1. welshraz

    Help With Lat Long Formulas

    Hello hello, I have these different formulas which pull through a reference number based on the nearest coordinates:- =IFERROR(LOOKUP(1,1/FREQUENCY(0,MMULT((CombinedNOI[Lat]:CombinedNOI[Long]-U13:V13)^2,{1;1})),CombinedNOI[ORREFERENCEID]),"")...
  2. J

    Stacking Coordinates into a list

    Hi. I would really appreciate some help with this, ive been wasting so much time on a task I know can be automated but have no idea where to start. I need to stack sets of two columns into a list. I need to convert the database into this format for a old school numerical modeling tool. I...
  3. M

    Globe Coordinate Prediction

    Hello my fellow excel people, I'm trying to predict latitude and longitude coordinates within 2 predefined points. If this was a 2D problem then I'm sweet, but it gets tricky with the curvature of the earth (anti flat earther). Once point A & B have been set i want to basically be able to...
  4. L


    Any idea why the following would return a negative number? Debug.Print ActiveWindow.PointsToScreenPixelsX(0) This line of code was returning what I expected and then all of the sudden began returning a negative number. A negative number on a two monitor desktop and my laptop as well. I...
  5. D

    Complex Distance Formula

    Hi, I am trying to find the nearest distance between many points. I have a set of about 300 coordinates that I am comparing to a list of about 4k coordinates. I am using the formula...
  6. M

    Formula to search for most previous match?

    I'm setting up a spreadsheet to display monitoring data in the form of X, Y and Z coordinates. I want to be able to show the relative and cumulative differences between measurements. The formula for the relative difference is just comparing it to the cell above, whilst the cumulative is...
  7. V

    VBA: Find coordinates of markers on chart and attach a textbox to them

    Hello, I have a 2 data series. The 2nd data series only consists of points that I want shown on the first data series. So I have a price and date series with markers showing up only on specific dates. I would like to attach text boxes, or place text boxes, near those markers. I figured one way...
  8. S

    Help with determining near duplicates in long list of longitude latiude coordinates

    This may not be possible, but I have many lists of long lat coordinates. I need to weed out duplicates, but the duplicates do not have exactly the same long lat coordinates, but they are close..... say within 30 feet. Everything is in decimal degrees. I need a way to calculate an entire list so...
  9. A

    Enter numbers and x, y axis

    Would you please be so kind as to show me how to create a formula in Cell F3 after entering any (x,y) coordinates from range B2:D4 and then it will automatically display the corresponding number in Cell F4? Also, vice versa, how to create a formula in Cell F7 and enter any numbers from...
  10. C

    extract multiple values from text string

    Hi, Can you please help me pull out certain values from a text string? I would like to use a formula and not code. The string is very long and is a series of coordinates and is in cell A3 and is in the format below...
  11. C

    Coordinates from text & rotate

    Hi, I have a series of .csv files that contain 2d x&y coordinates like so {x:416.83624,y:379.13855,status:0},{x:415.50653,y:378.78394,status:2},{x:414.4428,y:379.13855,status:2},... There are thousands of these points, all in text in one cell. How can I pull out the x & y coordinates and drop...
  12. T

    Separate GPS Coordinates

    <tbody> Coordinates Latitude Longitude 3.321151, 101.575798 Formula to Seek Only Before Comma Formula to Seek only After Comma </tbody> Possible ?
  13. C

    Sum data based on coordinates

    <tbody> a b c d 1 5 2 7 100 2 10 4 14 200 3 15 6 21 300 4 2 8 28 400 </tbody> If I have a table like the one above with column and row headers...NB. these are not the Excel headings, they are specific to the table and could appear anywhere on a worksheet. I...
  14. r1998

    Line Chart Problem

    Dear Friends and Respected Seniors, I have the Y coordinates for a simple line chart from A1 to A8, I select A1-A8 and create a line chart (X coordinates are generated automatically from 1-8) Data in A1 to A8 is <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 1 2...
  15. D

    Can you get the county for latitude and longitude with a macro

    I have Latitude in cell I3 and Longitude in cell J3 in decimal degrees like this 34.40561111 -83.21211111 is there a way to get the county from the coordinates and put it in cell K3? In this case it would be Franklin. This will be for coordinates in the US only if that makes any difference and...
  16. M

    Help - export range with vba to txt file

    Hi to all, I have an excel file and I want to export the contents of text cells (range C2:D5) ... in a file.gcp (is a text file)....maybe someone has a VBA code ... to export values from range C2:D5 like this: MYTEXT A-z,1.00,2.00,MYTEXT Z-a (where 1.00=C2 and 2.00=D2) MYTEXT...
  17. D

    Calculate new coordinate with distance

    In my mind this is simple - it is probably an excel nightmare: My company has a geographical map that needs thousands of coordinates pinned so it can be accessed through a map app. The coordinates are close - so I want to pin one coordinate and calculate the next by adding a few feet in...
  18. D

    Seeing 2 coordinates for a Cell. Never seen before

    Got a file from another company. It is showing two coordinates for each cell. It has numbers across the top rather than letters. Has anyone ever seen this before? Is there any way to convert to normal Excel?
  19. northwolves

    Coordinates of two endpoints of a line segment

    Any one knows how to use VBA to get the coordinates of two endpoints of a line segment in a worksheet? Million thanks.
  20. A

    Coordinates for Drawing Lines in Excel Using VBA

    Hi, I have been trying to set a grid of 50 cells x 50 cells and use the Shapes.Addline method to draw lines on it using coordinates that relate to that grid. I think I understand the coding but am not clear how Excel decides where to draw the line on my screen. For example if I use...

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