1. E

    Dynamic Contents Page with Page Numbers

    Hi All, I am new to VBA and am really struggling to work this one out. I am creating a document in excel which I want when printed to look like a normal word document or PDF. So far the formatting for this is going well but I have found a hiccup when trying to create a Table of Contents sheet...
  2. M

    How to download a ZIP file and access its contents while on MAC.

    I'm aware that I can use activedocument.follow hyperlink to download a file given a URL, but I'm unsure of how to interact with that file after it has been downloaded. Is it possible to rename the file upon download or specify where the file is downloaded to using VBA? Furthermore, how can I go...
  3. D

    Filter on row numbers not cell contents

    Hi, Is there any way to filter on a large amount of row numbers not the contents on the cells? Thanks
  4. E

    VBA - If statement, Clear contents, add data

    I am having multiple problems: I created an if statement that first clears out any pre-existing content and then adds new data to the cells from a Userform. The Userform has 5 tabs within a Multipage and when I set the first page as active I want the data to be exported into a BOM. I have a...
  5. M

    Streamline quick VBA statement

    I have several worksheets in the same Excel file where I need to clear the contents in these specific columns (A,D,G,J,M,P,S & V) starting at row 2 in each column. My worksheets are named (8am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm) - Here is the code so far that clears these contents but it seems like I...
  6. A

    Macro - Pasting cell contents into FIND Function

    Hi there, Here is my dilemma, everyday I check the last entry in a column and cross reference it with data from another workbook to see if I need to add data to my original sheet. So when i recorded my macro, I thought i'd be able to copy the contents of my last entry and paste it into the find...
  7. kelly mort

    VBA code to compare contents of two textboxes

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim arr(1 To 2) As Variant, word As Variant If Len(Me.TextBox1.Text) And Len(Me.TextBox2.Text) Then arr(1) = Split(Me.TextBox1, " ") arr(2) = Split(Me.TextBox2, " ") For Each word In arr(1) If...
  8. L

    Redact Rows Based Upon Cell Contents

    Hi there. I've played around with this problem and had no success so far. A search of this forum yielded nothing. I've got a some large spreadsheets with confidential information. I need to clear the contents and redact rows where cells contain specified text. I'd like some VBA code that will...
  9. O

    find contents of one sheet and displaying on another based on contents

    I am trying to retrieve contents of a cell in another sheet based on the contents of that sheets adjoining column as I want to find the data in sheet (ABC) based on the contents of sheet (ABC') column (C) if c1= U then display contents in cell (a1) in sheet(ABC) to sheet (DEF) (K14). I need it...
  10. T

    Find a cell and replace contents

    I'm a little out of my depth with a task I'm trying to do in Excel and would appreciate help! What I'm trying to do, when on sheet A, is create a macro to find a cell on another sheet and replace it's contents with the contents of a cell on sheet A. For example, on sheet A Cell A1 has the...
  11. L

    excel 365 for mac - how to ignore @ sign - autoformatting

    Hi MrExcellers, I use a xls sheet as a help for keeping track of website user login and pwd's. I know this isn't really best practice, but up to now it's still my most convenient solution. Pwd's aren't conveyed in full, but represent a 'hint' that is obvious to me to help reconstruct the pwd as...
  12. B

    Using MSComctlLib.DataObject to retrieve email contents

    Hi, I have a drag and drop feature using a listview on my userform. I am trying to drag and drop emails from outlook to my excel userform. I am not very familiar with the MSComctlLib.DataObject type and its actually a bit more complicated as I thought. I am wondering if someone could point me...
  13. T

    Look Up formula

    looking for help with something outside my comfort zone In cell A1 in workbook "result " I need the contents of Cell B20 from workbook "example", worksheet "show" when it matches the contents of cell B2 Normally I would use VLookup But the cells are offset, ie the target cell/matching cell...
  14. S

    Automatically Reorder 77 Columns based on row 1 contents

    We have a system with an excel export, but the columns are not in the order we need, nor are they even in the same order each time we perform this export. Is it possible to redefine the columns in Excel with some VBA? I would want this done based on the contents of A1 through CY1. These...
  15. P

    Insert rows below and place the text from above cells

    Hi all, kindly require to provide me a VBA code so that to insert rows below and place exactly the same contents (e.g. numbers, dates, descriptions e.t.c.) as from above rows cells, except the contents in col. "E" and "J". Thank you all in advance
  16. J

    Document Content to Body of Email

    Good morning, Hoping all you wonderful folks out there can help me, I am trying to find a vba script to open a word document and copy the contents and create a new email message and use the document contents as the email body, is this possible using vba? Thanks
  17. M

    Run a macro from a word in a cell

    I want to be able to select a word from a drop down list in one cell, which will then delete the contents of another cell. Is this possible?
  18. J

    TOC unhide sheet

    Hi, i have this code that I found in the web works great just want to know how to modify it so when I click hyperlink unhide the sheets and when I click back contents hide the sheet again, thanks. Code: Sub TOC_APCHECKLIST2() 'PURPOSE: Add a Table of Contents worksheets to easily navigate to...
  19. R

    Looping through folders within Outlook

    Hi all, I've been asked if I can create a macro that loops through a number of email folders within Outlook and saves the contents to a location on a network (ideally it would then clear the contents of those folders within Outlook). I was just wondering if anyone knew, initially, if this was...
  20. S

    Match value from a specific cell with the same value in multiple columns, return the results of these rows from a specific column

    Good day, I have been trying to clean up my spread sheet by removing helper columns and can't figure out how o do it. I have a main log with all of my data and another sheet as a request. I am trying to populate the request based on the contents in a specific cell matching the same contents on...

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