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  1. D

    Copy and paste Range to top of dynamic rows

    Hi all, I need a VBA to add the Colume Headings Range A1:N1 in to the next empty Row, I need to keep The formating etc. using the pictuer as an example i would like to copy row A to the top of the Transport and top of HQ, the amount of rows in transport and HQ can be different every time.
  2. X

    Copy files from one folder to another.

    Hi all, I have created a macro which counts if specific folder "CopyFrom" contains files begining with the name specified in column "B". Formula takes number of rows to run macro "x" specified in "R1" and shows the count in column "S". I am running into 2 problems here. 1. I can not make...
  3. M

    Copy/paste values if the cell next to it is empty every month

    Is there a way i can copy paste specific rows to the excel ark. The things i need: - copy paste e3, e4, e9, e13 and e15 from mappe2 (book) to mappe 1 (book) - has to copy the value in the given row if the cell next to it is empty - the macro has to be applied from mappe1 (book) - next month the...
  4. C

    VBA Loop - duplicate header copied over

    I am wanting this code to loop through various files in a folder and copy info from each file and paste to a master file - my issue is that after it opens the first file and moves on to the second one, it will paste the header in there as well. All data starts on the same cells "A5" in all the...
  5. S

    VBA - Copy Paste value base on the header

    Hello friends and community, I am very new to vba and trying to figure out how to do below. I need to copy a pivot table's data from one workbook to another Copy from the highlighted header (Week number) Paste to the highlighted header in another sheet Difficulty & Concern: 1. the header...
  6. B

    Expand existing Copy-Paste Loop: Loop through specific Columns based on Cell Value - Questionnaire

    I currently have multiple excel spreadhsheets that look like this: The table is a questionnaire with answers from column C-F, C is the "worst" (letter N as in Not good), D the "second worst" (letter T), E the second best (letter W) and F the best (letter G as in Good). To the right of this...
  7. B

    VBA Help - Copy and Add Sheet for every unique value

    Hello Everyone! I have a VBA issue I can not beat and need the experts. On my "Project Tracker" tab I have a list of names in starting in cell D7 and going down. Names can be duplicated Currently I have a macro that when clicked, it will look through this range of data, find the unique values...
  8. A

    VBA - Copy and Paste varying rows in Closed Workbook

    I have a file that I pull weekly (Site x) and I need to copy the data from this sheet to the bottom of the other file called "Site x Compiled". I have the code below, but the part of copy and paste is not working. I'm still learning how VBA works, so can someone help me accomplish this? ````...
  9. C

    Excel VBA Errors when trying to copy and paste objects from Excel to Word

    Hello All, I have some VBA code that I need help refining. The problem I am having is inconsistent and unexplained errors, from my research it appears that the issue is with the clipboard crashing. How the VBA code works: I have an embedded Word documents with various bookmarks and reference...
  10. T

    VBA copy data from multiple excel books to one master workbook

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to copy data from multiple workbooks into one sheet in a master workbook. The workbooks are all stored in a single folder on my desktop along with the master workbook and each contains just one worksheet with the same name. The data in each workbook always starts from...
  11. W

    VBA copy and paste to new sheet based on number of rows

    Hi, I am making a workbook to log all data based on coffee roast profiles sold. Sales sheet has the following which I want to copy to log sheet. B2 = sales ID B4 = name (either company or person) Then I can have data from D11 all the way to F20, and that's where I am finding difficulties, I...
  12. E

    Copy range without header and past it after particular row

    Hello guys, I'm stuck a little bit and need you help :) Right now, i m able to copy range content with header and past it in another worksheet and this is my code 'Workbooks("Projects.xls").Worksheets("Projects").Range("A:G").Copy...
  13. M

    Application.CutCopyMode=False on inactive sheet

    Hi All, Newbie to VBA and I'm struggling to resolve an issue. I'm running a module with a button on sheet 1 it copies data to sheet 2 & 3 when it gets to the last copies (Bold) the range remains highlighted on the sheets 2 & 3. I've tried using Application.CutCopyMode = False which only seem...
  14. S

    Very Large Excel - Some Columns Are Slow to Copy and Paste

    All, I created a very large Excel file (i.e. hundreds of MBs or 100,000 rows by 369 columns) for calculating a sample of about 100,000 insurance policies across five or so different companies. I started off by building out the first row with all the needed formulas and then have copied them...
  15. A

    Copying data from sheet into VBA module

    My end goal is to generate an e-mail with specific cell data, based of its value. I have a macro the selects all cells in A:A that are >=14. I want to take this selection and the 2 cells to the right of it, add it to my email body so that it can be sent. I have no idea how to add this data into...
  16. E

    VB Copy/Paste Loop Across All Worksheet

    Hello! I'm a newish user having some trouble with bit of code. I need to copy and paste several selections from one part of a sheet to another part of the same sheet and loop that code across 100 other sheets. This loop needs to exclude a list of sheets: NonPropSheets. NonPropSheets is a named...
  17. K

    Referencing, selecting & copying a cell relative to original selection?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a macro which takes selected cells and imprints them on a form with a specific template. I'd like to have most of the information from the "Payout Tracker" imprint to the "Internal Payment Request Form" [shown below]. My trouble is that I'll be adding...
  18. A

    Error 400 in VBA to copy data between workbooks

    So I am banging my head against a wall because I keep getting the helpful "Error 400" box but obviously its not showing me where my code is failing. What I am essentially trying to do is copy data from one workbook to another by inserting a formula to pull it from one workbook into the other...
  19. G

    UserForm to Search for, Cut, and Paste to another sheet

    I have searched and searched but cannot find the answer on how to do this. ALL THIS IS DONE FROM MY USERFORM (see pic). First my user will search for what they want (can use any of the purple buttons). The code returns the results to the listbox. Next the user will select the right PO from the...

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