1. A

    copy consecutive numbers in filter data

    HI all I have a list of codes in Column A in a workbook A1 to A100 i want to paste them into a filter list in another workbook that countains 100 items too but as mentioned within filter. I tried paste visible things only but doesn't work any solution? thanks in advance Antonio
  2. G

    Gnatt Chart with Countif & ????

    Column A is 5 digit Order Number Column B is Customer name Columns C thru O are X’s or 0 depending on which stage Order is in. Using VBA to set conditional formatting for C thru O columns With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range("C3:O3") .FormatConditions.Delete .FormatConditions.Add...
  3. L

    copy a column - paste as a row with comma separated

    Hi I have these names in one column. I want to copy them and paste them a text file. but the way I want to paste them in text file is like this 5TLN1,WMLL1,MBUL1,FTLN1,WMLL1,9ZNM1,42FN1,..,...,...,..., Is that possible? Thank you. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt">...
  4. P

    Copy a cell to another cell when criteria is meet

    Hello All. I would be grateful if somebody could help me please. I have a list of names that exist in D14:D42 which I'm endeavoring to copy the text to cell D4. The criteria for this list exists in column G14:G42. Using sumif, as shown below, it works if numerals are used but not for text...
  5. F

    Conditional Formating Problem

    Hi everyone, this is Francis Ogwal, I made a population Pyramid using Conditional formatting Data Bar with City in the middle, Number of Males on the right and females on the left, i want to copy it and paste it into word to write a report but the bars are not being shown unless i link it has...
  6. D

    Copy formula

    I have a simple formula starting in column AD6-AQ6 in AD6 i have =aa06 AE6 =aa07 AF6 =aa08 ect it stops in cell AQ6 then drops down to AD7 over to AQ7 then down to AD8-AQ8 when i copy cell AD6 and choose the rest of the cells (ae6-aq320) the formula changes from AA to AB how can i keep it all...
  7. H

    Copy to next blank row

    Hi, I am performing a filter and copy/paste to next available row in another sheet, can anyone spot my error in my last part of my code please? Thanks
  8. H

    Copy Header Row to Each Sheet

    I'm using this code to copy data from one workbook into another, with the data broken out onto separate sheets. The only thing that doesn't copy is Row 1, which has the headers. How do I copy that row onto each sheet? Dim Lastrow As Long, LastCol As Integer, i As Long, iStart As Long, iEnd As...
  9. H

    VBA Code for finding value match in string text

    Hi, I would be grateful for some help with this data cleanse. In Sheet2 column A I have strings of texts that I need to find and copy 3 pieces of information: 1. Find serial number in one of two formats: "***/*****" "***/*****/**/**" and copy to Sheet1 column A 2...
  10. S

    Copy slicers

    Is there a quick way to copy slicers to all sheets at once rather than sheet by sheet?RegardsStephen
  11. G

    Subscript out of range error

    I'm trying to copy data in Cell F33 on one workbook to cell B5 on another workbook. Whenever I run the code, I get "subscript out of range" and the debugger highlights the 6th line, containing the copy range. Sub Copy() Dim x As Workbook Dim y As Workbook Set x = Workbooks.Open("Report")...
  12. G

    copy based on NAMES instead of ID

    Hi Everyone, Below i have a code which copies based on cell values(Highlighted) but instead of cell values, can we copy through cell name (Cell names which would be only in "Column C") FolderName = Worksheets("copy").Cells(2, "K").Value & "\" If FolderName <> "\" Then FileName =...
  13. L

    VBA copy cells to another sheet

    Hi, I am wanting a code that will copy any cells within the Range of A10 to A30 that have any data in them, to another worksheet, but ignore any cells that are blank and not copy the blank cells over. I have managed to get cells to copy when i push the macro button but what I want to happen...
  14. K

    check if range has value

    Hi everyone! Im new to the forum and macros. have been using excel for a long time but very basic stuff. decided to dive deeper and gave myself a mini project. the first step of the project, is to check whether a range in sheet 1 has any value, if true, then copy the range into sheet 2, else...
  15. T

    COPY and Paste selected cells (2nd)

    Fellas, I have 365 daily reports that I have to go thru and change Total on every report and it will be time consuming which I need help please. My report is as follows: Column A:BC (55 lines) and I need to change only the flowing: I only need assistance able to copy and paste the values only...
  16. O

    mtach - copy entire row from 1 sheet to another

    Hi all, i have trolled through a number of posts, i can't find an a match for what i am looking for. I have 1 workbook with 2 sheets, I would like some advice on a macro to copy rows of data from sheet 1 that *are not listed in sheet2, and copy them to sheet 3. Unique values are in column "bn"...
  17. J

    RunTime Error 9 -Copying Worksheet to Exisiting Macro with same worksheet name

    Hi, I have tried the following which does work when run in another module but when I put it at the beginning of my main macro (which worked previously) it will bring an error. Further on down I have a macro relating to the newly created worksheet and I also amended it to include ThisWorkbook...

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