conditional format

  1. I

    Conditional formatting: If the total of two cells is lower then another cell

    Hello, I would be really grateful if someone could answer the following If the TOTAL of two cells is less then the value you of another cell then post cells red, for example; if A3+A4 is less than C5 turn cells red thank you in advance
  2. H

    Can merged cells fill, when matched in a column??

    Hello, I am trying to make a floor plan and wanted the booth squares to turn red, if they are matched with the same booth number located in B2:B22.
  3. C

    Conditional Formatting from several sheets using Ron de Bruin

    I am using the Sub Mail_Selection_Range_Outlook_Body() from Ron de Bruin to set up a macro to send an email taking the information from several sheets with reports that I have to send and it works pretty well, but the code doesn't allow conditional formatting to be pasted into outlook. The...
  4. H

    Applying conditional formatting to all tables

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum / VBA and I’m trying to create a code that applies conditional formatting for all columns in every pivot table and refreshes every table in my Excel workbook. I’ve been able to set this up for one pivot table / one sheet but I’m not sure how to change my code...
  5. K

    Conditional Formatting data in a Query Table based on elapsed time.

    Hello all, I have a table (Query 1) which pulls data from an SQL server and auto refreshed every 2 minutes. This table has rows each depicting a single order with columns showing various information about the order (Value, Status, Allocation etc) In this table i have a column called "Last...
  6. F

    Conditional format - specific text

    Is it possible to format cells which contain specific text, for more than 1 instance. Tried this with formula but no good. =ISNUMBER(OR(SEARCH("test1",A1),SEARCH("test2",A1)))
  7. I

    Highlight Numerical >0 without highlighting text - Conditional Formating

    Hi I want to highlight multiple cells of text and numerical values with conditional formatting This is the prompt, PROMPT: "Highlight only cells that contain numerical value >0" Logically it will be solved with the "greater than" option then, cell value >0 However the cells sometimes have...
  8. U

    VBA: Conditional Formatting

    Hi Gurus, Could you help me simplify below code which I recorded? Basically, I need to apply these conditional formatting and hoping that the macro will look for Change 1, Change 2 and Change 3 header name and reflect the number format for all tabs (as the column might interchange on the other...
  9. E

    Conditional formula based on difference of two other cells

    i have a sheet with values in Column D and E Now, they enter values in E45 and E36 Afterwards, they enter a value on D48 (They should calulate the difference of E45 and E36 The conditional formula should make the cell D56 red if they value they enter is not equal to the difference of E45 and...
  10. H

    Combine conditional format formula into one.

    Hi there, I have 5 conditional formats that I need to combine into one. Conditional format 1 =AND(M$9>=$J19,M$9<$J19+ROUNDDOWN($D19*($K19-$J19+1),0)) Conditional format 2 =AND(M$10>=$J19,M$10<$J19+ROUNDDOWN($D19*($K19-$J19+1),0)) Conditional format 3...
  11. larinda4

    Conditional Formatting Working For Me - But Not My Coworker

    So I have a macro that I released to my coworker to use, however, the conditional formatting won't highlight for her. If I run the macro on my computer, the highlighting works. The conditional formatting is only on one sheet and the formula does not reference another sheet. I don't know if...
  12. M

    [Pls Help!]Grant chart project with conditional formatting

    Hi guys! I am making my grant chart to tracking multiple projects. This picture show the total view. 1) There is a way to highlight the entire row if column A contain integer even or odd number only [1,2,3,..]. I don't want them to highlight the row there is not a integer. [1.1,1.2,.. ] This...
  13. M

    Conditional format with EOMONTH function

    Hi guys, I have tried to add conditional format with EOMONTH function. But I'm not sure what I do wrong, they make the condition that I made but not on the last day of month. In the below picture: The condition should appear on 30Apr and last day of the other month that what I expect.
  14. M

    Conditional Format not acting as expected.

    I have the following. BC33Pos test (dupes)Other field test34113512B34:C35Expression=IF(COUNTIF($B$34:$B$35,B34)>1,IF(COUNTIFS($B$34:$B$35,B34,$C$34:$C$35,"<>")>=2,TRUE,FALSE),FALSE)textNO I would expect each cell to be highlighted, however C35 does not seem to be affected. The theory behind...
  15. M

    Conditional Formatting based on specific text in a column and it's related values in another column

    Let's say I have a dropdown with two options (A2): Category 1 Category 2 I also have a range of cells given with different phrases: (A4:C5) Phrase A Phrase B Phrase C Phrase D Phrase E Phrase F and also a table which looks like this: (A6:B12) Phrase Category Phrase A...
  16. larinda4

    Conditional Formatting Formula Help

    Good morning, I'm having an issue with setting the formula for my conditional format. Some background information: I receive a report and copy and paste as values to the right hand side of it. Then I update all the figures with formulas to pull in correct numbers from various tabs. I want to...
  17. P

    Extracting conditional format from another workbook

    I would like to extract the conditional format of a cell from another workbook and programmatically recreate it. Is this even possible? The workbook in question has many many conditional formats but it would be very difficult to get the right color codes and formulas from so many cells manually...
  18. E

    Count Conditionally Formatted Colour in Table

    Is there any way to create a function in VBA that will count all red coloured cells in a Table? My table, named Input has 11 columns and starts at cell A6 (A6 being the first column header). See attached screenshot. Above columns, ID / Date of Birth / Delivery mechanism / Review reason /...
  19. D

    Highlight Cells with dates of Even Months

    I wanted a 2023 calendar w/ consecutive dates. I would like it if I could Conditional Format cells whose dates contain Even Months. Like so: I tried to figure it out, even from an old 2006 post from here, but my brain is fried. Thanks in advance!
  20. A


    Okay, the table below is an example of what I need but not sure how to write the formula/what setup would be best. I am trying to figure out the best way to make the status column work correctly. For each row: if Date 1 is 1 day or less before Date 2 = Red Status if Date 1 is between 2 day and...

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