copy sheet

  1. airforceone

    (Yet) Another Sheet Copying Problem

    good day to all! I don't know if its the lack of sleep or what! but can't seems to find the problem I'm trying to copy all records from sheet (source) to the lastrow of another sheet (target) with the following code For iLOOP = 2 To FinalRow ' METHOD 1 Worksheets("TARGET").Range("A" &...
  2. spencer_time

    Copy sheet into 3D array

    Hello forum, I need to be able to copy a sheet into a 3D array with the first dimension being values in rows of sheet, the second dimension being values in columns of sheet and the third dimension being set by a variable(sample). I need the data for previous samples (speaking of this same code...
  3. tlc53

    Save worksheet as new macro-enabled Workbook

    Hi, I nearly have this working. I want sheet 12 (called Journal) to be copied and saved into a new macro-enabled workbook. It's getting stuck at the save part, saying "The following features cannot be saved in macro-free workbooks: VB project" Sub New_Journal() Dim wb As Workbook Set...
  4. G

    VBA code for copy sheet

    Hello, I write next code to copy active sheet, is working but: - i need to: - switch it in ActiveSh, new created copy; - counting cell A14 start from 1. to 999. on each copy; - counting cell D16 start from 001 to 999 on each copy; - counting of sheet is not...
  5. J

    Copy Worksheet-Hyperlink-Rename based on cell

    Need some help writing a macro that will do the following; 1. Prompt for cell selection 2. Copy a hidden "template" worksheet to the end of the sheets 3. Rename that worksheet based on the cell selection from step 1 4. Hyperlink the cell selection to the newly copied worksheet Update- I did...
  6. J

    Copying the selected sheet to the active sheet

    Hi, I just learned how to populate combo box with the sheet names of the selected workbook. Please forgive me if I ask stupid questions, as I'm new in this. Further to my project, When a file is being selected, it's sheet's names also appears in combo box. Now, what I need is that when any of...
  7. J

    Copy a worksheet to the end of the workbook.

    Hi, I am new to VBA, to be frank I am new to Excel. I needed to copy a sheet to the end of the workbook and rename with a value of cell in another sheet of the same workbook and copy some values for another sheet. I manage type some code based on the results i get in web but i am getting...
  8. H

    Dupliate with value changes

    Hey Guys, This one has been allusive I am hoping one of the geniuses here can help. I have an order calculator I developed for my business, I place all my orders Monday for the week, I am having an issue where if I should change my forecasted ales during the week the value of the amount...
  9. Carl Colijn

    Move sheet or sheet content while preserving range names

    During the last 2 weeks I've been trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem: how to set up a workbook with VBA, where the VBA needs to be signed, and still have users copy sheets in it, without that copying breaking the signature. There seems to be a narrow escape route, but it's still not...
  10. Z

    VBA to copy all sheets to new workbook except one sheet

    Hello I want to copy all sheets in active workbook into a new workbook except one sheet called "Main". I have written the code but it only copies the sheets that typed inside array. I have a lot of hidden sheets so will take too much time naming each one. --> I basically want to select all...
  11. Z

    VBA to copy existing sheet base on number entered in userform

    Hello I am new to VBA but did a lot of research and a lot of readings in order to create a VBA to my employer. I have written the code but having some small bugs that you guys might be helpful. Purpose of Code: When you first open my excel sheet, only three pages will be visible( Sheet 1,2 &...
  12. Gingertrees

    Changeable references - how best to handle?

    Doing a daily report, in which I import 2 sheets to be processed, we'll call ClassReport and GradeData. Both have a varying number of rows, but have the same general setup each day. Say I want to pull in grade percentage for each student into Class Report, doing a vlookup referencing Grade Data...
  13. A

    ?? Code to Auto name new sheets as active sheet + 1?

    Hi. I'm hoping for help with a code in Excel that will copy and automatically name the new sheet as 'active sheet' + 1. For example, if I am on a sheet titled "3", I would like for the new sheet to be titled "4" Thanks to, I have obtained code that creates a desired quantity...
  14. A

    Copy a sheet with a Pivot table

    I have a workbook that gets updated daily and for each day we create a new sheet. I have a pivot table that summarizes column D (item#) and column C (quantity). when I copy the sheet the pivot table stays linked to the data on the original sheet and not the new sheet. I must be missing something...
  15. D

    Copy worksheet, buttons and all and rename

    Hello All, I have searched without success to find code I could adapt to what I want to do. I want to copy my existing worksheet (named "2014") including the command buttons and the code that goes with them, to a new worksheet (named "2015") and so on every year. And I would like this to happen...
  16. A

    clunky vba copy sheet1 from book1 to sheet2 book2 - there must be a better way

    Hi all, I have some working code that accomplishes the task but I am sure there is a more elegant solution that someone might be able to suggest. The goal is to enable a button linked to the macro so the user can click it, pick a file (an xls report of unknown name with one sheet only), and...
  17. M

    Create new sheets named after each cell in a range. Do nothing if sheet is already created. Create if not.

    Hi all I have the following code but need to tweak it so that on the 2nd time it runs, it no longer creates every single sheet, but only new sheets (not yet on the workbook). Can anyone help? The purpose is to create new sheets based on sheet 'Template'. Also I'm having some trouble on the...
  18. P

    Copy Sheet maintaining Macros

    Hi, I've created a sheet containing some macros (see below as an example). The issue is that when I create a copy of this sheet in the same workbook, all the macros references get lost and i get the Run-time error '1004': The item with the specified name wasn't found. Is there anyway to fix...
  19. Beginner35

    Simple way to get around protect/unprotect sheet

    Hello, i have been so frustrated with this below: I have about 100 files and they all have this tab call "Oracle". Some of the file the "Oracle" tab is protected, some are not protected, some are protected with a password call 'ch'. My co-worker and I have been working on this issue but...
  20. T

    Search a Column for a specific Value and Place in Another sheet

    Hello, I need help creating the following part of a macro. I have information that will be on sheet 1 in the following format: Column A,Column B,Column C,Column D,Column E File Number,Field Name,Changed From,Changed To, Modified By I will have up to 14 sheets one for each person making a...

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