conditional rank

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    Conditional Ranking - rank scores depending on a text value

    Hello, In a worksheet, I would like to rank people's scores (in descending order) but only if their associated status is "Move forward". For the other statuses of "Proceed with Caution" and "Do not Proceed", they'd be ranked after and listed at the bottom. Please help! Thank you!
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    sumproduct RANK array (multiple columns) - with conditions

    Hello, The rank function using sumproduct supports multiple conditions and is really handy. I found out how to modify the RANK function to support arrays (multiple columns) using something like the following function...
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    ranking excluding 0

    hi, i would like to create the condition in the RANKing formula that all cells containing a 0 are not included in the ranking the formula is: =RANK(C22;C21:C26) i would like to include something like this IF C22=0 do not include calculating the ranking and display nothing in the cell...
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    Conditional Rank in Descending Order

    Right now i have the following in A1:B9 Code Name D 12 D 23 F 45 E 32 F 67 F 90 S 19 S 26 and my conditional rank with formula copied down from C2 to C9 is: =IF(A2="F",SUMPRODUCT(($A$1:$A$9=A2)*(B2>$B$1:$B$9))+1,"") and I am getting this: Code Name Rank By...

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