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    Finding the position of the Nth match in an array with multiple criteria

    Hello all :) I hope someone can help me please, I've tried searching lots of sites for an answer but so far I haven't been successful... In my worksheet, each row contains one of certain text values in columns CL to CV - either 'Transferred', 'Abandoned', 'Consult', 'Call Ended' or 'NULL', as...
  2. C

    Writing a formula using letters

    Hello all! I have a spreadsheet that I entered a check mark (letter "a" in Marlet font) into set boxes. I want to write a formula that tallies all those boxes containing an "a" check mark in a given row. How would I write it? Below is an example of the boxes- although it didn't copy right...
  3. A

    form search

    Hello friends! I have this control of diesel supply where I have the forms that I launch the releases, well in the tab "CONSUMO" are released, I created a form called "FrmDadosPesq" but I have to open this form to consult all the monthly and annual releases, thank you who can help me I...

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