1. R

    Copy data from closed workbooks in multiple folders into one master sheet

    Hi all, I'm quite new no VBA, so trying to find my way here. What I am trying to do is to copy a row of data from seperate Excel workbooks, located in different folders into one master sheet. So what this looks like is that I have the following files in these locations...
  2. S

    VBA copy cells from csv file to next empty row on another workbook, no duplicates

    Hi all, I'm brand new to writing VBA code so need all the help I can get. I have got 'N' number of files located within a folder (for sake of argument use C:\Users\wthomas\Desktop\Data), with the files I need all following the same naming convention "MAL1234567 Data.csv". This folder will...
  3. A

    Copy column from Sheet to another where value <>0

    Hello, I have two sheets: one with raw data, and one where I'd like to do some analysis. In Sheets("raw_data").Range("W:W") I have measured values. I would like to copy only the non 0 values to Sheets("analysis").Range("A:A") . The way I'm doing it now is: Sub copy_data() Dim lastrow As Long...
  4. L

    Check if exists with custom code VBA

    Hello, Total beginner in VBA. I`ve been searching the forums without any luck. First of all, let me explain what i did and what i`m trying to achieve. I`m trying to do some sort of attendance worksheet in Excel 2019.. So far i`ve been successful following this video : On the COPY SHEET button...
  5. M

    Ignoring Worksheet Copy Error

    Hi, I obtained this code for get individual worksheet sizes inside the workbook but it produces errors when attempting to copy a worksheet with vba code defining a global variable such as Private timerDictionary As Scripting.Dictionary This is the code I used to get individual size of each...
  6. I

    VBA Search Loop If Empty Copy Paste Next Help!!

    I am in VBA H**L right now. Here is what I need the Search Loop to do. In Column A cell "A2" is a changing value depending on the person selected. This is basically a RecordId column. Starring In Column H cell "H2:JZ2" are changing values. These values could be nothing (empty), or contain...
  7. Z

    Copy and pasting using sendkeys with VBA

    I'm trying to create a Macro to use sendkeys command to copy the value of a cell and paste on another application. It goes like this: Sub Inicio() SendKeys "{F2}" Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")) SendKeys "^a" Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")) SendKeys "^c"...
  8. S

    VBA to Copy a Module to Another Workbook

    Hi, I've found some code on a few sites that will allow the copying of a module from one workbook to another. The workbook that it is being copied to is being created in another macro so will exist for the import part. I've played with the code for some time now and cannot get it to export...
  9. A

    Copy column to range

    Hello. I would like to copy a column to another worksheet when the header matches a string input. I have the code below: Sub find_col(name As String) Sheets("name").Range("A:A").Clear With Sheets("lot") .Activate For i = 1 To .UsedRange.Columns.count If Cells(1, i).value = name Then...
  10. C

    Copying Values between workbooks

    Iam using the following code to copy values between workbooks, the question is, is there any way that instead of copying the information of each workbook down through rows it is copied by columns detecting the last empty one column? Sub () Dim xRg As Range Dim xSelItem As Variant...
  11. S

    COUNT and Copy to Last Row, Paste to another sheet to Last Row (FIRST EMPTY ROW, adding, not replacing value)

    Hey friends. Im New in VBA. Could you help me at this? So, we have 2 columns: AB with data, in Sheet1 I want to COPY until Last Row in AB Column from Sheet1 and paste it to Sheet2, column CD in FIRST EMPTY ROW (i mean while adding more data, cause CD is supposed to have previous data) Can...
  12. C

    VBA to copy line from one sheet into specific cells on another sheet?

    Hi all, New to the site so thanks for having me, I'm also new to VBA so be gentle lol Basically I'm trying to speed up a process for something at work which involves trying to creat a macro button that would allow me to highlight a row, press a button and the data from specific cells in that...
  13. J

    ClearContent in range instead of EntireRow row

    I need some help to fix this code to copy and clear content only in a range instead of copying and clearing the whole row. What the code does now, is that if column "I" is greater than column "J", in row 2-14, it copys the rows and PasteSpecial from row 16 and onwards. I want to copy only...
  14. R

    Copy to cell after comparing between two columns data

    Column N Column P Column R Housing#VALUEDargon 1 1 2 2 ... ... .. Hi guys, I'm exploring how to compare data contained in the same row between two columns, then copy to Column C for cell values that don't contain #VALUE in it using VBA and run it all the...
  15. T

    Copying unique values (between columns A and B) from column A to Last Row+1 of column B

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to compare two columns on 2 different files. Let's call them Column 1A (File 1, always has the same file name and directory) and Column 2A (File 2, shares directory with File 1). I want to extract the unique values from Column 1A that are not present in Column 2A and...
  16. S

    VBA - Copy Specific Formulas

    Hi, I'd like some help please with this situation below. The VBA code works to copy months back a column to free space for future months. It has linked cells references to other workbooks that should be converted to absolute references before copying to ensure it still references the same...
  17. L

    VBA Match (with multiple matches), Copy and Change Value

    Hi everyone Here's a table (with nonsensical data) that represents a spreadsheet. "Data 1" = A1 as you'd expect. What I'm looking for, is how to copy the row (A and B only) where the value of C in that row = "N", change "N" to "Y" (preventing it from being copied again the next time the code...
  18. R

    Cut/copy and Paste data to another sheet if only one conidtion is met

    Hello, I am new to this so please excuse my ignroance... this is my first post... I just have a question I want to create a macro that cuts data from a certain range in one sheet and then pastes that data into another sheet if one condition is met. So I have attached this spreadsheet as an...
  19. M

    Transferring Text from userform textbox to a worksheet textbox

    Hi there, I'm wanting to copy text from a userform textbox into a workseet textbox i.e. a non activex textbox, just a standard textbox (Activex textboxes are easier but i find that they tend to lag on a worksheet). So the sheet is called "Life Purpose" and the textbox is named "TBSR1", can...
  20. 4

    VBA copy but ignore blank cells that have formulas

    I have a copy button that is supposed to copy a range but only the cells that contain data and I'm currently using CurrentRegion but that doesn't ignore the cells that are blank with formulas in them. The formulas go from A1:H44 but columns A through H are merged so it's really just A1:A44...

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