1. L

    How do I solve the problem with Autosum-average ?

    Here's the problem: 1 a column of NON-contiguous rows (sort/hide the rest). 2 Autosum and subtotal(109 or 9, work as expected. 2 Average doesn't work and neither does subtotal(101 or 1,... The problem is that an average is the sum divided by the count. But the count may NOT be augmented by any...
  2. K

    =large function for non-contiguous cells

    Entering arrays into functions. I've been trying to use =large(), which will accept an array as its first argument. I can get this to work with a contiguous array, but I can't figure out how to enter a set of non-contiguous cells. It seems like it should accept this, but I...
  3. Magriza

    Formula requires contigous cells - work around required

    Hi all, If a formula requires contiguous cells as part of the argument is there some way of creating a contiguous range from non-contiguous cells without moving data? For example, if I have data in A1, C1 and E1 and would like to use the values to calculate the trend going forward how can I...

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