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    Need macro code for copying some data from one sheet to another

    hello, I need to copy some data from one sheet to another. Suppose, Sheet A is having multiple column; out of that I need to copy column2, column6 and column8 data to another Sheet B to its column 1 ;column2; column3. Please give me a detailed step to execute the I am very new to this...
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    Autofill a VLookup Formula to the last row of data

    Hi, I am having some trouble creating a macro to copy a vlookup formula from the 1st line of data (G2) all the way to the last row. I can easily create the VLOOKUP statement: =VLOOKUP(A2,HIST!A$2:H$269,8,FALSE) However this has 2 problems, firstly the range size will change, depending on...
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    auto copy newly inputted data to another column

    Hi, Is it possible to input data into a specific cell, say A2 on worksheet 1, and the data be automatically copied to columnA on worksheet 2, and listed. e.g: If I enter a value of 5.01 in A2 (ws1), press return. In the same cell type 10.3, return, In the same cell type 20.5, return. Then...

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