conditional format

  1. O

    Copying column with conditional formating VBA

    Hi, I have made a sheet to check results from a water test against a limit. I started with one column where you insert the results from the test. And if the result is higher than the value written under Grenseverdier Bærum Kommune then the cell becomes red, if its under the cell becomes green...
  2. D

    Conditional Formatting using VBA for comparing range to set limits

    Hi, Im looking to create a VBA code that help me check my results for each region (Range A2:P9) against the limits of that region Range(G2:G9) Results in Region 1 if greater than Limit of region 1 then highlight cell will color red. same goes for other regions Request VBA code for the same...
  3. N

    VBA format conditions evaluate differently from spreadsheet.

    I have applied formatting conditions to a range of cells on the spreadsheet as shown in the image. I have VBA code which evaluates format conditions and outputs based on them. The problem is that when the conditions are applied in this way the VBA code pulls the formatting based on the first...
  4. D

    VBA code to highlight duplicates - all in the same colour across workbook

    Hi, I'm basically looking for a VBA that- - identifies duplicates across the whole workbook/multiple sheets - highlights duplicate cells to same random colour (preferably a light colour so text is still visible) - ignores blank cells Any ideas? Many thanks,
  5. S

    Colorize cells with comments that have specific word (Conditional format)

    Hi. I used VBA code from this post and it working good, but have one problem... Function CommentText(Cell As Range, Txt As String) As Boolean Dim x As Comment Set x = Cell.Comment If x Is Nothing Then CommentText = False Else CommentText = x.Text Like "*" & Txt &...
  6. J

    Condtional formatting for dates.

    Hi everyone, I have added another word to my dropdown menu and condiational formatting so I can clear expired dates when they are complete. Currenlty when I choose Completed from the drop down menu it removes the pink highlight from the date so I know I don't need to chase them up. I am...
  7. N

    Inserting Formula into Conditional Formatting Function in excel

    Hi everyone. I am trying to conditional format the **Paired-up Table** according to the result of the Paired column. The "BoyA" column reflects the Row number of the Paired-up Table, the "BoyB" column reflects the column number of the Paired-up Table. For example: If the value in the...
  8. J

    Trying to use Conditional Formatting to highlight rows with duplicates in cell E, but only if the date range in cell A is in the current month.

    I've read similar formulas and threads, but I'm not skilled enough to apply it to my current situation. A sample of my data would look like the attached picture. Hopeful someone can lead me in the correct direction! Trying to use Conditional Formatting to highlight rows with duplicates in cell...
  9. N

    Conditional Format Prioritization

    I am trying to format cells based on dates, with the first priority being the first rule "green" then simply color coding the rest of the cells based on dates. I keep getting cells highlighted with rules that don't meet the criteria in the original cell. For example, Cell H9 should be Green...
  10. A

    Duplicates Highlight with condition from second column

    Hello world, so I have the sheet as seen in the attachment (I have included a picture) I have 2 columns, A for machines, B for products. I want to highlight those products that are created from both machines , so something like if duplicate and column A in the range of the duplicates contains...
  11. T

    Permanent format on all sheets

    Hello all, Is it possible to permanently apply conditional formatting/custom format on all spreadsheets including the new I open. If the cell value is TRUE, highlight in Green If the cell value is FALSE, highlight in Red Thanks
  12. F

    Conditional Format using Search+Vlookup help

    I am trying to format L3 , but it says the formula contains an error. The formula works if placed in a cell, so I don't know what the problem is.
  13. F

    Conditional format - Nth column to End

    How do you apply conditional format from the Nth column to the end. Or, to the entire worksheet, except the first "N-1" columns. Or, from cell G1 to the end of worksheet. Example below is from 7th column to end. Also to account for columns being added later.
  14. F

    Conditional format - if cell contains part of formula

    Is it possible to carry out a conditional format for cells that contain part of a formula. Specifically I want to format cells that have "+2" in their formula, for example "=7+2" will be formatted. I was thinking to convert to text and then scan for the "+2", but don't know how to do this. So...
  15. K

    Variable conditional format with different entity

    Hello, First, I want to apologize if my english is not great. I am french and look forward to get tips from you for my project. My wish is to create a conditional format that is not fix to one same formula but a variable format which change for each column and each row... I can make it work...
  16. C

    Conditional formatting using nature of cell content

    I am looking to use conditional formatting to differentiate visually between cells which contain ANY formula and cells where a value has been keyed. So, if a cell contains a formula (e.g. '=A2+B2' or '=vlookup(...)'), I want it to change to bold blue font and where it is a keyed value (e.g...
  17. M

    Format cells based on row and column references

    Hello, I have a file with 2 sheets Named: Holiday Calendar ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAABACADAEAFAGAHAIAJ120222BHBank Holiday UK&IBHBank Holiday UKBHBank Holiday IrelandHoliday34January5Carried FwdIn LieuEntitledLeft...
  18. H

    Conditional format custom formula - IF(AND from range

    I have a range of dates: K9 = 01/01/2021 K10 = 02/01/2021 K11 = 03/01/2021 K12 = 04/01/2021 K13 = 05/01/2021 I have 5 conditional formatting rules: =IF($B19="PRE",AND(K$9>=$H19,K$9<=$I19)) =IF($B19="PRE",AND(K$10>=$H19,K$10<=$I19)) =IF($B19="PRE",AND(K$11>=$H19,K$11<=$I19))...
  19. M

    Conditional format based off spill formula value

    I have an error check sheet within a work book, for example EF1PART NUMBERSERIAL (IF APPLIC')212345-6789112233312345-678949876-54321F2:F4Expression=IF('Error Check'!AR3<>"","TRUE","FALSE")textNO Now this works great, but I have times where a new row needs to be inserted within the data. upon...
  20. P

    Conditional Formatting based on another column

    I have ID's in a column (currently Col K) and Codes currently in Column M. (Columns will be added but Codes will always be two columns to the right of ID. I have the following code but how do I use Offset in the formula to look for an entry two columns to the right? I don't want the formula to...
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