copy based on a condition

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    Copy cell that contains values other than zero using macro in excel

    Hello everyone. I'm a new Excel 2007 user and desperately in need of help regarding macro programming. Right now, I have one worksheet that consists of several columns (A to J) with quite a number of rows as well. I desperately in need of help in building a macro that would enable me to...
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    Copy rows based on criteria

    Hello, I've been looking for something quite simple, but cannot seem to get my head around this. I would like to copy a row of data from one worksheet to another, based on there being an 'x' in the first column, i.e. Column = A, B, C, D, E Row 1 = _, NL , Shop, £3m, 5Yr Row 2 = X, DE, CRM...

    vb to check one sheet against another and copy a field from the third.

    ok lemme Try and explain this. sheet1 has a formatted layout. cell colour functions and so forth. sheet2 has the data table. sorted according to column "A" sheet3 has a blank formatted "template" for data on sheet1 say for argument sake. sheet1 has 190 "pages" of these formatted layouts. each...
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    copy several sheets in workbook and move to one workbook

    Is there a way I can grab multiple sheets that contain the same name (in this case "*Dec*") and copy into a new workbook? This is what I have so far but it copies the sheets into separate workbooks. Please help! Dim i As Integer Application.DisplayAlerts = False For i = Worksheets.Count...
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    Selective copying macro

    Hey Im completely stuck, I need to do the following, If any cell in a range contains the word "TRUE" then the macro copies 4 cells in that row and paste special "values" on sheet 2 starting at A1 and then moving to A2 if there is something already in A1. Hope someone can help!!
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    Copy only non-blank cells

    I am looking for some vba code to help me copy the non-blank cells in the following section (small exert of the total list) and copy them to a new column WITHOUT BLANKS with the accompanying date. I am having a tough time doing that... <TABLE style="WIDTH: 104pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...
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    Summarising several classes of data based on condition of each class

    Hi, I have several sets of data and would like to summarise all the No's in the "Acceptable?" column (in G, L, Q... and so on) and copy the relevant rows including the first two columns (dates and days) not just for Class 1 but 2, 3... and so on, to another sheet. However, where there is no...

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