conditional format

  1. V

    Coloring of cells based on date within a range

    I want to assign a color to a cell based on there being an event that falls within a specific date range. As shown below, event1, falling within the week of July 4, would cause F3 to be blue, since it has category1. So the cells in range F3:I5 would be colored based on a running list of events...
  2. S

    Allowing user to colour cells on protected sheet whilst still protecting Conditional Formatting

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that will be used by other people and I have locked all the cells which contain formulae and conditional formatting so that no one can break my sheet. However, there are some columns which the user will free type into and they would like to be able to change the colour...
  3. G

    VBA - Check Balance and then use Conditional Formatting

    I need a conditional formatting to highlight column Q. Depending on the columns E (Type of Leave), it will correspond to the available balances in column R(Provincial Leave / Family Responsibility), S(Medical Waiver), T (Bereavement). If column Q is > the available balances, it would highlight...
  4. J

    Change cell based on multiple conditions from other cells

    This is How it's supposed to look in the end. I have no problem with columns T to Z changing colour based on their values, but I can't figure out how to change AB... I'm trying to make the checkmark and X symbols change automatic; if all cells in a row (T-Z) are green, a checkmark should be in...
  5. mohsinbipu

    Conditional formatting handle/delete issue with VBA

    What I did: I am trying to insert below conditional formatting formula in every sheet of activeworkbook with VBA. =OR(CELL("col")=COLUMN(),CELL("row")=ROW()) I used the below VBA code to apply the above conditional formatting in every sheet with one click. this code do below steps First...
  6. N

    Conditional format if value within a % of another cell value

    I have a table as below. I need the cell AVG ALL to be conditionally formatted to show the following... If AVG ALL is less than TARGET by no more than 5% then fill colour AMBER. If AVG ALL is less than TARGET by more than 5% then fill colour RED. If AVG ALL is equal to or more than TARGET then...
  7. R

    Conditional Format- Highlight Numbers with 00's on the end.

    I have a long list of numbers that are to 7 significant figures. I want to highlight the numbers that end in 00 and 000. I don't want to change their number format or significant figures. For example, values such as 1.2345000 and 1.2345600. Is there a formula for conditional formatting that...
  8. S

    RED if number its higher than budget (negative numbers)

    Any idea?
  9. D

    Conditional Formatting Letter Grades - "Minuses" Not Working

    Hello, I'm sure it's out there somewhere but I haven't been able to find it yet. So sorry, everyone, I'm pulling you into this. I have created a worksheet of letter grades and would like to do a conditional format color fill of the cells for every letter grade in the same cell. These grades...
  10. S

    Add outline to bubble in bubble chart based on sample size in another cell

    I would like to add a yellow outline to a bubble if any of the three values used to create it are between 50-75. This will be a bubble chart with several slicers so the need for a yellow outline will be a moving target. Any way I can achieve this? My data set up (from a pivot) looks like the...
  11. S

    Sumifs - cells that did not match -- conditional format --Lookup, search, partial match, multiple criteria, lists, duplicate,

    Hello - I spent the past hour or so searching google and the forums. I can't find exactly what I'm looking for and that's probably because I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. My real goal is to find and highlight cells that did not get summed up. I.e. if I have a sumifs formula with a...
  12. J

    Conditional Formatting for Multiple Values (Formula Not Working)

    I have a long list of numerical values in a column and I am trying to set up conditional formatting to highlight cells that contain specific values in blue. The values I am trying to apply this formatting to are the following: 200180, 200181, 200182, 200252, 200940, 200065 After doing some...
  13. D

    Change borders/gridlines of cells in rows A, B, C & D when cells in row E contains no blanks

    Hello everybody, I am currently sitting with the following material overview file in Excel: I have made some conditional formatting so whenever I enter a number in column E the entire row gets highlighted. Unfortunately, this erases/makes invisible my dark gridlines/borders from before...
  14. L

    Conditional formatting help!!

    I have a table with a "DATE" column that I generally update daily with the current date, so my current conditional formatting for that column is - Cell Value < TODAY() - (with a green colour), so if the date is from yesterday or beyond then it will highlight green until I change it. But I have 2...
  15. R

    Conditional Formatting and Percentages

    Hi All, I have a spreadsheet which, in column L there is a percentage that is based on the numbers in columns D and G. I would like to create a conditional format that says: -if column L is less than or equal to 3% format the entire row green -if column L is between 4 and 6% format the entire...
  16. freelensia

    Excel: cannot change alignment of a cell under conditional formatting

    Hi, I have a structured table with a certain table style: All of the cells in them are also formatted as "Normal". However my "Normal" is slightly different. It has cell background as white (not no-color), and has alignment OFF. Furthermore, in column Good Listings I have some Conditional...
  17. H

    VBA How to add conditional formatting with graded color scale?

    Hello Excel experts, I'm struggling with adding something like conditional formatting in VBA: the lower is the number, the greener must be the cell (like built-in Excel conditional formatting). So far I was able to find and modify the following VBA code, but it crashes on the following line...
  18. M

    Altering conditional formatting macro to work across different worksheets

    Hi there, I have a conditional formatting macro that works well comparing lists of non-matching data on the same worksheet. What it does fail to do is to also compare data lists on two different worksheets. Is there a way to adjust the code so that it handles selecting data from 2 different...
  19. M

    Help fix my conditional format macro

    Hi there, I am just after a little help to finish my attempt of automating a conditional format that I use often. I use it to check to different columns of data to see if they are identical or not. This is my code below. Sub Conditional_Formatting_MatchData() Dim rng1, rng1a, rng2, rng2a As...
  20. J

    Conditional Formatting - Date

    Hi all, I tried to use the Conditional Formatting function to filter out the dates that occurred before 2020, my column contains cells along the lines of 11/01/2019, 21/09/2019, 21/11/2020, 01/05/2020 etc. As usual, I followed the HOME > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Text...

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