1. N

    Consolidate Same Sheet from Multiple Workbooks

    Hi, I have a folder with files where I need one sheet from every file pasted into a master workbook. I have tried this with PowerQuery, but believe there are too many files for it to process. My files are saved at the path: "C:\Users\user1\Desktop\Combine Files" There are approx 100 files...
  2. S

    Consolidate multiple sheets

    Hi I am trying to consolidate multiple sheets into 1 tab. I don't know how to use the sumif because 2 of my criteria are in the same column: the customer name and the value name. I don't even know exactly what formula to use...all help would be appreciated. I am trying to consolidate data in...
  3. R

    Error in Code

    i have a code to consolidate the all sheet into one. sheet name is consolidate. but whenever i have running this, data copying twice. :( Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False Sheets("One").Range("a1:c1").Copy...
  4. R

    Consolidate rows with a macro based on lack of value in certain columns

    I'm working on fixing a spreadsheet for work with very little VBA knowledge. I've got the original sheet working again but now would like to add a consolidation button for times when the outputted table is too long. This is an example of the output table from the macro: I'd like to output to...
  5. D

    Sum all worksheets to a Single Worksheet

    I have multiple worksheets. In cell "M3" they all have the following formula adding up columns within it: =IF(R3,R3+S3+T3," ") On the Summary page I have this formula trying to add up all the worksheets but it's returning a VALUE. I want it to return a sum for all the worksheets in that cell...
  6. D

    Consolidate Workbook

    I'm trying to consolidate certain fields across my workbook: I'm using a formula: IF('Week 42'!D145,'Week 42'!D145," ") I want this formula to return whatever is in cell D145 on the "Week 42" workseet to cell D145 on he "Consoliated" worksheet OR if the cell is blank, I want it to remain...
  7. K

    Conditional Formatting & Subtotal Macro

    Hi All, I am trying to build a conditional formatting macro at the end of a string I already have that will help visualize the data represented. The data is located (A12:V750) but the conditional formatting will apply to Column F (I am hoping to have the highlighting apply to the whole row...
  8. K

    Copy & Paste Different Range of Cells from 7 Sheets

    Hi all, Thank you in advance for the help. I am looking to create a macro that will bring in all cells (A:X) for every row that's value in Column A is "BONDS". However "Bonds" appears in A column cells before the data appears but I want all the "BONDS" lines below the merged header (A:X) that...
  9. L

    Consolidate growing tables

    I have two named Tables detailing price proposals from mfrs on different dates I want to merge these into a single table detailing the minimum cost and associated detail per Item <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Item Mfr MPN Cost 10001...
  10. M

    Pivot table returns

    Is there a way to make a pivot table consolidate a weeks worth of data? Currently it is picking up each day. Can it consolidate the days I have picked?
  11. D

    VBA to consolidate and sum values

    Hello, I recorded a Macro using the Consolidation tool however when I run the Macro, it does not complete the task. Here is what it looks like: Sub Consolidate() ' ' Consolidate Macro ' ' Sheets("Inventory Value Report").Select Range("D1").Select Selection.Consolidate...
  12. J

    Consolidate, Delete Duplicates and Sum

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to consolidate the rows and sums along with getting rid of the duplicates on the same worksheet by using a Macro..Any Help in the right direction would be very much appreciated.. Johnzea...
  13. J

    Consolidate and Sum the Rows

    I have tried the basic 'Data' then select 'Consolidate' then 'Sum' etc.....looking for some help to sum up the QTY and SYM and get rid of the dups...I have attached (2) images...the 'Before' and what I'm looking to accomplish with the 'After'...any help with this would be very much appreciated...
  14. A

    Compiling Worksheets from the Same Workbook

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to compile 6 worksheets from the same workbook, into 2 separate worksheets. In this instance I am trying to copy data from the 3 publisher content tabs into a master sheet, but I am getting an error with this line of code For Each ws In...
  15. S

    Need to consolidate data from multiple workbook into one workbook

    I am trying to consolidate data from 26 workbook of same tabs and same columns into one workbook. All these workbooks contain data in same format and same tabs. I want all the tabs with the same name should merge data together and create one master workbook. Any thoughts on this.
  16. V

    Consolidate and Sum Values from a Variable Data Set

    <tbody> Current: Jan Feb 627 10 10 635 25 25 635 25 25 832 5 5 </tbody> Hi, I've been working to build/find some code to basically consolidate data based on an existing data set (see Current table - mine is actually for 12 months). I'm trying to sum totals based on...
  17. K

    Consolidate data

    Row has, for example these digits in different cells: 1 2 3 1 4 5 2 I need to remove duplicates and consolidate these digits like this: 1 2 3 4 5
  18. K

    Excel 2016 VBA to consolidate data from several workbooks into one book

    Can someone help with a macro to consolidate data from several workbooks into one workbook. I recorded a macro by copying and pasting the data from their workbooks into the required worksheet in the new workbook. But my mind is saying that there is another way to do this; is there?
  19. J

    Consolidate Socurces with dynamic range

    Hy my friends this is the situation, i have to consolidate data of two colums of the previous sheet, staring from h2:i2 to the last cell with data. I have recored this code that works but i don´t know how to change the range to the dynamic that range i mentioned before because i need to aply...
  20. R

    Consolidating Recorded Macros in Personal.xlsb into one Module.

    Greetings All - Happy Friday! Got a pesky one here - (at least for me it's pesky) I have many recorded macros in my Personal.xlsb Workbook using (at least for now) keyboard shortcuts to trigger them When I record these macros the Personalxlsb creates a new module to put it in; which is fine...

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