1. U

    Copy Range of Cells And Paste Until Last Row

    Hi guys i have a page in range A41:H74 and i want copy this page and paste until last row of excel sheet. does any vba code to do this?
  2. M

    Copy and paste only unique rows from one sheet to another after refreshing data.

    Good Afternoon, All. I have a workbook, CallLog, containing the following tabs--"Summary,"Data","MysteryCallLog2," and "Pivot." "Pivot" is merely derived from "Data," and used to visualize data in graphs and slicers on "Summary." "Data" contains the resulting information from a SharePoint...
  3. C

    What's the most efficient way to remove all the salary info from my model without ruining all the calcs?

    I work in Finance and I need to send out our budget model to one of our business partners, but she can't see all the salary info we have in there. One option is to go tab by tab (there are probably 30) and manually copy/paste values in the person-by-person salary calc, then delete the person by...
  4. A

    Copy/Paste and remove duplicates

    Hi all I have done a macro to copy data from sheet2 to sheet 3 then remove duplicates, however it doesn't work, please could anyone help? Sub Reconcile() Dim LastRow AsLong LastRow =Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Sheet2.Select Range("F2:F" & LastRow).Select...
  5. P

    Copy/Paste from one workbook to another 2 workbooks with range

    Hi please can you help me I have a command button in Book17 where once clicked I want to copy range A1:E2 and paste into 2 other workbooks which are Book16 and Book18, I have the code below but it doesn't seem to work and the lines come up in red, please can you help me? [CODE]Private Sub...
  6. S

    [VBA] Copy/Paste Values to New Workbook and Separate Tabs

    So I have somewhat of a complex requirement that I need some help with in VBA. I currently have 1 Workbook (Payroll Tracking) which as you can imagine, tracks payroll numbers. Haha. What I would like to have it do, with a command button is to copy/paste (Values) from 1 table to a new workbook...
  7. B

    VBA macro will copy/paste if conditions are met

    I have a VBA question on how to create a macro that will copy/paste names to specific worksheets if conditions are met. A few examples below of how the code should run through the sheet... B12 is Yes. Include is 1. Exclude is 0. Therefore, copy/paste NameG1 to cell A1 of Name_Inc_1. Save...
  8. B

    VBA Macro will copy/paste names to sheets

    Hello everyone! I have a VBA question on how to create a macro that will copy/paste names to specific worksheets if conditions are met. I get new data each month so this will be very helpful for me if it's automated. The data is 91 rows (90 reports) so this is just an example. The idea is that...
  9. S

    Efficient way to convert percent to number

    Columns D-J contain values currently in the percent format. Changing format to number, updates it to .08 for instance. I know I can multiply by 100 in another cell, then copy/paste... but is there a better way to accomplish this? Tia
  10. H

    Worksheet Change Event when pasting multiple rows/columns

    I'm trying to have code run when data is pasted into a worksheet. I have this code on the Sheet page, but it doesn't work if the data is pasted. I have to go specifically to only A1, and copy/paste. Thanks. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$A$1"...
  11. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Defining 2nd Open Excel Workbook without knowing File Name - Excel 2016

    Hello All, I have come across a project that I am not sure how to finish, here is the request details. Have a macro in File A to copy details from a daily/weekly run query with a changing file name. So essentially, Macro is in File A, and query is in File B. I need a way to Dim File B as a...
  12. L

    VBA unable to copy and paste with selectionChange &unlocking/locking worksheet

    Hi Everyone, I am having problems copy from a different workbook into my current workbook. I can copy but i can't paste even within the same workbook. I've isolated down to my coding with Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range). I suspect it has something with me unlocking...
  13. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Copy/Paste 3 Blocks of Data using LastRow - MS Excel 2016

    Hello, I am working on a project that requires 3 blocks of data (1 Column) one after the other. I thought I could use the LastRow Syntax to get this done but it seems to not be updating after I paste the first block on my spreadhseet. My code so far with comments is below. Any help is...
  14. I

    Copy/Paste Section Values with Offset

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations to speed up a macro. The below macro copies a lot of formulas located in A2:R43, pastes the selection every 47 rows, then pastes the new values of the formulas over the previous paste. 'Copy/Pastes A2:R43 the number of times equaling A1's value For...
  15. M

    VBA to sum

    Hi Guys, I have 10 product, in value C3 when I put 1, macro caluclate & copy/paste some values for product 1, when put 2 in C3 macro calculate & copy/paste some values for product 1 and for product 2, when 1 put 3 in C3 macro calculate & copy/paste some values for product 1 and for product 2...
  16. X

    Searching in the range

    Hello- The .Find function does not work if the range (myRange) contains formulae. But it works, when I copy/paste values in the range. Please suggest how I can make it work without copy/paste set findText= .Range("myRange").Find(What:=myText, lookat:=xlWhole, MatchCase:=False...
  17. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Copy/Paste Not Bringing over Formats????

    Hi guys, have an issue that is giving me a headache. I have 25 .xls files (formatted for 97-2003 Worksheet). All the files are the same and have the same data in them. The only difference of the files is a few Headers of Territory names (i.e contry names). I have a macro on a seperate .xlsm...
  18. D

    VBA Copy/Paste is sometimes pasting the wrong/previous value

    My problem is that 'sometimes' the code in the Copy/Paste section is not pasting the correct value. I have multiple versions of this code attached to buttons that sets up the workbook different ways for different people, first doing all the filtering with the slicer caches, then copy/paste the...
  19. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Question - Deselect after Paste - Excel 2010

    Hi guys, Stuck on a problem with my code, I am creating a new sheet and then doing a copy paste function to get the data onto my newly created workbook/Sheet but for some reasons I can't deselect the pasted cells. Maybe someone can see a problem or a solution for my issue. My code: With...
  20. K

    Copying data in columns

    Hello. I am looking for VBA code to copy data from a column in Excel to another column (to the right) on the same worksheet. Trick is if the destination column has data in it, I need to go to the next column to the right that does NOT have data. In my example, I have data in range C4:C25. I...
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