1. K

    On Multiple Sheets Convert Formulas to Values

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a button click change all cell formulas on 5 different sheets to the cell values. The code I have below is perfect for the currently active sheet but I haven't had any success with specifying which sheets I want it to affect. Any help would be so greatly appreciated...
  2. P

    convert row list to table

    I have a list of values in the column range C32 to C800. I have a formula I use to convert a the column list to a table just 10 columns wide starting in cell L32 ... =OFFSET($C$32,COLUMNS($L$32:L32)-1+(ROWS($32:32)-1)*10,0) However, I now have a row list in the range L5:BI5, and would like...
  3. B

    Add time since 1900

    I'm new to Power BI/Power Query and need some help. I connected Power BI to my database server and there is a field that I need to convert to date/time. The database stored the minute as the number of minutes since 24:00 on 31/12/1900. For example, 00:01 am on 01/01/1901 =1. I need to...
  4. muhammad susanto

    Convert Number to Text Using Formula

    hi all.. how to convert number to text e.g -10% ---- to be text "negative" 50%----- to be text "positive" 0% ------ to be text "zero" i hope don't use macro is possible all number are given & random.. thanks in advance .sst
  5. F

    Convert Userform textbox to percentage

    I have a userform with two textboxes that receive a number from a spreadsheet when double clicked. The numbers on the spreadsheet are percentages so I've formatted the textboxes to show the percentage. The code below works fine. I would now like to add those two textboxes together in another...
  6. R

    Convert SAP data field into Excel Date and Time

    <tbody> Need to convert following cell data by either formula or clever format number custom style CURRENT DATA IMPORTED <tbody> START FINISH hh/mm Mon Jan 08 02:20:13 AEST 2018 Mon Mar 08 09:40:17 AEST 2018 ?? imported as text, cant format number to date/time imported as text, cant...
  7. J

    I desperately need assistance

    I'm having an issue and I think part of it is I'm probably overthinking the issue. I have an output report that provides me with some folder sizes. It came out in megabytes. As I'm presenting this to upper management, I need it in a format they understand; gigabytes. How can I take column "C"...
  8. S

    number string to time with am/pm

    How do you convert 01241 to 1:24 am - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm 01241 (hhmm#) to 1:24 am - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm 02452 (hhmm#) to 2:45 pm - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm 12142 (hhmm#) to 12:14 pm - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm 08451 (hhmm#) to 8:45 am - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm I want to have data entry...
  9. S

    Formula to convert American Date to Uk Date

    Hi, What formula is best to convert an American date to Uk date? ie 8/13/2019 to 13/08/2019 8/7/2018 to 07/08/2018 thank you
  10. G

    How-To Convert Excel's 'ERF' function into a MySQL Function

    Anyone know how to convert Excel's 'ERF' function into a MySQL Function? Any help would be much appreciated. Apologizes in advance if this is a the wrong forum. In a jam and need some help! Thank you!!!
  11. A

    Convert macro

    This was recorded Sheets("Sheet1").Select Cells.Select Selection.Clear Range("A1").Select With ActiveWindow .SplitColumn = 0 .SplitRow = 1 End With ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 36 Columns("B:B").ColumnWidth = 36 Is...
  12. J

    VBA - How to convert JSON to Table ?

    Hi, i have the following which loads a webpage and extracts the JSON Sub JSON1() Dim username As String, password As String username = "xxx" password = "xxx" Dim xmlhttp As Object, myurl As String Set xmlhttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.serverXMLHTTP") myurl = Range("C1")...
  13. S

    Convert and display feet, inches and fractions in excel

    Hi folks I understand there are several forums on this or similar but I am having a nightmare with it. I have values displayed in decimal feet which I have converted to metres with no issues, but I now have to display this in inches and fractions as well as feet, inches and fractions. I have...
  14. S

    Convert to Long Integer in Loop

    Hi guys, as I am importing an Excel Worksheet into my access database I need some assistance to convert a column in Excel to a longInteger Field in Access. Sub FillAllCellsWithLongInteger() Dim Zeile As Integer Dim ZeileMax As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False With...
  15. I

    Convert Month name to date - last day of the month

    Is there any way to convert a Month name to date format? It should be the last day of that month and current year. Example: June should be converted to 06/30/2019 July should be converted to 07/31/2019
  16. Y

    Convert weekly data into monthly data in VBA

    Hello, I need some help I have a worksheet called data weekly. C4 to C108 are the date. (C4 = 2017/06/23) D3 to AA3 are the assets. D4:AA108 are the index of those assets. I want to convert those data into monthly data in another worksheet called data monthly VBA. (start from D4) C4=...
  17. A

    Convert x Days y Hours z Minutes to Minutes

    Need to convert something like: 4 Days 16 Hours 32 Minutes to something that can be added up or manipulated. Minutes is fine.
  18. P

    Tenth of a second to minutes

    How would I convert seconds displays as 10ths to Minutes? Would it be 34543 /10 /60 ?
  19. J

    Convert XML Files to Excel

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows how I can convert XML files to EXCEL format easily? Thanks. Jay
  20. B

    How to convert date to Month/Year only

    Hi, can you please help me convert a date to month and year only. I have series of dates with the format (dd-mm-yyyy). I have customed the format to mm-yyyy but the day is still showing especially when I create a table and choose month. If I can just delete or remove the day, it would be...

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