1. R

    Power Query

    I have several workbooks that I want to combine into one. I want to be able to easily pull information about each project based on the assigned ID. The workbooks have different columns, but all of them will have the ID. How would you combine the data? I was thinking using a power query, but...
  2. Rastaman

    Finding and updating a data connection

    I’m hoping someone can help with a problem dealing with data connections. I’m trying to create a tool that will refresh an existing web data connection on the active sheet, prompting the user to input a new URL. This is a generic utility, intended to work on any existing data connection. My plan...
  3. E

    Excel 2016 Data Connections Display as Side Panel Not Box

    Hi, I work with someone who installed the new excel 2016. For some reason when he clicks ‘data connections’ under the ‘data’ tab it shows up as a side panel instead of a box. We have found this to be difficult to use and limiting as there doesn’t seem to be a way to add new connections in a...
  4. T

    Excel Connections

    I have an Excel file that pulls data frommultiple text files via the "Connections" menu. The problem I'mrunning into is I need to be able to change the path to the text files fromwithin VBA.
  5. C

    Conditional Formatting OR function: Text Value already contains Quotes

    I'm using Conditional Formatting to colour cells if they meet specific text criteria. I want to compare a value if it's either this or that, then if so, colour the row green. Easy to do, I would think. I can get the first part but not the rest because the value is already enclosed in...
  6. A

    Send messege to own connections in linkedin.

    Hi. I use linkedin in my work every day. I send different messages out. From linkedin you can export your connections and messeges. I have done this and can filter and make vlookup for the ones i have not send to. I would like to have a working macro, who can send to names in linkedin. To...
  7. M

    How to List CommandText from Connections

    I have about 30 connections connected to different excel sheets within 1 workbook. I want to know how to get the command text for each connection using VBA code. This is what I have thus far: Function Connections() Dim conn As WorkbookConnection Dim celltxt As String For Each conn In...
  8. W

    Read/import online weather data into an excel sheet.

    He Guys, I am trying to read/import(actuel) weather data into an excel sheet. So i surfed the web for quite some time, but i am hoping you can help me out. I have some experience with vba, but not with reading data into excel. So i will explain what my idea is, I want to read/import actuel...
  9. N

    VBA to open data connected file

    Hi all, I have a workbook (NXT Daily Update.xlsm) which has got a load of data in it. I have another workbook (CG Daily Update.xlsx) this workbook is made up purely of data connections. What i would like to do is have a vba macro which when runs closes NXT Daily Update, opens CG Daily update...
  10. M

    Reusing an ODBC connecting in Office 365 ProPlus

    I used to use office 2016 and I could go to existing connections, select a file dsn and connect via ODBC to JDE iseries to run a query. Now on ProPlus, the file dsn no longer work, so I set up all the connections again and they are stored in "PowerBI style" with "Global Permissions" but I...
  11. L

    Excel Connection Table Issues!

    Hi All, I wonder if anyone can resolve this annoying issue I am having. I have created a Excel Connection Table and all my columns seem to work correctly however there is one column (Employee Number) that I am having issues with. When I look the column in the source it contains both numbers...
  12. T

    Queries & Connection

    Good morning, I used to enter my SQL by going into Excel --> Data --> Connections and then add new connection. The tab now has a label called "Queries & Connections" and I can't see where I can add new connections, I've clicked on the new label, but there's nowhere I can see to add a new...
  13. C

    Data Connections in Excel 2016 (Only want to create the connection not load the data)

    I am having an issue creating data connections in Excel 2016 (365 subscription) to a MS SQL View. When I attempt to create the connection it asks to load data. I've looked through the DATA >>GETDATA>>FROM DATABASE>>FROM SQL SERVER DATABASE in the advanced options area but couldn't find anything...
  14. M

    Queries and Connections Pane via VBA?

    I would like to be able to control the display and hiding of the Query and Connections pane in Excel 2016 (Power Query). I have tried to find the object using the macro recorder but the open/close event doesn't get recorded. Can anyone tell me if this is controllable, and if so, how? Thanks Matt
  15. M

    display last connection refresh time?

    I'm using auto refresh connections and want to put the time of the last connections refresh into a cell. Is that possible?
  16. M

    auto refresh connections wipes clipboard

    I use auto refresh connections, set to every minute. It seems to clear my clipboard so if I copy something and a refresh occurs I can't then paste. Is there a way around this?
  17. A

    macro to disconnect data connections when copying a sheet from master to standalone wrkbk

    Hi there, I have a code for creating a separate worksheet for any active sheet out of a master workbook that has data connections in it. now i am looking for a way to insert macro code that can: make sure this new workbook being created is matching the original format disconnecting all the...
  18. A

    WSDL XML to Excel Connections and Extract Data

    I got a WSDL file to start to develop a way to communicate and extract data from a vendor web service. First time I face this kind of files. I loaded into Excel 2016, and I got a "DATABASE" with one record with these headings: "Attribute: name" and "Attribute: targetNamespace". I have no idea...
  19. J

    Network error to post files via VBA: " Multiple connections" error

    Trying to post excel and pdf to shared network with a generic user/pword. Getting Multiple connections error. Error is run time error "Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to...
  20. N

    Pivot tables and connections

    Hi, I have multiple pivot tables and various slicers connected to them. I have since needed to create a new pivot table using the same source data. I then want to connect the existing slicers I am using to the new pit table. However, when I try this, the new pivot table does not appear in the...

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