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    Excel Formula/VBA-Conditional Sum to find contra from multiple entries

    Hi Experts, I have a sheet which runs into over 30000 rows. I need to find contra entries within a company in column B for a each job in column C. Basically I need to find which transactions sum to 0 in column K (Balance in Base). so for example, in company code IN9073 in column B, there are...
  2. C

    MATCH IF and AND function

    Hi, i am new to this forum and request some help on excel. i intend to use 3 conditions on the below table. the formula i used is =if(isnumber(match(b2,A2:A5,0)*AND(c2="",b2,0) however i am unable to extract the required result. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  3. T

    Match cash entries to invoice entries by account

    Hi there. I have a long list of invoices and cash payments which I need to find the offseting entries. There are over 1,000 accounts and each account can have many entries, so over 20,000 lines of data, a long and laborious task which I have to do every week! The lady before me did this...

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