1. H

    convert Array Formula to Non-Array

    Hello All just trying to get the following array formula to a non-array {=IFERROR(INDEX(TRADES!$D$2:$D$2000,MATCH(1,(TRADES!$A$2:$A$2000=B3)*(TRADES!$C$2:$C$2000=DATE($F$1,$N$1,$E$1)),0)),"")} Thanks
  2. B

    How to convert Now() to Eastern Standard Time

    Hi, I have multiple users across the US using my application and I utilized the now() function. So is there way to convert all of these now() to eastern standard time because these time stamps are saved in my access database. Thanks
  3. S

    Macro for DATEVALUE

    I have software that exports date data to a workbook. I am expected to utilize this data to feed another report. The issue is all of the dates are exported into text, I have to update this weekly sometimes ad hoc when requested. I was wondering if I could modify my macro to somehow get around...
  4. A

    Formula to convert currency cost into a percentage

    Hello, Which is the correct way/formula to convert the currency cost into a formula. For example: $39.21 shows as 3921% - May I know which formula I should use to get the percentage in a correct way. These are the sub-totals cost I have and I would like to show them in a percentage form...
  5. N

    How to convert hours worked on a task into percentage

    I'm working on a time study. I need the formula to convert numbers of hours worked on a task in an 8 hour day into a percentage.
  6. N

    Macro to run formulas and convert them to values

    =HH31+HH32+HH35+HH36 =HH40+HH41+HH44+HH45 =HH49+HH50+HH53+HH54 =HH58+HH59+HH62+HH63 =HH67+HH68+HH71+HH72 =HH76+HH77+HH80+HH81 These formulas start in DQ32 and end in DQ923. Each are 9 rows apart. Need a macro to run these formulas and convert them to values
  7. M

    Lookup Function

    will someone help me to convert the following formula in access. LOOKUP(2,1/((SEARCH($D$1&"*",BOM!$I$88:$I$2617))*(BOM!$C$88:$C$2617=Sheet6!A6)),BOM!$D$88:$D$2617),"") Thanks in advnce
  8. S

    Format and convert hours to Minutes

    Hello I have a column A1 (Time) which has the following data and since it does not have similar formatting I am finding it difficult to convert it into minutes. Any help would be appreciated. <tbody> Time Minutes 1d 3h 42m 1662 18h 38m 1118 34m 34 7h 5m 425 </tbody> Regards...
  9. G

    VBA to convert tabs to PDF if selected from cells

    Need to macro to convert selected tabs to PDF Say in A1 to A10 is the tab name and the in B1 to B10 is true or false If it is true in B1 to b10 then it will convert them to PDF
  10. L

    convert time to fractions 1/24/ 2/24 etc

    Hi I want to convert time to general (number). I want the numbers to be appeared like this 1/24, 2/24, 3/24,...., 24/24 I changed times to fractions format but I did not get what I want. In some cases like 10:00 pm, the fraction format changed it to 1 instead of 22/24. Thank you very much...
  11. A

    excel 2002 convert numbers to mathematical

    i copied numbers from an online account. pasted them into excel 2002. how do i convert the numbers to numbers i can multiply etc? i tried putting a 1 into a cell then copying and paste special multiply tried converting the cell to numbers thanks all
  12. D

    Convert a vertical task list into a timeline (horizontal)

    Hi All, I don't know if this is easily do-able or not: I have a vertical list of tasks with sub tasks that have to be completed at a certain time before the project end date. To make it easy, I would like to convert these items to a horizontal timeline which displays the tasks and sub tasks on...
  13. J

    convert random list to alphabetical A-Z list

    I have a list of stock codes in randomised say A's ( out of order) , then B's etc and want to convert it to a strict A--Z list within each letter in other words, make it a proper A--Z list can some assist please thanks
  14. A

    VBA convert working wrong

    Hey community, i use following formula to convert time to numbers. Sub Convert() With Worksheets("DATA").Columns(10) .NumberFormat = "0" .Value = .Value End With End Sub But for some reason it is working wrong, instead of converting it replace most of cells with column name. ( column name...
  15. A

    convert VBA working wrong

    I use following formula to convert Time to numbers, but for some reason VBA converting some cells to column name ( column name is HOUR ) Can anyone tell me what is problem? Sub Convert() With Worksheets("DATA").Columns(10) .NumberFormat = "0" .Value = .Value End With End Sub
  16. C

    Binary Data

    I have exported a card database(600 cards) into excel from a security system to upgrade to a newer card reader system. However, the proper and new card reader system reads the card data in reverse. So I have dumped the data in an excel spreadsheet to sort the data around and import to new...
  17. P

    Adding Hours to a Date

    I need to subtract hours from a date/time value using a formula. The results I have tried dont seem to work. What i've tried: Using a formula in B2 like =A2-4/24 to reduce 4 hours doesn't work. It returns #VALUE ! I have also tried =DATEVALUE(A2) and it returns #VALUE ! I have also tried to...
  18. smide

    Convert date to weekday name

    Hello. In column A (A1:A600) I have dates and time in format - hh:mm (ex. 04.10.2019 - 20:00 , there is one space between and '-' and one space between '-' and hh:mm). All those cells in column A are text cells. I need formula to convert those "dates" into weekday name...
  19. G

    Convertic scientific notation to text format

    Hi, I'm trying to convert the following string (135087E67) to text but excel keeps returning me scientific notation instead. All I get is 1.35087E+72. How can I force Excel to convert it as text and keep it as 135087E67 and not convert it to scientific notation once I create a .csv file from...
  20. M

    Convert EUR to GBP VBA Script

    Hi, Im trying to create a script to change all the values on the press of a button from GBP to EUR and back if the button is presed again, can anyone help. I search online and the forum but not joy. Many thanks

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