convert number

  1. E

    Convert number into hours in minutes

    example In Time 8:00 AM --A Out Time 3:00 PM --B formula 24*-(A-B) Answer 7.00 how do I convert this number into hours and minutes.
  2. T

    Convert number to Characters

    Hi. I want to make a counter that counts from 0 to 456.976 (26 * 26 * 26 * 26) I have made the first tasks in VBS. The number is stored in a textfile. I load the number and place it in a document. Add one to the number and save it to a textfile. No problem. The problem is converting the number...
  3. B

    vba- round then convert number

    Hey, the below code uses Solver determine to determine what a number needs to be in order to make 20%. It works well, however after the macro run I need it to round to the nearest whole number then convert it to end in 990. Example. From 154,859.054548 To 154,990 Sub MultiSolve()...
  4. U

    Convert 215 to 2:15

    When I export data from Google Analytics into Excel , the minutes and seconds are converted into a number, .e.g 2:15 > 215. How do I convert the number back to minutes and seconds or simply insert a colon? I manually changed 215 to 135 seconds, divided by 60 and formatted the cell but that seems...
  5. S

    Need to Expand a Macro...if possible

    I am using Excel 2007. With the help of this forum, I have the following code in a worksheet VB so that anytime I type a number in a column, it shows up as a negative value. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim cel As Range If Intersect(Target, Range("I:J")) Is Nothing Then...
  6. babyhime4

    Convert Number to Text

    How can I format a column of numbers as text other than: 1. Format Cells... select "Text" on the number tab 2. Create a column with the apostrophe, and use CONCATENATE function 3. Use TEXT function or any other type of function 4. Macros Is there a fast and simple way to do this if I need to...

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