copy range

  1. J

    Copy and Paste dynamic range

    I've got a workbook with 48 used columns. Of those 48 used columns I need to select and copy a range covering the contiguous first 29 columns. I need to be able to select which row to start the range on by using an inputbox and a find/match loop until the given string is found and a cell address...
  2. J

    Copy Range from specific sheet of all workbooks in a folder to a template and create new template in the Master sheet

    Greetings! I am quite new to this forum and know very little about VBA. Seeking your expertise in a matter that I've been searching for a couple of days to no avail. I am looking for a vba code to copy a Range from a sheet named "Estimation" of multiple workbooks in a folder to a template and...
  3. J

    Copy Select Cells in For Each loop - VBA

    I have macro that loops though a WS to find a value of Late in Column W. I copy that row to a new Sheet currently Called Destination Cells. Currently when the word "Late" is found the action is to copy the entire row to the Destination sheet. For this report I only need 6-8 Columns to be...
  4. S

    VBA Copying Range Based on Cell Value

    Hi Again! I'm very new to VBA. I'm creating a macro to copy a range based upon a singular cell's value on an active sheet. Sub copyreport() If ActiveSheet.Range("W25").Value <= "5" Then Range("A1:X37").Select Range("X37").Activate Application.CutCopyMode = False...
  5. D

    Copying range to another book in fixed range

    Hi I've one workbook that contains 31 sheets (1 for each day). I want macro to open source workbook and loop through each sheet and copy range H15:H28 and paste it in active (Target) workbook from B4. I've code that does the job. But I want some change. After pasting in 16 columns i.e. up to...
  6. D

    In need of VBA that copies a range and pastes on new worksheet in the workbook

    I am in need of a VBA macro I can apply to a button to copy range E2:O100 and R2:AJ100 on work sheet titled "Historical Orders" to its own new worksheet beginning at cell A2. The new worksheet can have sheet1/2/3/etc. as a name that does not matter. This process will be repeated every few...
  7. S

    VBA to copy range of rows with another sheet row

    Hi I have looked into some posts about copying range of rows with another sheet row but did not find a suitable one. so, here I am trying to copy a each row from sheet1 with a range of rows from sheet2 and copy into new workbook. Like, 10k range rows with 100 rows will become 1 million rows...
  8. P

    Excel VBA copy range of data and paste in every nth row of another sheet

    Dear All, I have two sheets in excel file. First sheet1 having data from column A to J. I want to paste it in sheet2 From A3 to J3 first row of sheet1. From A6 to J6 second row of sheet1. From A9 to J9 second row of sheet1. And so on till it reach to blank in sheet1. My data is changing...
  9. N

    VBA Sheet Mapping

    Hi, I am trying to import a file that allows a user to select which tab and range to bring in from the import file. On my "Sheet Mapping" tab, C3 = tab I want to copy, D3 = Range I want to copy, B3=tab I want to copy to, and E3 = range I want to copy to. See picture attached. The data in the...
  10. W

    Macro to copy range to new sheet everytime when the word "match" is found

    hi guys need a little help, i have a column (Column D) with a long list of rows containing the word "Match". i need all instances of "match" with a specific range copied to new worksheet example "Match" column d row 2 (d:2) I need E2:G9 copied to a new sheet along with every row that...
  11. C

    Copy Different Range for Different Worksheets

    Could someone help me with a macro to: - copy the range of cells (A5:AA20) on sheet2 down to the last data entry on sheet2 - copy row 7 on sheet3 and insert copied cells to row 8 on sheet3 - copy row 25 on sheet3 and insert copied cells to row 26 on sheet3 What I am doing is adding employees...
  12. J

    Switch from Absolute reference to Relative Reference - VBA

    Hello, I am working on a model and have VBA code: Copy/paste a range ("A21:L30") from a template worksheet to multiple workbooks that begin with "Labor BOE", multiple times based on a number in cell "L2" For example, if "Labor BOE 1" worksheet has a "3" in cell L2, then it will...
  13. R

    Copy range to other sheet depending on entry in cell

    Hello, I recently discovered VBA. I want to write values froms cells C4:C10 to another sheet, depending on the number given in C2. On the first worksheet (ws1) <tbody> Number: 2 Value1 7 Value2 6 Value3 5 Value4 4 Value5 3 Value6 2 Value7 1 </tbody> On the next worksheet...
  14. P

    How to copy corresponding range of cells when a cell reaches a certain value in an email

    Hi guys, I've been searching on web to find a solution to my problem but have only found variations so far. So I need excel to automatically send an email when a cell in column X changes from "Y" to "N". In that email I need the corresponding row only be copied into the email. So say cell X3...
  15. B

    Copy Range from excel and paste range in Powerpoint Late Binding

    Hello I'm jusing late binding to copy from excel to powerpoint. I can easily copy and paste as shape ... but I'd like to paste as range, it's text and numbers I have. If I paste as shape the background are pasted as well, I do not like that ... Below is the code I use ... It's the line...
  16. S

    The Paste Range address

    Hi There, I have a an issue that is proving quite difficult to solve. I have a data input sheet that has cell notes that I want to be preserved with the cell. That is if someone copies data from one cell to another I don't want the cell note to copy. So far I have managed this by overloading...
  17. L

    Excel 2010 Copy last cells in each range and paste into another worksheet

    Good afternoon, Instead of using the “generic” 198 in the ranges below, is there code to specifically select the last cell, or cells, in the ranges and set those values to the various ranges below on the separate worksheet?? Any support is greatly appreciated! propWb.Sheets("Slate...
  18. I

    Copy / Paste Range of Cells Based on Cell Value

    Hi, I need help figuring out a code that will do the following: I am trying to copy a range of cells from sheet 2 to sheet 1 as many times as the number in cell A1 (in Sheet 2) indicates (the number in A1 will change on its own). I would like to copy range of cells in sheet 2 starting in from...
  19. G

    Copy Range "x" number of times

    Hi - I'm having trouble with VBA. I've got a drop down where a user can select 1-10, and this answer will copy a range this # of time. The range to copy is C4:G20. For example: If a user selects "3", I'd like to copy this range 3 times. The first copy would be pasted into row 23 (IE...
  20. I

    Create Summary Table From Data Sheet

    Hi, I wonder whether someone may be able to help me please. Firstly, my sincere apoligies to @MickG, on this forum. I added a post to the site yesterday and @MickG gave me a brilliant solution here, but on...

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