copy & paste

  1. K

    Help copying a specific named sheet from multiple workbooks onto one sheet in another workbook?

    I have a number of excel files that have two different named sheets (let's call them "x" and "y" for simplicity); so file1 has two sheets "x" and "y"; file2 has two sheets also named "x" and "y". I want to combine all of the worksheets named "x" onto a master file with a similar name such as "x"...
  2. D

    Combine & compare multiple columns with condition difficulty VBA Excel macro

    I'm very new to writing Macros in Excel, and have done a bit of looking around to try and solve my problem, but I haven't found a solution yet that works. I'm trying to write a Macro to do the following: From Source A (sheet YYYYMMDD, workbook YYYYMMDD.csv) based on Tank_ID values (in 2...
  3. A

    VbA - copying different colum ranges depending on which condition is met & pasting into different sheet

    Ok, so I would really appreciate help as this has been driving me mad for over a week. Basically I have a raw data table where a customer can choose up to 3 different courses, data is in 3 columns. But I need to be able to have a complete table where if a customer selects 3 courses, her details...
  4. dss28

    Copy data from userform to a sheet multiple times as per combobox value

    i have a userform in which i want to copy textbox1, 2, 3 data multiple times as per the combobox1 values to sheet1 as follows: combobox1 value = 1 - copy textbox1 values in cell C3 , copy textbox2 values in cell C4 , copy textbox3 values in cell C5 combobox1 value = 2 - copy textbox1 values...
  5. M

    VBA Copy Internet Explorer webpage and paste into Excel using Match Destination Formatting

    I have a code that opens various web pages, copies (Select-All) the information on the web page and then pastes the information into an excel using match destination formatting to ensure that the worksheet replicates the column formatting within the web pages. The code below has worked for...
  6. M

    Pasting to a Row with a Specific Value in another Workbook

    Hi All, I am quite new to this and I have gotten so far but I can't seem to find a structure to do what I need to do. Below I have attached Workbook1 and Workbook2. I can move data from both workbooks, but I was to paste to a row/column that has a specific value in Workbook2. In my code, I...
  7. G

    Open most recent file in folder, unmerge, copy, go to different file, paste. Need code, please help

    Would be very grateful to anyone who can provide assistance. I use a program that exports data to an xlsx file in a particular directory. The code below will open the most recent file in the hardcoded directory. Sub NewestFile() Dim MyPath As String Dim MyFile As String Dim...
  8. E

    VBA Copy values and protect workbook

    Hi, I am quite new to VBA and enthousiastic about it, but run into a problem. I am trying to copy two worksheets and create a new workbook. I want to copy just the values of the worksheets and next to that I am trying to protect the new workbook with a password (not able to change values or...
  9. T

    Copy and Paste Loop

    Hello - I have two sheets, Sheet 1 and Sheet 2. I would like to copy and paste the values from each of those sheets onto a new sheet, Sheet 3. All rows in Sheet 2 need to be duplicated for each cell in Sheet 1. Sheet 1 just has one column, with multiple rows. Sheet 2 has multiple columns...
  10. B

    VBA code for copy paste data based on column headers.

    Hi All, Can someone help me with below requirement. I have two wrokbooks wk1 and wk2 in the same path as my macro workbook. in Wk1 in sheet1 i have my dump from column A to AX. in Wk2 in sheet2 i have headers from column A1 to S1 what i am looking for is to copy respective data for each...
  11. U

    VBA Copy Paste Data from Binary to XLXS

    Hi Gurus, Do you have any thoughts on how to code this. I have a binary file with data ranging to 1 million lines. I am planning to copy the data in xlxs version. The header to be use is same with what's in the binary for all sheets. Example: Open Binary File that contains 1.05 Million lines...
  12. C

    Pasting only Background/Number Formatting and values with Merged Cells

    Hello Everyone I am attempting to copy a specific region's contents and copy the Current Region back to a summary page. I have unfortunately run into a bit of an issue with pasting the data back to the summary sheet. Desired Outcome: Maintain Merged Cells Maintain Cell Highlight Colors Cell...
  13. I

    How to edit this copy and paste VBA code to include duplicate values?

    Hello. So I have two workbooks here. I have attached screenshots of both. One is Pickorder. Column A lists the dispatch times. Column B has route codes. Column D has the dispatch areas. Column E has the dsp taking the route. For example, CX19 dispatches at 6:15:00, at STG.A01 for HIQL. I then...
  14. J

    Simple copy/paste with worksheet variables

    My copy/paste in the "problem line" below is returning a run time error 1004 Method 'Range' of object '_ Worksheet' failed. What am I doing wrong? I know that the If statement is true for the first time at row 3045 and that the msgboxes return the correct sheet names when I have those lines...
  15. E

    Copy and Paste - Use next line from same source

    hello everyone, Fairly new to VBA. I'm only using simple macros. Just wanting some help with a VBA. I want to copy and paste items from the same cell which I change, into the next line after. Here's what I use so far. But I don't know how to loop it so it does the next line down. I hope that...
  16. T

    Copy and Paste Data Validation

    Hello, I have a data validation set up from a range of cells by formula SUM($B$2:$G$2)<=1. In other words, I want an error message to show up if the total for cell B2:G2 is greater than 1. Is there an easy way to apply this to B3:G3 all the way down to B166:G166 without having to do it one at...
  17. R

    Cut/copy and Paste data to another sheet if only one conidtion is met

    Hello, I am new to this so please excuse my ignroance... this is my first post... I just have a question I want to create a macro that cuts data from a certain range in one sheet and then pastes that data into another sheet if one condition is met. So I have attached this spreadsheet as an...
  18. W

    VBA code to copy values based on criteria and paste in other column

    Please help with VBA code for the below operation. Column "A" will have ID's that contain the text "AB" in it and Column B has ID's that contains "EF". column "G" has all the ID's ("AB", "EF", others and blanks) Code has look if there are any blanks in Column "A" and if yes then it has to look...
  19. W

    move a row to another sheet and separate workbook based on cell value with button

    I discovered another thread close to something I am trying to do. Automatically move a row to another sheet based on cell value I am trying to do pretty much the same thing but with a button and with the copied data from columns A-M only going to 3 places at once, another sheet in the same...
  20. S

    VBA help: copy select characters in string and paste until blank row

    Hello all, Hoping someone would know the answer I would like to copy and paste data within the same sheet like below. Company: ABC123 in cell A1 I would like to copy the last 6 characters in this string meaning the characters starting from A. Assume theres data in rows 2 through 4 in...

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