copy cells from excel

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    Copy Rows to Different Tabs

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum and just hope I'm doing things correctly! The current issue I am faced with is how to populate a row, depending on the condition typed in the end cell, to the corresponding tab. For example: Row 2 thru Row 5 have information in cells A-N. In cell "O2" I...
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    VBA Copy from one File to Another

    I have never used a VBA before but i want to copy some cells from one file to another. I want to copy cells that will be on an order form to a sales sheet to collate all sales in one place so stock can be updated. This means that the number of rows to copy each time will vary, the data I want to...
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    VBA Copy cells from non-contiguous ranges to paste on another sheet

    Hello, I am trying to build a code that copy cells from non-contiguous ranges and paste the data on another sheet where the cells are contiguous. The ranges have more than one column but I just want to copy the data from one column (for example the first column). This is the code I have for now...
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    Error while copying cells in another normal xls workbook when VBA Macro sheet is open

    Hi, I am facing a peculiar problem. I have built excel VBA macros for various functionalities like create dynamic excel workbooks based upon userform input values and some manipulations as required. Now, when this VBA Macro excel sheet is open (not running). I am not able to copy any cells...
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    Copying many workbooks into one workbook

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help me please? I have many excel files(nearly 500 in total and growing daily) in a folder called "Results Data" on my C drive. The file names are slightly different (serial numbers). Each excel file contains data in Cells A2:E11. I want to be able to copy only...

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