1. S

    Stopping workbook being copied to desktop

    Hey All, I am wondering if someone can help. Is there a way that if a file is copied or moved to a location other than the one i set in-bedded into the VBA it will pop up a message saying "Workbook should not be moved or copied from shared location". And then close? Reason is i have created a...
  2. L

    how to code "if tab name starts with a string, then move these tabs to a new workbook"

    Hello, I have a workbook with over 60 tabs, example of their names: 111100 111100A 111100Detail 111100B 213100 213100Detail 213100A 131460 131460Detail 312504 312504Detail 312504Ele 312504Wat 312504Gas so they all start with a 6-digit code and they all have a code+Detail tab...
  3. A

    Copy Paste Data in different sheet

    Dear All, I have an excel sheet where I have data in Sheet 1, A3 to H3, I want to copy the data to Sheet 3, A3 to H3 Then, Again, I start from Sheet 1, A3 to H3, different data set BUT Now this new data set should be copied to Sheet 3, BUT in the next line i.e. Sheet 3, A4 to H4 And so on...
  4. C

    Copy data from many files.

    Howdy, How can I copy data from multiple files (between 2 and 5 files) from a folder on my desktop? Every day I have to copy data, which are not arranged identically in each file, from sheet1 (each file has only one sheet), of each file found in the WORK folder. In a file the data can be in the...
  5. W

    Copying specific table columns with activecell to a new sheet

    Hi! I have a worksheet that contains a variable amount of excel tables. I have code to filter these tables, but then i want to be able to click on a cell (using a button probably) in any given table in a column that would be named "Add to order:" and have that active row get copied to a...
  6. Jaafar Tribak

    Which Range is currently being Cut or Copied ?

    Hi dear forum members, I have a vba situation where I need to know the address of the range that is currently being copied (or cut) ie: when Application.CutCopyMode <> 0 . I wonder if I am overlooking some easy solution or missing something obvious. Regards.
  7. M

    Change SumIf range when copied across

    Hi i have a simple sumif formula in B2:B11 that is = SumIfs(tel!$J$2:$J$11,tel!$A$2:$A$11,$A2) What i need to is when i copy the formulas across to C2:C11 I need to move these ranges down 5 rows down from the end so this tel!$J$2:$J$11 to tel!$J$16:$J$25 tel!$A$2:$A$11 to tel!$A$16:$A$25...
  8. C

    Macro code

    hi I am trying to copy entire row based on cell value and also wants to create a mail with the copied row data. want to paste the copied row as mail body. can anyone help me with this
  9. J

    Insert row, run macro from Drop down List and copy row above.

    Hi Are there anyone who can help? If I insert a row e.g. between rows 10 and 11 and in the new row I select SUB or RSD from the Drop Down List in column D, the values ​​in the row above the new row, must be copied down, except values ​​in columns H and I. In the new row, these cells must be...
  10. E

    Using VBA to copy unique values across multiple sheets

    Hi Experts, I have a situation where I am looking to copy data from one sheet across a range of cells on multiple other sheets but the copied value is dynamic. So -- Sheet1 has a list of items that I want copied to other sheets, starting in cell A1. Sheet2 has a range of B1:Y1 that I need the...
  11. G

    To capture current Date when a particular cell is copied or clicked

    Hi, Please help me with VBA code to capture the current date when a particular cell in excel is clicked or copied. like doubleclick or rightclick event. <tbody> Order# Status Comments Last access date AD1212462 Completed Login success </tbody>
  12. A

    Data Entry with Row Increment

    Dear Friends, I have a sheet having data in Sheet 1. I want to copy the data in Sheet 3 BUT with the incremental row. For eg Data is in Sheet 1 - A3 : F3 will be stored in Sheet 3 - A3 : F3, Now The next data AGAIN will be written in Sheet 1 - A3 : F3, But it should be copied & saved in...
  13. L

    Copying data from one workbook into another workbook based on specific data in the first workbook

    Hi I have a worksheet tracking sales reviews. I want to copy specific cells from that worksheet to a sheet in another workbook depending on whether or not a given cell in the first worksheet contains the letter Y. The first worksheet will be looked at by me every Monday and I would like any new...
  14. W

    Bingo Draw No duplicates

    Hi All, I found a video on youtube that draws bingo numbers with no repeats so I simply copied the Macro code by hand, the first part works and creates a random set of numbers the second part however is coming back with an error. This part works fine: Sub StartOver() Cells.Clear...
  15. H

    VBA allow edit only when sheet is copied

    Hello All I have a sheet (Master) where I have protected with password were I do not want anyone to change or modify. However, when sheet is copied and named as "today's Date" I want it to be unprotected so that it is changeable and can be modified. Perhaps when someone attempts to change...
  16. K

    Search copy paste.

    Hello everyone, I need some help, im looking for a vba script that can loop through one specific folder and all of its subfolders located on a local network, in each of the subfolders there will be one or several .XLSM files, in each file there will be a tab named DATA with a range from A1:K1...
  17. T

    Find the last cell used and then paste what has been copied below

    Hi all, I know how to find the last populated cell in column A however how do you paste the rows that I have copied below the last used? Thanks in advance
  18. R

    Letter in a Formula

    Hi, I copied a formula and transfer it to my worksheet. However, it returns an "N/A" unlike from where I copied it from is working. Below is the formula =(1+F7/k)^(k/p)-1 May I know how is it possible to use "k" and "p" in a formula? Do I need to assign a value to them?
  19. T

    Insert Copied Cells Based On The Value Changing In Column A

    Hi all, I am trying to insert copied cells into another spreadsheet based on the value changing in column A, if it changes the rows are inserted underneath the 1st value and before the 2nd value. What I have currently is the below however I am seeing some anomalies. The codes is activitate...
  20. E

    Pasting Data

    Hi all, So I am currently copying data from one sheet and pasting it to another. The data on Sheet 1 is pasted vertically and all over the place (ie: Rows 16 through Rows 19, then Rows 125 to Rows 130). Then I have different rows being copied under different circumstances. So continuing the...

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