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    Querying a single cell from multiple workbooks

    I have a large number of workbooks all created from the same template file. They are all formatted in an identical manner, and each worksheet has a timestamp in cell A4 that I'm interested in extracting. I'm trying to consolidate the filename and timestamp (cell ref A4) from each worksheet...
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    Consolidate multiple file in designated folder (Invalid code for long figues)

    I used the following code to consolidate the data in multiple files in a designated folder. The codes work perfect when the source files are excel but there is issue with csv/txt file. When it is csv/txt file, if value of the cell is some figures with many digits, the copied value changes in...
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    Consolidating 2 Excel Workbooks into one workbook

    I am trying to consolidate 2 Excel workbooks that have multiple tabs. There are 2 people working out of the same workbooks each saved to their own computer but not necessarily working on the same tab. Anyways, once each person has worked their sections then it is time to combine the tabs in...
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    Consolidate worksheets & copy the name of the tab in a column

    Hello, I am trying to consolidate a spreadsheet with 45 worksheets. I want to copy all the data into one worksheet and call it master. I also need to copy the name of the worksheet next to the data in a separate column. I have three columns: 1) Recipient 2) Email Address 3) Comments the...
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    I get sent 5 seperate excel sheets from different teams on a monthly basis. I then normally copy and past them into one overall monthly sheet. Is there a Macro that can automatically do that, any help appreciated

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