1. K

    VBA code to loop through user-defined directory and copy data from a range of cells in each workbook to a master workbook

    Hi! I am new to VBA and I have a folder with approximately 130 xls files, all with unique workbook names and worksheet names. I would like to create VBA code that allows the user to select the directory folder of the files to copy data from the range C2:J2 from the first worksheet in each of...
  2. W

    VBA help to match column header from different workbooks

    Hi all, I am looking for some VBA code to help me with the problems, it would be great if one can help. I have 2 workbooks, and there are multiple worksheets in each of these workbooks. In workbook2(sheetname1) I would like to find the column in workbook1(sheetname2) that has the corresponding...
  3. A

    Limit (Not total Denial) Pasting within a Worksheet

    Hello, I would like to deny pasting into certain columns (F:G) without disrupting that ability elsewhere. I've searched for this and have come close to a solution, but they haven't been quite right. I used the following but it restricts pasting for the entire sheet Private Sub...
  4. K

    copy and paste heading

    I want to copy the heading and paste it to another sheets with numarical order. that is the heading is worke id 1053 (sheet 01). and i want it copy from 1st page and paste it to sheet 01, sheet 03 ..... at the same time the heading also change with sheet name that sheet 01, sheet 02, sheet...
  5. K

    VBA - Copy/paste multiple rows/columns based on cells with conditional formatting

    I'll try to keep this short, but am a newbie to more complicated VBA. Would love some help and explanation of the logic on creating a macro which does 2 things 1. Looks at a range of data and highlights both the row and the column where a cell has conditional formatting. Note: The range of...
  6. L

    VBA Loop with multiple conditions on one sheet

    Not sure if this is a duplicate question but couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I have the following sample data: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 EMPLID NAME Dept LOC JOB TITLE EE STS EFFDT HIST EFFDT HIST EE STS 2 123 Doo, Scooby 564 564C Driver L 4/28/2018 3/20/2017 L 3 123 Doo, Scooby...
  7. Q

    Excel VBA reuseable copy and paste below last cell

    Hi, complete beginner with excel VBA here. I have a list of people and their information on columns "A:D". Column "A" consists of the persons first name, "B" consists of their last name, "C" consists of their gender, and "D" consists of their rank. The list starts from "A10" and continues down...
  8. N

    Rates per city per KG

    Hello friends, I am new here but i need your help for a excel sheet that i am making. I have the City and the Weight in one sheet. In the other sheet, theres the cities, all weights and the costs. In the first sheet, we can select the City and the weight. I want to show in that same sheet the...
  9. A

    Making employee roster help please

    Hi Im a new user and im trying to make a roster sheet and really need some help any help is absolutely appreciated. I have some good formulas already set on 2 separate sheets that calculate the amount of people toward the manager ID and subtract in another column by total of unexcused from the...
  10. S

    Copying data between worksheets with ActiveX controls

    Hey everyone, I'm new to VBA and currently working on a project which requires me to regularly copy paste the same range of cells between different sheets. I have a CommandButton which currently executes the following: Sheets("04").Range("A2:B2").Copy Destination:=Sheets("05").Range("A2")...
  11. S

    Automatically copy& paste special (value)

    Need help on vb script to automatically copy & paste the value from a calculated field into a new field. Cell C5 is a calculated field, formula is (=SUM($E$9:$E$60)/C1) This field is calculating % complete. Cell C6 is also a calculated field, formula is...
  12. T

    Copy & paste data based on specific dates to another worksheet

    I've searched for nearly four days for a starting point to help with this project I have. Many simliar macros have been shared but I am just learning about marcros, so trying to figure out how to write it correctly is beyond me. Project: Take a list of inventory with inspection dates and...

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