conditional cells

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    Conditional Formula

    This would probably be a very simple question, but I can’tseem to get it right. What I need is a formula in a cell to say if this cell = a set of months i.e.January, April, July and so on then show this list of tasks and if the other monthsshow another set so example. =IF(C5=January,Feb,Mar)...
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    Conditional Formating Required for changing Dates based on 2 different cell dates

    Hi, I creating a permit register. End Goal : Have the text in both Cells in "Start Date" and "Finish Date" have the same colour to determine if the Permit is 'Expired', 'Current' or set in the 'future' Column H (Permit Start Date) and Column I (Permit Finish Date). Permit dates do not have...
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    Dividing across two colums with highlights in Conditional Formatting

    I am attempting to automate errors in data using conditional formatting. My intent is to automate highlighting errors when cell data vary. Highlight cell F2 if F2/B2 > 1.5 I've tried several formula variations and cannot get this right. Any formulas that have worked for you?
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    Conditionally Formatting cells based on other conditionally formatted cells

    Hey team, I'm currently working to create a "Project Timeline" using conditional formatting. The values I'm using are in Fiscal Quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, etc). If we have a project starting in Q1 and ending in Q3, I can easily highlight Q1 and Q3 using simple conditional formating, but that leaves...
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    Highlighting Filtered Cell Data in different work sheet

    Hello, I'm preparing a sheet for a construction site, the first sheet contains all the construction materials details in Sheet 1 Column A. Sheet 2 contains the list of dealers/shops who sells the products mentioned in the Sheet 1, each coulmn here contains Dealers/ shop name and materials which...
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    What conditional excel formula should I use?

    <tbody> I am a newbie in excel. Please refer my excel workbook snapshot below: </tbody> Currently the formula I have is such that if D137 and E137 are blank, then F137 is also blank. However, if the values in D137 and E137 are identical, then F137 shows 'Correct' and if the values are...
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    Paste values based on a condition to next availble row in different sheet

    Hello, I'm fairly new to code but can usually problem solve my way to getting it to do what I need it to. I have been trying for days and have not had any success modifying scripts to get them work. HELP! This is what I'm trying to accomplish: 1. Copy "A4" and "B4" in sheet "DataEntry" 2...
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    Conditional Drop Down List Help, VLOOKUP and INDIRECT

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    Some conditional formatting issues

    Hi everyone. I'm a mid-level excel user familiar with a handful of advanced functions, running Excel via Office 2010 (v. 14....). I need some help implementing a condition whereby a row with a cell beginning with a ">" is treated differently than a row containing a cell beginning with "<" or is...
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    Custom Image to Conditional Formatting

    I have been asked to add a custom image (a thumbs up) to each cell that has a higher number than the previous one. I already have conditional formatting to shade this cell blue. I can add the standard red, yellow, green lights or arrows, but need help for the custom picture!
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    among three cells, if one is formatted (bolded), yield a value to a fourth cell

    I have a spreadsheet in which I have three cells, one of which is bolded, and I need the fourth column to yield a specific value based on which of the three cells is bolded. More specifically, if the first of the three cells is bolded, I'd like the fourth cell to yield a value of '1'. If the...
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    Cell Lock/Unlock based on other cell's value

    I am trying to figure something out and I realized that it will take a little VBA to complete my request. I have a cell that is unlocked, Sheet2:A1, by default because the cell in Sheet1:A1 is blank. If someone puts text in Sheet1:A1 then I want Sheet2:A1 to lock where it can't be changed...
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    Unlock Cells Based On Interior Color

    Hi There, I have an excel sheet that currently locks all cells except for the ones that allow user entered/selected data (drop down list). I have it set up that if previous cell is blank interior color of that cell is black, if previous cell is not blank then interior color is white. What I am...
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    Conditional Drop Down List

    I have a spreadsheet where cell "D29" can either be "YES" or "NO." I have a drop down list in cell "D30" to enter three options. What I would like to do on this protected sheet is if Cell "D29" is "NO," the drop down list is locked, otherwise it can be chosen. Any ideas? Best regards, Rick
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    Create, Rename Worksheets, Conditional IF Macro

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, and I have searched far and wide to find a macro to accomplish the below. Here is my current worksheet. - Single sheet named "Staff" for which cells A2:A34 contain staff names and cells B2:B34 contain staff "titles" (4 different titles "Operations"...
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    Making cells conditionally inaccesible

    Hello, I was hoping someone would be to help me with the following: I am working with an attendance sheet for prospective after-school program participants. Every sheet has the full list of all of the potential students. On the very first of the worksheets, I will mark their attendance or note...

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