copy & paste

  1. J

    Using VBA to copy and paste from pdf to excel by specific keywords

    Hi, I am very new to VBA and I want to copy and paste text from pdf to excel using VBA and match it in specific cells on my spreadsheet. If possible, I was hoping to copy the sections by searching specific section numbers that lie beneath the desired section I want copied. For example...
  2. P

    Copying and transposing data from one worksheet to another

    Hi everyone, I am an Excel beginner, with basic knowledge. I am collecting Australian Football Data into Excel. I've gone through what the process is like below. I want to know how I can make this process more efficient and automated? Can I utilise a macro or something else that can copy...
  3. M

    Excel VBA Macro

    Hello I want to start out with saying am not familiar with VBA programming and have been struggling with this task. I have been trying to do some research and figure out what I need to do to accomplish my task. What I am trying to do is go into a folder and pull specific data out of some excel...
  4. C

    Vba loop copy + paste to another range on same sheet

    Hello all. I hope everyone is safe. I need help on creating a Macro to cut cell from range 1 to paste cells on range 2 on same sheet Example: When i click on a button it will cut cells from A1 to C1 and paste on F1 to G1 Next each click goes through the table and do the same for the next until...
  5. E

    VBA Unique value Copy/Paste - Making it exclude blanks

    Hello I have the following VBA code which moves unique values from a range to another worksheet. The only issue is that does not exclude blanks - so it always copies one. Is there any modification I can make to skip the blanks? Sub GetUniques() Dim d As Object, c As Variant, i As Long, lr As...
  6. T

    Select range that are auto-filtered and have certain text value

    Hi, I need some help with filtering and selecting specific cells with multiple criteria. I have a table with a list of fruits and their expiry date. I have tried using VBA to auto-filter the fruit data that are expiring in current month. (xlFilterThisMonth). However, I only want to select data...
  7. T

    Copy and paste selected data without duplicates

    Hi, I am new to VBA and need some help with some of the procedures I would like to automate. I have two excel files to work on - employee and contract data. Basically, I need to find employees who end their contracts in the current month that I open the file. (For example, if I open the file in...
  8. YetAnotherDave

    Question about pasting specific cell information from clipboard using VBA

    Everyone is familiar with the "Paste Column Widths" command that will take information from the clipboard and use it to transfer the column widths of a copied range to another range without including the actual data from the cells that were copied. Thus, it seems to me that when a range of...
  9. D

    [2013] VBA button - Copy values from one sheet to another sheet, in all rows containing a specific reference.

    I have a large database of information in Excel (no other software choice unfortunately) in which others want to insert data into, without worrying about entering the data into the wrong cells and dirtying up the data source sheet. Said others are not Excel-savvy, and as such I need to prepare...
  10. I

    autofill month in pasted data?

    Sub mM() ' ' m Macro ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+M ' Workbooks("Academic").Worksheets("Manpower Details").Activate Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Select 'ActiveCell.Value = Format(Now(), "Mmm yy") Dim ws As Worksheet Dim lastRow As Long Dim Alastrow...
  11. S

    Multiple Copy and paste from closed workbooks in sequence

    I have in total 5 excel workbooks. Workbook 5 has the VBA code. Workbooks 1-4 have the same sheet names but with different content. I do have the below code to import 2 sheets from workbook 1 into workbook 5. Is there any way I can look for the the next blank cell in workbook 5 and import the...
  12. T

    VBA: Copy/Paste Table Rows; For Loops and If/Then Statements but the code doesn't care!

    Hi All, I have what I thought would be a simple copy/paste macro which appears to ignore my attempts to put a constraint on it. I'm sure there is something I am missing but I can't seem to spot it. Any help would be appreciated! Ideally the code looks at Table 2 and checks the column in the...
  13. S

    Copy a column selected by input box to the next available column on an existing sheet

    Very new to VAB and I have a workbook with both values and free text survey responses. I'm trying to cut the Free Response Text columns to their own sheet in my workbook. The columns this free text will be in may vary depending on the survey data entered, so I've used the input box to allow the...
  14. L

    Excel formula not carrying down correctly, using wrong intervals of rows?

    Hello, including a sample of my sheet to help explain below. What is included was done manually, but I have to repeat this a few dozen more times so hoping to figure out how to drag this down correctly? Essentially I am trying to summarize data from another sheet. In this summary sheet, it needs...
  15. M

    Insertable preset of cells

    I'm really not sure how to word this: I want to be able to create a template (or something) that I can 1 button press insert (like how styles are), but that is multiple cells with text and formatting. Essentially I want to be able to copy and paste the same group of multiple cells, but without...
  16. F

    Macro copy and paste based on condition

    I need a macro that does the following. - if there is a value in A3:E3, it copies and pastes to the corresponding cell in table 1 based on the date in A2:E2 and the corresponding date in E9:E11 in this example, copy and paste from C3 to D11=4,000,000 (August) and E3 to D13=4,000,000 (October)...
  17. M

    Can you have one macro copy/paste data when source stays same but destination changes based on sheet that is open?

    I have a macro to copy and paste a table from one sheet to another. I used macro recording to get this VBA: Sub CopyPasteNew() ' ' CopyPasteNew Macro ' Copy table from "New Term Deal" to Active/open sheet ' ' Sheets("NEW Term Deal").Select Rows("3:27").Select Selection.Copy...
  18. T

    VBA Loop to Copy and Paste to Another Workbook

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some help on how to go about making a code to Loop a file with 3 tabs and then copy, paste, and save another spreadsheet with the data. To be more specific I'm trying to do the 4 things below. I would like to have the code in an excel (called "Data") that will...
  19. J

    Cut + Paste selected data in column A while keeping row spacing

    I'm doing my quarterly BAS statement and I'm moving all business expenses from one column into their designated columns with their correct labels so I have a total of each column at the bottom of the table. Anyhow, I'm attempting to cut or even copy and paste this numerical data from "column A"...
  20. SkywardPalm

    VBA: Copy & Paste information from another template

    Looking to copy the contents of one sheet that has a filled out template into a new sheet without changing the template (maintaining highlights), and without the formatting. The letters represent identifiers that will have the information pasted to the right of each. Here's the path I am...

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