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    Query to auto populate another field in same record

    Form called Input Allotments that shows the current funds of one state. Subform that shows all that states transactions: master_data_auto_fiscal_year_subform based on a Query. Query: Master_Data_auto_fiscal_year it has all the fields from the MasterData table The query takes the date entered and...
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    Need help deciphering VBA code

    Hi, Can someone please take a look at the code below? I keep getting an error when trying to run the code. The code was given to me by a co worker whom is no longer around. I need help because I'm too amateur with VBA and need some pro tip. Thanks! About the code: It's suppose to copy specific...
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    Update Query between 2 tables

    Hi There, I am trying to run an update query using two tables, Table1 and Table2. I am updating a new field in Table2 to the correct ID number from Table1, using an existing field from Table2 (which also exists in Table1, the reason for just trying to get the ID number from Table1 and avoid...

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