conditional count

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    Count the volume of Unique Results based on a condition (using structured references)

    Hi, I have a list of Account User IDs (Column 1) and a list of email addresses(column 2) associated with that user. I need to count the number of unique email addresses per user and display this on each row (column 3). The data I have is stored in tables so I need the formula to allow for...
  2. R

    Need help in conditional count, count values only when column heading matches

    I want to count 'a' (absent) of each employee listed in column C to D for each particular month as shown in the table Column G thru H. Please suggest a formula to achieve it. The Screenshot below will better explain what I'd like to do. Thank you in advance for your help
  3. N

    counting cells between blank cells

    hi, I have column A containing values of 1 amongst blank cells and I’m looking for a formula to sum up the cells containing “1” between any given 2 blank cells, displayed in Col B. Does anyone have any suggestions? Example below; <tbody> col A col B 1 1 1 3 1 1...
  4. J

    Count Unique Value combinations with Conditions

    Hello Mr. Excel! I have a fairly large data set that i'm working with and I am trying to determine the number of unique combinations given a certain criteria. I have 3 fields i'm trying to compare, Active ("Y" or "N"), Customer Name (there are many different names), Project (there are many...
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    Relative Ranking Formula

    This is for a school. I need to rank the students based on family information. FamilyID = one ID per family StudentID = unique student ID Grade = student's grade TeachingFamily = binary, do they have a parent who teaches at the school Status = are they a Full Time or Part Time? (not binary, as...
  6. G

    Count Unique Values Based on Another Column

    Ok, I came up with the need of modifing something already solved here is the case. In Column A you can see the serial, Column C states the ammount of times that serial is in the column and only displays this number the first time it appears in the column; formula [...

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