35,A1,”.xlsx”) to get the file and location and location in the file (sheet1 C9) I...
  14. K

    Combining multiple cells into one

    Hello! This is my first post on Mr Excel :) I am trying to collate a list of numbers so they have an exclamation mark at the start and a semi-colon at the end. I wish for these to all end up in one cell so I can copy and paste them into a business intelligence system that requires this format...
  15. S

    Sum from sheets name based on another cell valu

    Hi I have Key & sheet names in Sheet1 & key(with Concatenate) need to vlookup with Key in another sheets & get the Sheet Name & sum the column values.
  16. A

    VBA: concatenate data

    I have data in Column A1:A100 and B1:B100. I need to Concatenate data in C column so that column A data appears below column B data in respective cell.
  17. L

    Formula to Find matching Absolute Values in a Range of Dates?

    Hi Everyone, I've been developing a project for work that will analyse bank accounts to determine the value of a project. The problem is some of our projects have inter-account transactions. In order to determine the proper worth of the project we have to find any transfers between the...
  18. K

    Extract list of non-zero cell values from a list AND whether Estimate or Actual AND the name of the product

    I have a list that I need to remove the zero value items from via formula to create a new list (imagine an order form). Because people will be using this second form without much excel knowledge, I need it 100% formula driven. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Qty Item Estimate...
  19. X

    Contatenate with blanks

    Hi MrExcel World, I am trying to concatenate 2 cells, which is easy enough. The problem I am having is that one if one of the cells is blank I don't want to return anything. Example below; Concatenate----------------------First Name----Last Name John...
  20. T

    VBA to Concatenate across multiple workbooks

    I'm trying to write a VBA that will concatenate the same cell across a whole folder of workbooks. Each workbook in the file is the same, just a different topic. I have 15 different workbooks, for example I have Lion, Tiger, and Panther. In sheet 3 column D of each of these books I have some...

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