1. T

    Get Data - Salesforce

    Hi, I'm having a strange problem where I can no longer connect to salesforce via GetData as "We don't support this browser". I am running IE 11, updated everything from Chrome & Edge. Used to work fine before but has stopped working since working from home. VPN is on (not sure this matters)...
  2. wsnyder

    Change Data Source For Multiple PIvot Tables With Multiple Slicers

    Hi all, Using Office 365. Is there a way to update the Data Source for all of my Pivot Tables that are connected to 9 Slicers? When I try to update the first Pivot Table, I receive a warning message How can I update all Pivot Tables at the same time to defeat the warning? Thanks, -Lou
  3. D

    How to stop Excel from opening several workbooks connected to it

    Hello! I have a workbook with connections to 4 seaparate workbooks. All of a sudden when I open the main workbook, it opens all of the files connected to it. This did not happen before. How could I stop Excel from doing this, while refreshing the connections as it used to? Cheers
  4. L

    Challenging; Creating an automatic list depending on two tables...

    If I have a list of job titles [JBTBL], and a list of contract years [POPTBL]; I need to copy the list of job titles for as many times as I have years, lets call this the DetailTable. Then if I change/delete/add a job title from the job title table or add or delete a contract year from the...
  5. P

    Sheet Link

    Good afternoon everyone, i have two excel workbooks one is an input and the other is a display sheets (its on a screen always on) these two workbooks are always connected via get data from workbook. the "display workbook" receives the information into Sheet2 like so (see image) i want to...
  6. U

    Get & Transform Experts!

    Hi there, I have been using the get and transform function in excel for a while. I have a workbook with a lot of individual reports. I have connected them using get and transform, but when I replaced the data with current month's data, for some reason my merged table that is connected to all...
  7. M

    "Start from" function

    Hello everyone! I am a beginnerin using Excel and have the folowng question. I havea dynamic row. I want to enter a formula into the cell which will connect it to the other cell with the year. For example, what to do if I want to make the cell change its value in case the connected cell is...
  8. C

    Check if Connected to Network

    Hi All, Could someone help me with the below please. I've googled as much as I can but everything I try gives me error messages. I need my code to check if its connected to a certain network drive, if it is it will then save, it is isn't it will do something else I am testing it on an...
  9. P

    xlsm workbook HUGE increase in file size, Why??

    Hi All, I have been working on a workbook which contains around 150 worksheets to store monthly project reports. These are compiled using a number of UserForms and Dashboard entries. After making some additions (about 12 sheets) and some vba code changes I saved the file / wb and the file went...
  10. D

    MsgBox Application.ActivePrinter when not Connected

    Hi and thanks in advance If I use: Dim wActPrinter As String: wActPrinter = Application.ActivePrinter If wActPrinter ="" Then 'I can request to install one, no problem But If wActPrinter <>"" and is not connected, because for eg I am using a laptop in a Taxi and I do not have the...
  11. B

    Sync Slicers in Excel

    Hi! I tried to use the sync slicers guide ( but it's not working for me. This is the code I have: Private Sub Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate(ByVal Target As PivotTable) Dim sc1 As SlicerCache Dim sc2 As SlicerCache Dim SI1 As...
  12. K

    VBA To Split adjacent Cells into Rows

    Hello. Very new to VBA (very new). I have a spreadsheet with three columns and need to do some work in the last two columns. [Sheet 1].[Column A] - ID [Sheet 1].[Column B] - BUILDING [Sheet 1].[Column C] - DESC <tbody> ID BUILDING DESC A L1 L2 Very Large Extended B L1 L3 L4...
  13. M

    Check or detect whether user is currently connected via RDP / MSTSC

    Hi, I am looking for a way of checking or detecting whether the user is currently connected via RDP / MSTSC. I think I'm half-way there as I can use the ENVIRON$("SESSIONNAME") variable to get either "CONSOLE" or "RDP*". If that variable is "RDP*" then this gives me half of what I need...
  14. B

    Simple copy a cell value to another cell on a spreadsheet that keeps refreshing

    Hi Im looking for some simple code that copies the value is G9 to AK9. The spreadsheet i am working with keeps refreshing as it is connected to an application so i want the value to keep refreshing automatically also. Kind regards.
  15. S

    Change SQL query values in connected database

    I have a connected database that I want to be able to create a selection box on, which once filled out I can click on a button and update my connected SQL Query. This is the query and it is fairly simple. I want to be able to change the item in the where statement. Anyone ever do this? I have...

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