conditional formatting.

  1. D

    Alphabetically order a list with respect to column B

    Hello everybody, I have the following list of information: Is there any way in which I can alphabetically order this list with respect to column B? Would greatly appreciate any assistance I can obtain! :) Thank you very much everybody. Best regards, David
  2. K

    Condition formatting for overnight hours worked

    I'm trying to create a chart using conditional formatting that will show the hours that each employee is working. I have a formula for that works for Chris' time but can't figure out a formula that covers both Chris & Richard's schedule since Richard is working overnight. Richard's hours...
  3. L

    Conditional Formatting Based on List

    Hello! Simply, I was wondering if anyone had a method for conditional formatting (Font Color) for a row based on whether or not the last four digits of an asset appear in a separate table. (Table A) I've got a spreadsheet that has a large list of equipment as well as columns with current...
  4. srizki

    Conditional formatting-

    I have the following formula in conditional formatting. This formula is working correctly in October column (column H) but highlight only on cell H2. What do I need to change so that formula work for column H,(October). =AND(MONTH(F1)=MONTH(TODAY())-1,F2="") F1 is August, G1=Sep. H1=Oct...
  5. R

    Conditional Formatting off by one row in one column

    I have a spreadsheet that I have been using for about a year and a half with no issues. It has conditional formatting for the whole row to highlight yellow based on the date in one column or go red based on the date in another column. The red date has the stop if true checked. I have made no...
  6. G

    Linking a range of cells from one sheet to another and preserving the formatting

    Hi I have linked a range of cells on one worksheet in the same work book to another sheet in the same workbook but I have lost all the formatting. Is there a way to preserve the formatting? I am using Excel 2007 and conditional formatting.
  7. A

    Help with some conditional formatting

    Hey guys, I'm new here and have really no idea what I'm doing but here goes nothing. So I've been asked by a friend to help out with her excel spreadsheet, and i just can't figure out how or what I should do to create the function I desire Basically, she works in a school, and there are...
  8. M

    Conditional formatting - lifecycle timeline - giant style

    I have a timeline the teams previously cut and paste color code phases of the project (planning, build, requirements, develop, etc.). I developed a workbook with a formula page that the timeline now works off start and stop dates of the phases. I have a formula page of =if(and identifying each...
  9. R

    Conditional Formatting for everything BUT one word

    All, Is there a way to color cells based on a value that is not contained? For my application any cell that doesn't contain the word "complete" would be yellow and every cell that does contain the word "complete" would be green. I know how to format the cells to turn green when complete is...
  10. Z

    VBE Macro to Change Cell Themes in a Row Relative to a String of Text

    I explain what I want the macro to do in the picture and provide a basic layout of how the sheets are exported from an internet application. I wrote a macro to format the sheets from an unreadable formatting to a user-friendly format. However, I cannot figure out how to change the whole row's...
  11. I

    Struggling: How to do conditional formatting based on the formatting of another cell on the same row

    Hello all; Here is the problem: I have a column showing different types of currency so A1 could show "USD", A2, "GBP", A3, "JPY" etc. in adjacent column I want the format of the value to reflect the type of currency, "$" for USD, "Pound sing" for GBP, etc. Sounds easy enough but I can't...
  12. J

    need to email when cell is blank and row header date is over 2 weeks old

    windows 7-64, excel 2007 i have tried 3 or 4 different ways for the last 2 days, i get close but no luck, I need a fresh set of eyes. Driver ___ 4/1/12 ___ 4/2/12___ 4/3/12___ 4/4/12 xxxxxxx ___blank _____ NV _____ blank ___ blank...
  13. F

    Do macros which employ conditional formatting work when used with multi-worksheets ?

    I use macros extensively in my work and recently wondered if I could speed things up by merging files into one workbook and applying the macro using the option to apply to all sheets . Fixed formats for column and row dimensions work ok but color coding with conditional formats do not. I am...

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