conditional cell colour

  1. cfiramar96

    Adaptive Conditional Formatting

    Hey there everybody, I'm working on a sheet that checks if one's answers are correct, based on given answers column. I want that if a cell value equals to the cell next to it, the cell will turn green (or red if it's not) I managed to achieve that using conditional formatting, but the problem is...
  2. H

    Checkbox editing

    Hello. new to here need some help with checkbox and conditional formatting, ill explain my problem. i have a column, eg A, which has dates in, so different dates in each cell in column A i have set some conditional formatting to change the colour of the cells in A depending on the proximity of...
  3. A

    Coloring Cells depending on Hourly Schedule Table

    Hi All, I am new to making macros with color conditions and I have been having trouble figuring out the logic to my code. I have a table with various rows of jobs with their start and end time on a given day and each of these jobs can pass through multiple machines which are also included in...
  4. E

    Highlight Blank Cells Based on a Date in a Different Column

    I have a spreadsheet which has due date in column AB, and a completed date in column AC. If today's date is = to AB and AC is blank, I'd like AC to turn orange. If today's date is +1 day greater than AB and AC is blank, I'd like AC to turn red. If a date is entered in AC which is either equal...
  5. C

    Conditional formatting with dates using the RAG status

    Good Day all I have been experiencing an issues with a very small spreadsheet, causing me a major headache. I have a set of key dates across columns M, N, O on row 4. M4= First Draft N4=Final O4= Mobilization/ Start Date First draft needs to be received 8 weeks prior to mobilization and final...
  6. M

    Comparing Mean against Overall Mean using Conditional Formatting

    Hi, I'm currently working on a project where I have a number of statements which are rated between 1(Strongly Disagree) and 4 (Strongly Agree). For each organisation I am presenting their mean average on this statement against the combined mean average for all other organisations, and I would...
  7. S

    Highlight all cells of the same category in a calendar dashboard

    Hi all, I have a calendar in year view that has the dates coloured based off of the type of event it is e.g. meetings are orange, reports due are blue etc etc At the top, I have a legend/key, and what I want to achieve is that if the user clicks the Legen that is for meetings (orange) then all...
  8. W

    Allow conditional formatting to update before continuing with rest of code?

    I have code that runs multiple query's from the same Excel table and after each query is ran it saves it as a PDF file. The code works great but on the larger query's it doesn't allow the conditional formatting to update before creating the PDF. I have tried may ways of getting it to update the...
  9. O

    Conditional Formatting in Pivot Table

    Hi all, I have a pivot table, in which I have applied a conditional format. But it doesn't work. This screenshot will help in explaining what my problem is. As you can see, I have applied a conditional format to a certain field in my pivot table...

    How to see all properties of a cell

    I have an Excel2007 spreadsheet into which data is entered daily (1 row each day). Various comps (min, max, avg, etc) are shown in each row. Cols into which data is (or will be) entered are shaded light green. Cells for computed data are shaded pink and protected. Some cells have conditional...
  11. S

    EXCEL - Conditional Formatting Question

    Hey guys, I'm working on a criticality-index of sort for work and can't quite seem to get it to format based on my desired conditions. So using the below graph for reference, I have different factors (columns A-D) scaled 1-8 based on criticality. Then I have a TOTAL column (E) which is just a...
  12. T

    Conditional Formatting Data based on Data in Another Column

    Hi, I have to apply conditional formatting to a column in my spreadsheet. The last three columns in my spreadsheet are Course Status, Date Taken, Due Date. I need to apply conditional formatting to the Due date to show past due, coming due, and not yet due based on whether or not the course has...
  13. E

    Conditional Formatting and Negative Numbers!

    Hi! I have what I think should be very simple, but is not working for me right now! I am working on a scorecard sheet. So, we have a number of metrics, and for each we have Target and Goal for every month. Then, for each metric, there is a calculation of the percentage-where are they in...
  14. Manolocs

    Color Change in a timeline

    Hi, ROW 3 has dates from January 1st (C3) to December 31st (NC3). I want the todays date Cell change color, but all dates before maintain the same color, like a timeline add one cell everyday and maintain past dates with color and futures dates blank. -Is there a way to build this with formulas...
  15. C

    Conditional formatting if text fragment is present in any column of the same row

    I wish to highlight the cell in column A if the text fragment "xxx" is present in any column from N through AF. I tried this but it only works when the text is in column N: =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("xxx",N2:AF2))=TRUE
  16. A

    Conditional Cell Range Highlighting

    Hello, I am trying to create a code that will highlight certain cells once a hyperlink has been clicked. I have multiple hyperlinks on the same sheet that, once clicked, link to certain cells on separate sheets. I would like to know if I can have a user click a hyperlink and have them be taken...
  17. M

    Conditional Formatting based on another cells value VBA

    Hi, Hope I can find some insight here. I am working on highlighting cells in column Y and V $Y$2:$Y$35 / $V$2:$V$35 based on formula rule on $$AA2 values. Can anyone offer guidance on how to do this on VBA? Basically, if cells in AA2 do not = 0, are greater than or less than zero then I would...
  18. J

    Conditional Fomratting

    I am creating a spreadsheet that shows where everyone is in my unit. I have created a drop down list that gives 24 options. Column D contains the list and Column E contains the notes. I have created the cf that when the "Available" selection is made, both column D and E in that row turns green...
  19. 9

    Conditional Formatting Colour in a Results Table

    Hi guys, I am fairly new to doing VBA coding stuff so if my question seems a bit obvious, that's why. I am trying to do a results table for football like this: <tbody> Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 1 2-1 0-3 2-2 Team 2 1-0 1-2 0-0 Team 3 4-1 2-0 2-0 Team 4 2-1...
  20. K

    Change cell colour conditional to position

    Hi, First off I'm a true newbie regarding VBA etc. If I create a grid containing 28 columns and 19 rows, I would like to be able to enter the letter "A" in a cell somewhere in this grid and have excel colour green the cell where I entered the letter and then colour the rest of the column...

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