1. L

    Conditional Formatting

    Hi I have the following data on a sheet. It is basically a calendar that shows a persons days off. Role 0 are fixed days off people. Role 1 is to be ignored. I want a conditional formatting to be true when the following are satisfied: 1. Column B = 0 2. If the day (Row 1) for the...
  2. K

    Adding a vertical line in conditional formatting data bars at 100%

    Hello, I have a budgeting sheet where I'd like to show a vertical line against some progress bars at a value other than zero. In particular, I'd like to highlight where budgets are at more than 100%. It looks like conditional formatting can only handle that if the value you're targeting is zero...
  3. E

    Conditional Formatting for Gantt Chart not working

    I am trying to create a gantt chart in excel using conditional formatting. For some reason, my formulas don't work for every event. I have two colors: dashed gray for uncompleted tasks, and red for completed tasks. The formula for the uncompleted tasks is: <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin...
  4. A

    Conditional Formatting?

    Hi everyone! I need to make certain cells on a report highlighted based on 2 conditions from raw data. Basically what I need is: If the date in range V2-V400 is today, AND the number in range Y2-Y400 is the same as say A2, then I need A2 to be highlighted. I've been told by a colleague that...
  5. H

    VBA apply conditional formatting to another cell base on

    The conditional formatting is base on Col F to change colour. But due to Col B is not in a range so i cant use conditional formatting. Possible to use VBA apply conditional formatting base on Col F to Col B, without change any Col B data?
  6. G

    Conditional Formatting contradicting formula

    Gee, my favorite topic! Conditional formatting is kicking my *** again. Problem Statement: My conditional formatting formula is applying formatting to the correct & incorrect cells, all except cells with vanilla text in them in column E. What is disquieting about this situation is that I have...
  7. A

    conditional formating rules vba code

    Hello I tried to record a macro from conditional formating rules, but to no avail. First request, how to record a macro from conditional formating rules? Second request, please write me the vba code of the following conditional formating rules.
  8. G

    Conditional formatting and non-wildcard asterisks

    Hello all, I am looking to format cells that contain asterisks as part of the cell. So this is not a wildcard situation. I've got two types of cell conditions I want to highlight. Cells that contain asterisks will either start with 1 asterisk or 2 asterisks. I need different colors for both...
  9. T

    Nested dynamic range conditional formatting based on merged cells? I think??

    This one is giving me a headache. I've been learning a lot about excel lately through googling and such but I can't figure this one out myself. I feel like what I want is simple. I want conditional formatting, 3-color scale, with the midpoint based on the average value in the range. The...
  10. W

    Conditional formatting based on values in another table

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted any issues for a while, but this one really got me or I'm just getting older :) Basically I would like to format the cells based on the result of a lookup value from another table. I managed to apply the index match formula to return the value, that needs to be...
  11. M

    Conditional Formatting Referencing Color of Another Cell

    I am trying to create conditional fomatting that changes the background color of a cell based on a simple conditional formula, but I want the color to come from the background color of another cell. For example, assume I want to create conditional formatting that changes the background color of...
  12. A

    Highlight a cell based on specific text in a different cell

    So, I have a billing spreadsheet with a list of names in column E. I have pay columns that are based on years of experience. The names in Column E contain an * if they are first year and ** if they are 2nd year. What I want to do is change the background colors depending on * or **. I've...
  13. G

    Conditional Formatting with Multiple Conditions

    I am trying to do some conditional formatting based upon 2 conditions. I have a column (S) that contains a number. I have a column (G) that contains a Y or N. I would like to highlight any cells in column G where it contains a "Y" and where column S in the same row contains the number 1. I...
  14. B

    conditional formatting rule

    I know how to conditionally format for duplicates. Is there a way I can format only those text values that show up, say, 4x or more, instead of 2?
  15. Emerlin

    Conditional formatting thinks formula blank "" is a value?

    Hi, I have a formula where I am checking if a cell is blank = if(a1="","",do math) I am then applying conditional formatting to cells above a number. Any of the cells that are true or "", get applied that conditional formatting even thought it is blank. Any ideas? I do not want "0" to show in...
  16. S

    Conditional format based on various cells

    Could anyone please advise on conditional formatting? I'm trying to use a formula to have say cell a1 to change colour IF cell d1 has any input? I've been trying conditional formatting in cell a1 as - If(d1="",TRUE,FALSE) but no change happens with input to cell d1. Any help would be greatly...
  17. M

    protect conditional formatting

    I have a sheet that has a ton od conditional formatting. I need to let users add data in all areas, but want to lock all the conditional formatting and still be able t paste into the cells etc. Is there a way to do that?
  18. T

    I'd like to count cells with TRUE value in conditional formatting

    Using countif doesn't work because formula in CF (= i don't wanna enter conditional formatting always) is too long with many other functions and there are 4 cells. Is there any other way to get results of formulas in CF outside CF? Thank you.
  19. A

    Conditional formatting formula for cell

    Hi all. Wonder if anyone can help. How do you put this formula into a conditional formatting formula based on if the answer is “Pass” the cell is green, “Inter” the cell is yellow and fail it’s red. PASS =IF(SUM(D3:$H3)<=$C3 INTER =IF(AND(SUM(D3:$H3)>$C3,SUM(E3:$H3)<$C3) FAIL = any other...
  20. C

    Calendar Coding Using Conditional Formula With A Color Code Of Users Choosing

    I'm having trouble learning this "loop" feature in vba, or even if it's the correct way to do what I'm wanting. I'm looking at changing the day's background fill, or the "interior". I figured out how to do it one box at time, but it seems as though that probably isn't the BEST way to do it and...

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