condition formatting

  1. K

    How to use multiple criteria using to conditional formatting ??? (Condition is cell value After Zero Highlight Cell in RED color ?

    * how to Apply Condition Formating in Particular Cells At a time, (Condition : IF then " Available Qty " <1 to Highlight Cell is RED color). * This condition Apply but Not properly Working , Pleased help to solve this query, I try to use Multiple criteria using this condition formatting.
  2. K

    We Need Only TEXT Contain, How to possible in Excel Formula ????

    All Number list is Same Len ,if Number After Single Space , We Need Only TEXT Contain ,How to possible in EXCEL formula .......
  3. P

    Conditional Format -[H]:MM

    The formula used for the cell is: =IF((F9-G9)>0,F9-G9,TEXT(ABS(F9-G9),"-[H]:MM")) Cells F9 & G9 are blank therefore the result of the formula shows "-0:00". How do I conditionally format the cell containing the formula so that the returned value of the formula which is -0:00 - the font color...
  4. E

    Pop Up message when value is changed - dependent on other conditions

    My data starts in row 2. Column AA is validated for Y,N,N/A values only, column ABcontains N/A or a date, and column AD can contain N/A or a date. All columns will initially be ‘N/A’ but there is apossibility that this will change, is there any formula that will bring up apop-up message if AD...
  5. M

    Conditional format formula to format cell colour based on a percentage of the cell

    H Excellers, I have a formula based total in I3 In E3 I have a formula based total too. I need to conditional format the I3. Red if greater than or equal to 25% of E3, Amber 10% to 24% of E3, Green if 0% to 9%. I do not have the space to create a separate percentage column. Thank you in...
  6. M

    Making a cell blank whilst keeping the formula nad the conditional formating

    Hi. This is my first question sorry in advance. So I hae two clumns C and D, D is my expiry date column and C is my start date column. I have formated D to turn orage or red depending on the time left. I also have the formual =EDATE(C3,6). The problem s that because nothng is acctually entered...
  7. D

    Conditional Formatting Dollar Amounts

    I have a column where dollar values can be entered. Could range from .01 to 3.00. I need to highlight anything that doesn't end in a 0 or a 5. I thought I could use a RIGHT formula, but it doesn't work as all the 0's are not included in this. Can anyone assist with the correct formula for...
  8. H

    Conditional Formatting Green & Red Cells

    Hi All, I look for older posts,but could not find the solution to my problem. I have a cell that needs to turn Green or Red based on a Target. The target is 65.7%. My cell that has conditional formatting, should be green because It hit the target of 65.7%, but it turns red. my conditional...
  9. C

    Conditional formatting for multiples of

    so we have a row like (row includes other higher values varying over hundreds of lines, but in essence these are what im after, its to do with overtime pay rates): <tbody> 1 1.5 1.2 1.8 2 2.4 2.5 </tbody> what i want to do is use conditional formatting to highlight as: colour 1 (x1.5) 1.5...
  10. D

    Conditonal Format Tab Color Depending On Contents of a Column

    Hoping someone can help me out here. I have a workbook with multiple worksheets and would like the worksheet TAB COLOR to be conditionally formatted due to the contents of the cells in a particular column. (The particular column may be different depending on the worksheet). For example: Sheet...
  11. S

    Conditional Formatting with Conditions

    I'd like to do a three color conditional format on one column IF another column has a certain value in that row. For example, if the country is USA and the sales conversion target is 20%, I want to have a rule that makes a three-color spectrum based on the actual conversion rate compared to...
  12. E

    Conditional formatting

    I have a scoring matrix for a number of services. Each service has its own RAG status. Example below. <tbody> Minutes <30 30-59 60-89 90-119 120-149 150-179 1 2 3 4 5 6 Serv1 3 3 6 9 12 15 18 Serv2 3 3 6 9 12 15 18 Serv3 2 2 4 6 8 10 12 Serv4 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 </tbody> I...
  13. zakasnak

    conditional formatting questions

    I have a spreadsheet (duh!) that uses dates for nominations of natgas. On Monday, I nom for Wednesday (highlighted), on Tuesday, I nom for Thursday (highlighted), etc. The problem comes when today's date is a Thursday, I want the conditional formatting to highlight Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday...
  14. H

    Conditional Formatting with Formulas and dates

    Experts, I have an action plan template i'm attempting to use in which there is a conditional formatting set to turn the row yellow if the action is within 7 days of the targeted completed date. I have column heading for "targeted date" and =today() in cell C1. My conditional formatting is done...
  15. K

    Conditional formatting in VBA dependent on the text string in adjacent cell.

    Hi. If someone can please give me some advice, that will be grand. D7:D16 say either "POUND", "PERCENTAGE", OR 'NUMBER'. E7:E16 say a number ranging between 0.01 and 10000000 I effectively want to code in VBA so that E7:E16 will be formatted corresponding to the adjacent text string. So, if...
  16. S

    Gantt Chart Help

    I have a gantt chart that I like and understand how to update the information. What I am looking for is how to roll up all the sub task conditional formatting to the mask task line. Example Gantt: <tbody> Start End Main Task Y Y - - - Y Y Y - - - Y Y Y SubTask 1...
  17. W

    offsetting a list every 3 then skipping 2 rows with "highlight duplicate conditional formatting"

    Hello,need help with something simple but rather complex for me. i have a large list of 3 digit numbers in Column A. ex.(123)..I would like each digit separated in its own column (text to column) i would like these copied in a series of 3 with a space of 2 rows in between each series. Each...
  18. R

    Conditional formatting / Formula

    Hey all, Need some advice. I have a spreadsheet of number data with dates in ascending order in the first left column. I want to apply a format so that for example: If the number in Cell B3 is greater than the number in B2 (turn the text red) If the number in Cell B3 is less than the number...
  19. G

    Conditional format column based on header

    Good day Basically I want to fill the color of the column if the heading is Saturday or sunday. That is step one. Step two is I want to have the average of each day. <tbody> mon tues wed thurs fri sat sun mon average monday tues wed 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 july 6 july 7 july 8...
  20. T

    Conditional Formatting

    Hello all, I have two columns. Column A (2:500) is a due date calculated by a formula Column B (2:500) is the actual date of completion. I have conditional formatting in Column A as the date gets closer (yellow 1 month out, orange 1 week out, red this week). The problem is, the conditional...

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