1. R

    Share workbook from cloud.

    Hi all Can I share a workbook from the cloud but prevent people from downloading it or copying it? Thank you! Russ
  2. W

    VBA macro for copying cells from one sheet and pasting to another

    Sub Tapcon_134() ' ' Add_Fastener Macro ' Sheets("Hardware Load List").Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Resize(, 6).Value = Range("B9,D9,E9:F9,G9:H9").Value End Sub The above macro is only taking the value is B9 and copying it across all cells in "Hardware Load list". I want to copy...
  3. A

    Trouble Copying To Newly Inserted Row

    I am working with 2 sheets. Sheet1 is an inventory sheet (name of sheet is "Location") and Sheet2 is an Order Form (Name of sheet is "Supply Usage Form"). "LOCATION" A B&C (combined) D E F G(week1) H(week2)...
  4. J

    Copying formulae down or across

    Hi, I know this must be a simple answer, I have the following cell D5 = A5, and E5 = A6. I want to be able to drag these down so D6 = A7 and E6 = A8 and so on down. Obviously i am dragging and getting D6 = A6 and E6 = A7. what is the solution? Thanks J
  5. S

    Copying Ranges from One Worksheet to another

    I read on a website tutorial that a more efficient way of copying and pasting ranges was to use the following: ' This is faster Range("A1:A10").Value = Range("B1:B10").Value ' This is slower Range("B1:B1").Copy Destination:=Range("A1:A10") I was led to believe this way made the code run...
  6. Z

    Copying Excel Sheet Multiple Times

    Is there faster way of creating multiple copies of a certain sheet on the same workbook rather than the conventional way of copy a sheet one at a time? Regards, Zed
  7. G

    Copying rows from multiple sheets

    I have a document with 48 sheets of data, and want to copy the same row from each sheet into a new document. Is there a way to do this simultaneously to avoid copying and pasting from each sheet?
  8. M

    Copying worksheets from other workbooks

    Hi All, i have about 50 workbooks all in the same folder. In each workbook tab 3 is named "commercial" is there an easy way to extract just this tab/worksheet from each in to another workbook. Kind regards DM
  9. C

    Copying an excel File and putting it into Word

    I am currently trying to copy an excel worksheet and paste it into a word document and turn it horizontally. I know about to create a text box and turning it to be horizontal then copying special the excel sheet in. But when doing that the excel spreadsheet is too big to fit on the whole page...
  10. J

    How to organize rows with same info in columns?

    Hello, I need to take multiple rows with same information as below: And organize in columns like this: I have a thousand of these to do and copying and pasting with transpose is not an option :(
  11. D

    VBA copy sheet as hidden

    Hi, Is possible to copy a hidden sheet from one workbook to another without unhiding the hidden sheet? I have been looking for a solution to this but can't seem to come up with anything without unhiding, copying then hiding the sheet. Can someone help with this please
  12. M

    Copying and Pasting A List Not Matching

    Basically all I want to do is update the altmanwatchlist1.xls with the My Stock Screen.csv name and symbol/ticker data. I tried clearing the data and copying and pasting the name and symbols. They match on the names worksheet, but not on the atman watchlist worksheet. File I made but data...
  13. R

    Copying sheets to new workbook problem with workbooks.add VBA

    Hi all, quick one I hope. I'm copying 4 tabs from one workbook into a new workbook, only copying the values, formatting and column widths along with the tab name and colour. I've done this by recording a macro, but have ran into a problem. When the Macro gets to Workbook.Add, it adds a new...
  14. R

    Intermittent problem copying and pasting in data tables

    Help!! Why is this happening? It seems to be intermittent so not sure why. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It obviously slows my productivity right down. Pasting Text into Headers from outside the Table or even copying existing headers into new columns will not work. It was...
  15. K

    Copying cells from one worksheet to another.

    As you can see in the attachment there are two worksheets in the lower left corner. Worksheet and worksheet2; I'm trying to copying all the cells in the tab "worksheet" and copy them to "worksheet2". How would I do that? Thanks.
  16. E

    How to copy conditional formatting rules to different cells have already other formulas instead of copying the formulas?

    hello! How to copy conditional formatting rules to different cells have already other formulas instead of copying the formulas? Thanks!
  17. J

    Copying cells with any text value.

    Hello, I am trying to write into my code that if a cell in therange I am searching has any text to select it for copying. I am using the.TEXT function and the wildcard is not working as a part of the code. Howshould I be putting it. Here is the code I have not: Sub Sort_Deployed() a =...
  18. W

    Copying data from Table but omitting header row

    Sub CopyTables() Worksheets("SHMM Sections").Range("A3:G300").ClearContents Dim lastrow As Long lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "G").End(xlUp).Row Range("A2:A" & lastrow).Copy Sheets("Sign-In Sheet").Select Range("A2").Select Worksheets("SHMM Sections").Range("A3").Paste...
  19. B

    VBA Alternative to Copy Autofiltered rows for Large Data-set?

    I have a large (200k rows) data set that I need to filter for different items and split those out to a different tab. Is there VBA method for finding multiple matches in a large data-set and copying out those rows that is more efficient than using the autofilter and copying the filtered data...
  20. C

    Google Sheets: Decimal to Fraction Script

    could anyone correct my function. tired of copying and pasting this formula over and over. Trying to get it to work in a script. cell D3 is an example of what id like to input. Thanks

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