1. M

    Continuous Form VBA Code - is it possible?

    Hello all! I have a combobox with a dropdown of information that has multiple columns (from a query). In a normal (single) form, I normal use the 'on change' event and reference the other various columns that wasn't selected to change other text boxes on the form. For example...
  2. kelly mort

    Copy non continuous data to a continuous range -VBA

    I want to set the value for G36:G54 to data from cells A22 A25 A28 A31 A34 A37 A40 A43 A46 A49 I cannot seem to get the coolest way to get it done. Can someone pull it out for me?
  3. L

    Continuous column array from a non-complete 2d matrix array

    I have a 2d-matrix array but not all cells contain data. I need a formula to map all of the non-blank data to a continuous column (by rows of the matrix). I found the following online, which works perfectly except the output includes the blanks from the source matrix...

    Continuous crashing - How do I clean up excessive data?

    Hi guys. I have an extremely large excel workbook that we use to do all of our client quotes, and as it's a document that has evolved over the years, there's loads of data and 'stuff' on it like Named ranges, references etc etc that must surely be causing my continuous crashing issues. Trouble...
  5. F

    Lookup and create a list

    I have 2 columns, one with names and another with numbers. I want to extract in a continuous list the numbers that match a certain name. (eg, if A appears 3 times, i want to have a continuous list (vertical or horizontal) with the 3 numbers that match the A) How do i do that?
  6. A

    How can i count a continuous text in a data series...

    Guyz ...Lets say i have a data in 50 fields...The data is only in form of TRUE and FALSE Now , in next field i want as an output that say "YES" if there is a continuous occurrence of TRUE for 9 cells or more. Ex: <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody>...
  7. E

    Find the cell with the last "X" in a column

    What would be the VBA code to find the last "X" in a column starting at cell E4 and looking as far as E350? Assume that the X's will be continuous from E4 without leaving blanks until the end. Is there also a formula that could do that?
  8. L

    Continuous running of Excel Macro

    Hi I am completely new to VBA so please bear with me if my problem is basic. I am trying to write a sub-procedure that will loop through each row in a certain column and compare to another sheet's criteria. if it contains "x", for example, then the value will be returned. However, when I...
  9. B

    How to select one row in a continuous form?

    I have a continuous form. where i have a button. when i press that button, i want that row in the continuous form to be selected. i want that rows first textbox to get focus. so how to select or setfocus to the row im clicking on, when clicking a specific button?
  10. E

    How to create a Continuous Calendar in Excel?

    How would one create a Continuous Calendar in Microsoft Excel, I know how to create a Monthly Calendar but how would I make it a Continuous Calendar similar to this one here.
  11. kelly mort

    Select and delete multiple items from a listbox

    Hello all, Is there away to select and delete multiple items from a listbox? If yes then please help me out with a script. I will want to use option buttons to switch between the multiple selection and single selection in the listbox. The selection may be continuous or non continuous...
  12. P

    Filter continuous numbers ..formula

    Let's say we have a list of numbers A B C D E ..... 1 1 4 15 17 17 18 20 21 30 34 35 35 2 3 4 5 how could i filter continuous numbers ,so I ll leave,the most o n l y 1 pair of continuous numbers I need this for a LOTTO number generator with some conditions i need a formula Thanks...
  13. N

    Create histogram for continuous data

    Hi all, Anyone know how to create a histogram for continuous data? I want an x axis that begins at 0, then half a unit to the right i need it to start at 150 and finish at 200 at 10 unit intervals (classes). Between each of these 10 unit intervals must be a column (no gaps between columns)...
  14. I

    2010 Max-If with Multiple Value Ranges

    Hello, Very simply, there are sections of my data I want to exclude in my Max- and Min-If statements, but these sections are not continuous. These formulas work for excluding all account numbers less than 9700000...
  15. A

    sumproduct with non continuous ranges

    Hi Guys. I want to use sumproduct to add for me a non continuous range. For example, for the name Albert, I would like to add the sales from Jan thru March and then from June thru Aug. A B C D E F G H I Name Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul...
  16. E

    Requery to populate a combobox for each line of a continuous form

    Hello everyone, we're working on an Access project and we're having a hard time finding out how to populate comboboxes on a form. It's a continuous form and for each line, we populate a combobox (based on a query) with possible answers that the user will select. The particularity is that the...
  17. P

    Excel 2010: Need Pagination Continous Across Worksheets for Regular Viewing, Not Just Printing

    Hi, So I have a workbook with about 20 worksheets. They have headers and footers and I am using pagination for each of the sheets. If I select all of the sheets and print I know that Excel will order the sheets across the workbook continuously and that is great, but I need Excel to do this in...
  18. T

    Unique list out of non-unique row

    Hello everyone! mrexcel has been my top resource when it comes to Excel-related questions. Great to be a member now. What follows is a tricky combination (for me, that is) of - starting from several rows named "A", "B", ... with blank cells, zeroes and values larger than zero in columns named...
  19. J

    Edit this code to continuously run Macro? : )

    Current, what i'm doing is i want Cell A6 in Worksheet("Compensation") to be show up looking like "less Items # 1,5,4,6." Those numbers actually correspond to cell values in Column A in another worksheet known as "Cap. Rec." when Column E holds value R. What I actually got was the formula only...
  20. Ralajer

    Test if Selection is Non-continuous

    I have several macros that fail if the selection is not continuous. Typically they are ones that use excel's built commands or operations, I will get: Run-time error '1004' That command cannot be used on multiple selections. Is there a built-in way to test if a selection is a multiple or...

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